Pat Williams is sick of questions about Matt Birk

The return of longtime Vikings center Matt Birk to Minnesota as a member of the Ravens has received a lot of attention, at least in the Twin Cities.

Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams, for one, is sick of answering questions about facing his former teammate.

“Everyone’s trying to
make it a Birk thing, a Pat thing. But I don’t care,” Williams told Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press. “We don’t miss him around here. We don’t
care about no [expletive] Baltimore or nothing. We’re on a mission. We’re worried about the Minnesota Vikings. That’s it.”

Birk may have earned six Pro
Bowl nods in Minnesota, but Williams is entering his 13th consecutive
season as one of the scariest dudes in the league. 
Williams also didn’t like the perception that the Vikings could struggle to match Baltimore’s toughness.

“I’m tired of people saying it’s going to be a physical game,” Williams said. “Our team is physical. We’re the physical team.”

Annually ranked as the best
run-stopping team in the league, the Vikings have been less dominant early this season.  They are giving up 3.8 yards per carry, only
good for 10th in the league. They are middle of the pack in giving up receiving yards to opposing rushers.

Baltimore will be a tough test for Minnesota; they are sixth in rushing yards per game as a team.  Williams, unsurprisingly, doesn’t seem worried.

Asked about Baltimore’s running back duo of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee, Williams said, “They got to show up, too,” Williams said. “We ain’t giving no 100 [rushing yards].”

Williams’ words are almost strong enough for me to regret taking Baltimore to pull off the road upset in our weekly PFT picks.

67 responses to “Pat Williams is sick of questions about Matt Birk

  1. balto should win outright.
    minnehaha isnt defending the run as well this year. whether that is a function of getting early leads and then concentrating more on the pass remains to be seen.

  2. now even more reason to bet the Ravens..Florio is off them and Williams is getting caught up in the talk. Ravens won’t lose three in a row…

  3. That is interesting. I always thought that Birk was a locker room leader based on what I heard about him as a Viking.

  4. Well Pat, if you’re sick of hearing about it you’ll get your chance to do something about it this week against a highly motivated, angry Baltimore team.
    The Vikings first of three tests in a row start this week. We’ll see how they play. I still don’t think they’ve shown enough for their position of Superbowl contenders but if I’m wrong I’ll admit it. They are a good team but it’s how you finish not how you start and Favre and the Vikings have never had a history of finishing well, except one season for Favre.
    And for the record Pat, I also disagree that you are the more aggressive team. If you are, you haven’t shown it so far this season. You better this week because the Ravens are a very good team who have a chip on their shoulders right now. They feel like they’ve been ripped off two straight weeks and, like myself, probably don’t believe the Vikings are as good as their 5-0 record. You get a chance to prove people like me wrong this week. Your run defense better look better than it did against Detroit or you guys are in for a very long day.

  5. You’re sick of hearing about Birk’s return to Minnesota, Pat? Multiply that by a THOUSAND and now you know how Aaron Rodgers must feel. Deal with it.

    Just letting all Vikings fans read what they won’t hear again until week 10 at the earliest. You all should start getting ready for the end of season let down from Favre.

  7. I just wanted to post that last one to get all the Vikings fans going….LOL…..Now you can all be angry and write things like “simple simon…. that’s why you have that name”…..Stuff like that!!!!LOL

  8. Could you post another Limbaugh story? The comments whacking down a unitary, conspiratorial media complex straw-man, a.k.a “the media,” as well as those pointing to a black conspiracy among DeMaurice Smith, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and, of course, Barack Obama (who seems to be either black or white contingent on argumentative needs) were a great read. All the fascination of an intellectual and logical high-speed collision.

  9. Cool:
    No one give the Vikes a chance. I’d rather it be like that.
    Ray and Willis shouldn’t scare this Vikes defense at all.
    Favre should be able to exploit a very bad Pass defense of the Ravens.
    I forsee a close game though. “Balto” isn’t walking away with this game by any means.

