Percy Harvin will be game-time decision

Vikings receiver Percy Harvin participated in a portion of practice Friday, and will be listed as questionable for Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury.

Harvin called himself a game-time decision when asked by the Minnesota media, although his participation in practice is a good sign for his status.

Right tackle Phil Loadholt is also questionable with an ankle injury for the Vikings. 

Baltimore is expected to be without left tackle Jared Gaither for the second straight game as he recovers from a neck injury.  He’s listed as doubtful.

First-round pick Michael Oher will slide over to the left side for the second straight game to take Gaither’s place.

25 responses to “Percy Harvin will be game-time decision

  1. Harvin plays, no ifs ands our buts.
    Starting LT down for Ravens?
    Allen vs. a rookie? Uh-oh……Could be trouble!

  2. rookie OT vs. Allen? any other team this would be a bloodbath, but baltimore does some pretty neat things with their O-line, like bringing 4 OT’s into the game at a time and playing them doubled up, or 3 to a side incredibly off balanced.
    Vikes will win the game, but that will be a good matchup, same with sullivan vs. baltimore MLB’s

  3. Forget Lewis vs. Favre… Jared Allen vs. Michael Oher is well worth watching the game by itself.

  4. Love it ! That Michael Oher gets to be schooled by Jared Allen Sunday. Even though Oher held Antwon Odom to no sacks last game, think Jared will be too fast for him. Allen has said he will always prevail if the original left tackle is out,such as with his spank job with Colledge. Prove it again Allen.

  5. I can’t believe that with the way our 1st round draft pick-Raji (who also has an affinity for the weed)has turned out that Bob brought up all that BS about Harvin.
    Oh wait a minute, yes I can

  6. ok, professor emmitt is as officially annoying as the Favre Haiku guy.
    It wasn’t funny the 1st time dude.

  7. Harvin sure has a lot of little health issues. But until he misses a game or plays bad in one I can’t really get too hard on the guy.

  8. Percy Harvin smoked weed in University.
    On what may be a related note he suffers from severe migraines.
    Its about Growing up and not running a Grow Op
    Get over it

  9. Brad Childress has made a mockery of the injury report ever since the JETS were fined. He absolutely puts everything on there. Stubbed Toe..Yep…Baltimore is about to play THE MOST TALENTED TEAM THEY HAVE PLAYED THUS FAR…..and they are favored to win this game?????? When they lost to New Englnad, and Cincy? I know I am confused, too. Balty-More has its hands full if you ask me!

  10. Harvin just has pot issues, in case you missed the memo Raji’s marijuana test at the combine was negative. Just wanted to point that out.
    High Times with Percy!

  11. Out of all the injury reports on the NFL teams, why does this one injury issue merit an article? Is PFT trying to make Bob’s head explode?

  12. Harvin has already made several nice (meaning TDs) contributions to his NFL team, despite being on the injured list more than once. What has Raji done for GB, exactly? Hmmmmm?

  13. I hate the Ravens being a Steelers Fan, but I know them pretty well…..They will not lose 3 in a row…..they are too good to do that, I hope they do, but I really expect Favre to come down to earth in this game….The raven secondary has been catching some serious heat and I think they will rebound against an unpredictable Brett Favre. As for AP, he is unfortunately in the same type of situation…the Ravens rarely give up 100 yards to a Tailback, and usually when they do…the next game the shut it down. The last time they gave up 100 yards to a back they went ahead and ran off 40 straight games without doing it again. I see it a close low scoring game 14-10 ravens….and believe me it hurts to say that

  14. Is Percy afflicted with the same “tender flower” disease that Felix Jones has?
    Real good, but have trouble staying healthy.

  15. Once again…. Percy Harvin is simply a Poor-man’s Devin Hester. Stick to kick returns and gadget plays buddy…. Even those aren’t impressive when it’s Harvin.
    Trust me Viking fans. This week it becomes very obvious that the Vikings are not ready to play with the good teams that all you fans think they are better than.
    If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it Suday.
    The Saints would demolish this team. I’d be surprized if the Vikings would be within 20 of the Saints.

  16. A simplefootballmind – Harvin is not a good player??Put down the crackpipe hater lions fan! He is 4th in the NFL in kickoff returns with 14 at a 31.2 yd av. and a 101 td. The 3 guys ahead of him got 1,3,and 9 returns! He produces tool. Boy catches balls too,Favre loves him. Can you say Rookie Of The Year kitten lover?
    @tleg81- Favre has been very predictable,throwing laser passes on point. Take your AFC pride and shove it. See you at Hunts Feild (a much tastier ketchup!)

  17. Simon- obviously you dont like the vikings but lets not overlook that percy can actually play the WR position as opposed to Hester. I went to the U and love the guy, but hes way to stupid to lead his team and that will definatly show as the season goes on. Harvin has obviously shown he can play the special teams very well, and he plays the perfect position on our offense. ELECTRIC.

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