  10. Which team is undefeated?
    Which team is playing at home?
    Which team has a rejuvenated offense?
    So that leaves the Ravens has underdogs right? That leaves the Ravens has the team that has to prove something right? That leaves the Ravens with a young QB that has to deal with the noise in the Metrodome right?
    The fact of the matter is that the Vikings don’t get the respect they deserve. They are a 5-0 team playing week 6 at home and yet they are the team that has to prove something. Let their defense try to contain AD, Favre will just pick them apart like he has every other team that has tried to do that this year. The one thing people are forgetting is that the Vikings now have a QB that can, and will take advantage of what a defense gives him. It will never end though, we beat the Ravens this week, they will talk the same shit next week about the Steelers even though we would be 6-0 and the Steelers have already lost to the Bears and Bengals.
    That is the sad part. We were 10-6 last year and won our division. Now we draft a guy like Percy Harvin, sign Brett Favre, and have a couple others like Sidney Rice and Visanthe Shiancoe that are emerging as great players, and the Vikings still get disrespected. Yet these same people show love to the Bengals who sucked last year, and the Broncos who didn’t win their division last year. The Vikings are the team that everyone loves to hate, and that is just pure jealously because they are better then the teams that the bashers support.

  11. I’ve said before that of the next three games, this is the one I’m worried about. The Ravens are coming off two losses in a row and are gonna be pumped not to make it three. The Vikings need to step up their game to the next lvl to win this one!
    Personally, I hope the Vikings have a few tricks in the bag that they have not brought out yet and I think it is gonna be a low scoring game.
    Vikings 10 – Ravens 6
    God I hope I’m right at least about the win!

  12. The Vikings are a very physical team. Being physical is about running, stopping the run, and getting after the QB. The Vikings are and have been an elite team in those catergories for a couple years. Anybody who questions the physicality of their team is a moron and obviously doesn’t watch them much. Baltimore is also very physical, but we’ll see what story the rushing figures tell about which team was more physical.
    Pat Williams always disses the other team’s center when a reporter asks the question. Don’t make too much of his comments. He doesn’t respect any center that lines up across from him. That is just Pat’s and the Vikings in general mentality.

  13. @ simple_simon1(a fitting name)
    First of all,who are you??We don’t have to prove jack to you,Vikes play to show themselves they are who they think they are. The Vikes don’t give a damn about some chip the Ravens want to have either.
    There will be NO long day for our D by Ravens running game. While Rice and McGahee are both getting over 5 yds. a carry,they never ran against The Wall of America D line yet. We have allowed 0 tds. by rushing this season,chew on that once.We are #1 redzone D also.
    Ravens pass D is soft,26th in the NFL. Stack up on AD and Favre WILL find his receivers. Get one on one with Rice or Berrian and Ravens will get burned. Harvin a beast at YAC.Foxworth and Carr suck and we will pass opposite big play Reed. And if AD gets past your front,holy crap,watch out! He will mow down Carr and Foxworth like kittens because we all know they avoid contact like the plague,unlike our stud Winfield.
    Ravens the best team we faced yet, but our team momentum and home field advantage too much for Ravens to overcome. And don’t think one minute we are not the more aggressive team. Think Twon,Allen,K. Williams and Henderson would hear none of that bs.

  14. @Lebowski-
    Nicely put and well said. This coupled with the “I don’t think I can trust them anymore” bit from last year just go to prove who the bigger bitch is.

  15. The Vikings miss Birk. Sullivan is no Matt Birk.
    The Williams Wall has been a non-factor so far this year. Particularly Pat.
    It’s a factor allright.

  16. Who says the Vikings are not aggressive…We are near the tops in Sacks and Turnovers.. Teams have responded with quick 3 step drops. to counter the pass rush. Good for completion percentage. But when the field shortens up in the red zone Teams find it very tough against the D. Plus The Vikings are actually scoring this year meaning more kick offs less punts giving opposing teams more field to work with. And the sustained Offensive drives are allowing opposing O’s to rest and plan the next drive.. All and All I will take a ballanced team over a one dimensional team any day. Sure the D is not as dominating.. I do agree though that this is the biggest test to date. And the Vikings are not gaurenteed a win. But do not underestimate them….

  17. Besides that lucky win over my 9ers, who has the vikes beaten? and i hope they aren’t seriously thinking superbowl this year, lmao…that’s funny! most hyped teams every year are the cowboys, vikes, skins and jets…and they always go one and done or not make it all

  18. actually Minnesota’s defense has been much more agressive this year, they are blitzing on third downs, they are blitzing more on first downs. Yes they are giving up more running yards to opponents but they are getting more sacks and tackles for losses. The last couple of years the vikings would sell out on the run stopping and give up huge passing plays. I am happy to see them more balanced.
    They held a healthy Jamal Lewis to 57 yards, they held Kevin Jones to 87 yards, they held Coffee to 54 yards, they held Ryan Grant to 51 yards and Steven Jackson to 84 yards. Only one team has rushed more than 100 yards combined against the vikings this year and that was detroit. If you watched that game, Minnesota blitzed a hell of a lot more than normal in attempting to rattle rookie Stafford. With Baltimore and the giants being the only two top 8 rushing teams in the league that Minnesota has to face this year I hope minnesota keeps on it’s game plan of concentrating more on the QB pressure.

  19. Pat Williams has been quoted multiple times this week praising Matt Birk, but does that get published here? Nope, lets go with the one that sensationalizes everything after he’s been pestered with the same question 8 zillion times.
    I’m sure now that Birk has read this quote, he will single handedly block the Williams boys, Jared Allen and EJ Henderson with one hand tied behind his back, and Ray Lewis, defending Matt’s damaged sensibilities, will rip off Adrian Peterson’s right knee, Berrian’s left arm, and Brett Favre’s head.
    Seeing as how the Vikings haven’t beaten anyone, and the fearsome Ravens are pissed off because they took a dump in their collective shorts the last 2 games, certainly the Vikings should just forfeit the game. Sheesh.

  20. Sparta and Lebowski:
    It’s week 6, could you PLEASE quit crying about Favre already?!?!
    Seriously, enough is enough.
    I know who the bigger bitch is, and it isn’t Favre.
    It’s fans like you. Get over it already!

  21. As Superstars once said (and I’m paraphrasing) — you guys trying to predict the outcome of the future with such certainty; unless you’ve got a million jigowatts coming out your ass, shut up. Can’t be done.
    Come back on Monday & talk smack about the results. Game still has to be played this weekend & it should be a good one.

  22. hey just did some more checking, Vikings lead the league in sacks (18), lead the league in fumble recoveries (6), tied for 5th for interceptions (6) and are second in the league in total turnovers (12). When your team is doing that you are definitely going to be at or near the top of the league.

  23. mmmaverick?
    The Williams Wall has been a factor. The Vikings rank tops in the NFL in red zone defense and haven’t given up a rushing TD. They’ve already had 5 successful goal line stands (2 turnovers and 3 turnovers on downs). Vikings are top 5 on 3rd down thanks in no small part to opponents being unable to even dream of converting 3rd and short with a rush.
    Don’t let the stats from 4 blowout victories and one close game fool you. These are the exact same players that have lead the league in rush D the last couple years. They can play the run with the best of them.

  24. This should be a great game. Based on the stats, you would think it was the Ravens who were 5-0 while the Vikes were 3-2 since they have a better ranked O and D, but special teams, turnovers and penalties have beaten the Ravens in back to back weeks.
    I think the Ravens have played better football overall, but not last week so we will see.

  25. Matt Birk was always regarded as a classy guy, did a lot of community service work, 6 pro bowls, Ivy League education, I even think he is a native of Mpls but I could be wrong on that one.
    No wonder he didn’t fit in with the likes of Pat “I will take illegal substances but don’t expect me to live by the same rules as the other 31 NFL teams” Williams or “Smack um upside the head while I lick a hooker” McKinnie or the Mensa award winning muses of the bald headed Mr. “throw my players under the bus” Noodle. Birk always had too much class to fit in. I sure he will be happy to be on the winning team come Sunday.

  26. Just to clarify for all you Vikings fans who are talking about how your team is 5-0, one of the best in the league, etc. etc…
    Three of your victories have come against undeniably three of the worst teams in the league (Browns, Lions, Rams). I’m not saying you’re not any good–because I think the Vikes are–but c’mon guys let’s wait till your bye to proclaim yourselves Week Six Super Bowl champs.
    Ravens, Steelers Green Bay in the next three weeks. At the risk of being labeled a “hater” (stupidest word ever), I could certainly see the Vikings record being 6-3 by the time they play the Lions in Week Ten.

  27. @ footballrulz –
    Superstars or whoever the hell he is can stick the jiggowatts up his ass. NFL analysts flood the tv,radio, papers and Internet with their certain outcomes of future games constantly. Exact scores and all.
    Smack starts before,during and after the game. In my world,my rules rule,rulz. Have a good day.

  28. BALTIMORE, do not… I repeat, DO NOT even bother to bring your (A) game.
    you could bank on it, put your house and all your life savings on the MONEYLINE (vikings). the refs will ALWAYS favor favre in the dome!
    the refs will flag you for nothing… they might even flag you for taking a pi$$ in the locker room during halftime!!!
    sure they’ll flag the vikings for 5 yards on a false start or something like that, but it doesn’t matter cause they’ll get those yards right back and more just as soon as ravens get a penalty for a lame call by the refs!!!!!!!!!
    i could care less who wins this game. i don’t care if vikings win by 30 points. all i care about is – i hope to the high heavens that j. allen doesn’t get a sack or any significant tackles (tackle for loss or something)… that stupid thing he does (celebration) – like playing a guitar or something lame like that is equally disturbing/disgusting as the hat/clothes that ray lewis wore after the loss to new england.
    GOD please don’t let j. allen do his stupid celebration… it makes me want to puke out my guts!!!!!!!!!

  29. @ PercyHarvin:
    LOL…..First thing you did was make fun of my name…..HAHAHA… All you Viking fans are so funny.
    Why don’t you at least try having a name with a good player attached. Here’s to being a pathetic kick returner with little gadget plays for your career Percy. LOL
    Oh ya. And to all those people saying things like “the Vikings lead in fumbles, int’s and sacks” once again I remind you. The hardest game they’ve played might be against the Lions…LOL
    Almost all sacks came in one game, almost all the big fumbles came last week against the Rams and the INT’s mainly came against a rookie QB in his second start. Also, since that 180 yd beginning, Peterson has disappeared. You should all be more worried about that, even if he can find a way not to fumble.
    Come talk to me after their next 3 games. I’m guessing a 5-3 record might be in your future. And by the way, that wonderful defense is 10th against the run and you have yet to even face an elite back…… Keep the faith Vikings fans!!!

  30. Jimmy:
    2 things that matter, the rest is just window dressing.
    Vikes 5-0
    Pack 2-2
    Favre since the trade 14-7
    Pack since the trade 8-12

  31. Jimmy Smith you are an idiot. Just because someone does community service doesn’t mean hes a good guy in the locker room. So far the only one whos really seemed excited to see Birk again is Steve Hutchinson.

  32. God I hope that the next time the Vikings rent a “Loveboat” that Favre is driving and the damn thing sinks…..HAHA!!!
    Actually, come to think about it, that might be the best thing that could happen before Sunday. Can’t wait to see that loser start blowing it. Can almost hear the sound of a big kaboom as everyone jumps back off the bandwagon by season end.
    God I hope this Vikings team gets to play the Saints or Eagles in the playoffs so they can find out how behind those teams they actually are.

  33. @ simplemind- By you saying that Harvin is not a good player, you lose all football credibility with me.Kids a stud. I don’t waste my time typing to jagoffs that don’t know football from soccer. Adios pendaho!!

  34. CanadianBIQUEENFan says:
    “someone does community service doesn’t mean hes a good guy in the locker room”
    Never say anything about being a good guy in the locker room, hell, I don’t even know what that phrase really means. It could mean you are willing to hold your ankles after you drop the soap but that describes most Viking fans I know.
    I merely said he was classy, I don’t expect that you even know what that means coming from Canada and all. I hope you are one of the lucky ones with indoor plumbing.

  35. @ Al Davis’ 40 Time:
    LOL….. Ya, thanks, he probably does read these. On monday night I was saying that Ryan had told Edwards if he dropped a pass against Miami he would eat him live on the sidelines. I think I even saw him holding a salt shaker and putting a bib on at one point. It’s the only ay to explain how he was able to play so good after sucking for so long.
    The only way Williams gets the better of Birk is if the Childress (that’s chilly to all the Vikings fans who are under Favre’s spell) tells Pat that he’s going to let Kevin Williams devour him on the sidelines if he doesn’t have the game of his career. Even then, I doubt that fat idiot has any chance of pulling his semi-trailer ass in the direction of the play.

  36. And for the record, I love all Viking and Favre fans….. You take things way too personal and it makes it so easy to laugh at you when you don’t go anywhere come the playoffs.

  37. Simple:
    It’d be nice if you used REAL facts.
    18 total sacks- 8 against the Packers= 10 leftover
    10 in other 4 games = 2,5 per game.
    Ithink they are getting after it pretty good.
    I’m pretty sure they intercepted Aaron Rodgers twice too…..
    All Day:
    Leads the NFL with 7 tds, 2nd in the NFL in rushing by SEVEN yards. Ahead of his pace from last year when he finished with over 1700 yards.
    ONE fumble this year.
    Nah, Steven Jackson isn’t an elite back. Nah, Jamal lewis isn’t any good.
    You act like 1oth against the rush is horrible.
    They haven’t played anyone? Ok. Still have to win the games. right?
    Bottom line 5-0. You must be a fan of a team that had high hopes and they crushed your dreams by week 5…….(Packers)
    Try having the correct facts before you post.
    That way, you won’t look like the total and complete asshat that you do right now.
    By the way, I’m not crowning the Vikings anything. They are a good team, just watch and learn.

  38. Well Pervy ,
    enjoy your world–& your rules–it’s all good
    Don’t get lonely
    BTW, who’s the Pervy, you or Percy? Just askin

  39. “This is what the offseason has brought for Brett, not the offseason but the last two weeks, but the bye week … And so I accept Brett Favre to come out of this offseason, or this bye week right now.”

  40. Chickenfoot:
    Actually, I’m a Lions fan. They aren’t playing the greatest right now if you haven’t noticed. But at least I know my team sucks. You seem to be just another fan that still believes you guys are going to win the Superbowl.
    Difference is, if Favre came to my team I would be cheering for them to lose, I wouldn’t be jumping on the bandwagon. And by the way, Jackson is not an elite back anymore because this is not 2001. Someone should also tell Favre that. Oh well, he’ll find out soon enough and then the Vikings can go back to needing a QB but, unfortunately, not have a high enough pick to do anything about it.
    At least my team is trying to get better and slowly putting the pieces together, not simply trying for an all-or-nothing season with a QB that hasn’t proven he can win the big one for over a decade.
    Come to think about it, maybe he is on the right team. And once again, thanks for showing me the angry, unstable, fiery Vikings fan that I’ve come to know and love. Are you one of those fans still trying to convince everone that Dennis Green was the best coach in history? Just go put on your purple make-up and your #4 jersey and pretend you’ve always been a fan of Favre. When he blows it later though, hide the jersey and pretend you were one of the few that never liked him anyways….HAHAHA!!!!
    Man, it’s so easy to get under the skin of you Vikings fans. For the record, until you picked up Favre this year, the Vikings were one of my favorite teams. I love Peterson, I loved Carter and it was awesome watching Randle. Oh well….I know nobody cares.LOL

  41. Of all the teams right now coming into this week, the Vikes should be the most fired up. They are 5-0 and getting picked to get beaten in their own house by a 3-2 Ravens squad that’s been talking smack for three weeks now.

  42. @PervyHarvin:
    Good. I was hoping you would stop typing. Let me be the first to say thank you. No, I don’t think that “mashed potato head” Percy Harvin is a stud. He’ll fit the system for the one year Favre is there to throw the short passes, and he’ll be a return specialist. Maybe he’ll even break a big one now and then like the 48 yarder earlier this year. He’s just a “poor-man’s” Devin Hester. Then, next year, he’ll be like Kaiser Sosa and disappear.
    Other than the kick return, show me one thing that Harvin has done that makes him a stud. 18 catches for 233 yd’s and 2 TD’s when there is no tape on him yet. Has to do better than that to be a stud in my books. Especially on a 5-0 team. All he’ll ever be is a gadget player, a returner and a short catch receiver, and that’s if he can actually make it to practice between the dope trips to the drug dealers and the migranes.

  43. Uh Oh, whats that I hear? Minnesota about to be 6-0? Wait, what? Well last time I heard… Favre was supposed to have picked himself out a job? Hmmmm…weird how all these dumb *ss packer and bear fans fade out as the Vikes keep winning….In the preseason a Vikings fan couldn’t even breathe in….not so much….Why is that…is it because the bears are so sh*tty! Cuntler aside…it makes me smile to see how terrible that bear defense is….even if cutler turned a 4 pick game into a 4 tD game the bears couldnt win…haha sh*t seahawks should have won that game if it was not for the kicker…and matt hasselbeck wan’t even in…damn the bears suck…and the pack was over before it started…sh*ttiest o line in the game and your d looks so confused out there…brett favre carved ya up something nice….thanks for him by the way green bay…

  44. @ footballrulz – LOL All good. Never lonely. Just stating the fact that predicting ball is common stuff. Look at all us talkin ball on here.Good clean fun. (Xcept for Bob and Jimmy,not sure yet what planet they come from and what they talk.)
    Pervy just a word play,nothing more,nothing less. Was kindly asked to scrap my Wonderlic—my***** name to be Internet friendly!

  45. @ simplemind –
    You are a Lions fan. Explains your Matt Millen like view of what talent is. You are forgiven. Poor guy.

  46. PervyHarvin:
    Thanks man. Us Lions fans need all the sympathy we can get. LOL. See you Vikings in week 10.
    And to all Vikings fans. If you are actually for real I will make a point to come on and say you’re very much right as soon as the Ravens is over if you win. If you beat the Ravens then you are for real. If you don’t win, then you guys aren’t in the upper levels f the NFL yet because before this game, you haven’t beaten anybody, kinda like the Giants.

  47. LarryBird18-
    Yeah, Judas tore us a new one in the dome. But thats mostly because we committed to bottling up AP, so we’ll see your @sses (5-2 OR 7-0) in Lambeau with a more comfortable defense, a completely different offensive line, after we have these two bye weeks (cleveland and detroit) that you guys are so proud of beating and are 4-2. Oh and Judas will be a little chilly in Lambeau without the blanket of support from the Packers fans. Hey maybe the refs will flag minnesota before 2 mins left in the game. Packers fans aren’t fading anywhere. My eyes are on week nine, because unlike you, i know cleveland and detroit arent real teams. And yeah, Im disappointed in the start of our season, but its not the end of the world. My team is good, were getting better, and its not how you start, its how you finish. Maybe if Minnesota knew that you’d have won a Super Bowl in your porous pathetic history. My team’s got three rings, yours has five early season wins. Oh and don’t forget to make the playoffs like you did last time you started 5-0.
    Suck it. Go Pack.

  48. @ rpbertoilet – Cleveland and Detroit bye weeks huh? lol You will lose in Cleveland-remember I said it! “My teams got three rings,nanananahna” Thats what it sounds like dude,and no one cares. Can’t wait until Favre shuts you guys up in the house that he built.

  49. Hey Jimmy, where’s “Tokyo Rose” Nelson? You guys are like ‘brothas from otha mothas’, right? You won’t defend him or anything, but he’s just so, so, you. You’re smarter than him, though. You use bigger words.
    Thanks for just being you. I’ll give you $10,000 to go and ask for Pat Williams’ autograph. But to collect you have to dis him in person the way you do here. Here’s some advice about emergency rooms, though. Don’t let a Nurse with a tattoo take care of you. No.
    Unless you ask him to show it to you and he drops his pants. Then by all means rock on. But chances are strong that you’ll be unconscious anyway, so it won’t matter.
    In point of fact, Pat Williams is a classy guy, too. So is Birk. I want to be on record in case Pat comes asking. Kevin Williams is a teddy bear, though. Until the helmet goes on. Then it’s afterburner badass for 60 minutes. Kevin is almost as nasty as Hutchinson. Hutch is Master Badass Black Belt.
    I don’t recommend disputing that. Hutch reads this stuff.
    Vikings by 7. No resting starters this week, though.

  50. Buzz, only if their record says so. They’ve had as soft a schedule thus far as my Vikings. Home NFC Championship games are earned against good teams, and the Giants haven’t played any yet.
    Maybe big blue will come to Minny and go deaf in the Hump. It’s warm in there. Don’t worry about it being in Lambeau. With Rogers sidelined from a record 800 sacks and 56 Safeties in 09, GB won’t be a factor.
    And you can drop the ‘Queens’. None of us in purple care or are affected in any way by that. The Cheezers have beaten that one to death long ago. Trust me.

  51. hey percy harvin, i seem to remember shutting you down in all facets of the game and getting everyone to get off your n#ts for a minute. have fun being a crappy wes welker.
    and you say i’ll lose in cleveland probably because you’re embarrassed at how long it took for you guys to gain an advantage in that game; they arent good. you just played bad.
    and while your reading my post plugging your ears and going “LALALALALALA!” maybe you should acknowledge the fact that we will have upgrades in 4 of our 5 o-line spots, your playing against a whole city with a chip on its shoulder, and you will be coming off two very physical games.

  52. @ Pervy
    That sucks– I’ve been wondering (no pun intended) where u were.
    Does anyone know what Prefessor Emmitt is talking about?
    And oh yeah–Larrybird–I still say your’e dad shoulda pulled out early.

  53. Time to go hoome folks–will continue this tomorrow.
    Oh boy, we got Clifton back. Oh well, hope it’s more than a finger in the dyke. At least maybe some guys will be back in their regular positions
    C ya

  54. “With Rogers sidelined from a record 800 sacks and 56 Safeties in 09, GB won’t be a factor.”
    That’s rich! Gimme sum more uh dat! You kill me. I mention the Giants and go right to the old repertiore!
    Go ahead and daydream about easy victories and home playoff games! Your days are numbered just like Farves’ rusty right arm!!

  55. And for the record, I love all Lions fans. They’re furry and easy to make rugs out of.
    Love it when a guy with one win in over two years smacks about a team at 5-0 that has beaten his team repeatedly over the past DECADE. Simon, you have no credibility, punk. You have no rocks to throw. But I guess prison inmates toss turds through the bars like the primates at the zoo. What the hell, they’re not going anywhere.

  56. @rpbertoilet- Percy can be every bit a Welker but with Demon speed.
    Give you one point, we will be coming off 2 very physical games indeed. Hope we stay healthy.
    Beware the Lions!!

  57. Chickenfoot says:
    October 16, 2009 2:16 PM
    Sparta and Lebowski:
    It’s week 6, could you PLEASE quit crying about Favre already?!?!
    Seriously, enough is enough.
    I know who the bigger bitch is, and it isn’t Favre.
    It’s fans like you. Get over it already!
    Hey, dipshit-
    My comment wasn’t about Favre. Well, not directly anyway. It was about how Pat Williams blubbering like a little school girl over being asked what it’s like to go against Birk compared to how Rodgers has handled being asked Favre questions non stop for going on two years now.
    You have one guy whining about it (Williams) while the other guy (Rodgers) has handled it with class.
    Don’t be a douche.

  58. I love stupid packer fans like SpartDouchebag. They are like the 3rd wheel on a date. Always trying to make it about the Pack b/c there are (almost) no articles about their team. Here this week, Viking fans would expect to have some good jousting with Ravens fans….but here are the packer fans (like the odd one out on a date…but awkwardly hanging around) again trying to desperately make the conversation about them.
    Hey little boys, how bout you go post on some WI newspaper. Nobody wants to talk about you on a national level….b/c you suck!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  59. PAT WILLIAMS is the boss. The Shaq of the NFL. Nobody runs thru the WILLIAMS WALL. Good luck Ravens. Your gonna need it.

  60. @ SpartaCrust- Rodgers and you are both douches. That simple,muppet eyed freak qb of yours will go down in history as the guy that lived in the shadow of Favre’s big hairy sack! You know,the one half of WI still has a mancrush on but feels cheated on!
    rtorchin Vikes- Straight up!

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