Samuels' season may be done

The hits keep coming for the Washington Redskins. Citing “league sources” the Washington Post is reporting that Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels may be done for the year.

That was pretty much what we feared the other day when we saw Gregg Rosenthal’s post the other day that said the 32-year-old was suffering from spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spine, and that Washington coach Jim Zorn said the team was “still working through” his long-term prognosis.

Stephon Heyer will replace Samuels, according to the Post, while Mike Williams — who made his first NFL start since 2005 last Sunday — kicks out to right guard.

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is what they call it, I believe.

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  1. Actually, I think Williams is ‘kicking out’ to RT and Will Montgomery is ‘kicking out’ to right guard

  2. There you go Vinny. I know your prepared for this. I would only call you the dumbest son of a bitch on the face of the earth if these linemen going down had problems in the past with staying healthy. Wait a minute………
    Lets get one thing straight before we throw this season away due to injuries too! EVERYONE in the NFL deals with injuries. It’s how well your prepared for these situations. Good teams can fight their way through these things. Bad and mediocre teams don’t have a chance. We were bad before injuries. We got man handled by the Lions with our starting line so lets not go there.
    This season’s outcome will have direct consequence to how well we prepared for this season which is very, very poorly! Better yet, lets say Jim Zorn can’t coach. That takes the pressure off Snyder and Cerrato doesn’t it?
    I wish i was a fare weather fan because it would be easier to turn my t.v. off and give away the remaining tix I have going forward. I think i speak for most fans. Vinny is a f%$#ing joke and Snyder needs to do something ASAP. Fire Vinny. Skins will be blacked out by 2011 if this shit continues. They will never find 90,000 fans to fork over their Sundays to come and witness the product Vinny and Danny puts on that field.

  3. And the problem with this team is Zorn? If Campbell had a line, maybe he could complete some passes longer than 7 yards. Snyder needs to fire Cerrato and hire a GM that will draft linemen. For you non-Redskins fans, here’s the rundown of recent OL taken by the Skins in the draft:
    3. Chad Rinehart, G, Northern Iowa – 96th overall
    7. Kili Lefotu, OG, Arizona – 230th overall
    5. Mark Wilson, OT, California – 151st overall
    6. Jim Molinaro, OT, Notre Dame – 180th overall
    3. Derrick Dockery, G, Texas – 81st overall
    6. Reggie Coleman, T, Tennessee – 192nd overall
    1. Chris Samuels, T, Alabama – 3rd overall
    4. Michael Moore, G, Troy St. – 129th overall
    Not all of these were Cerrato picks, but in recent years, as the line got older and older, he ignored that need. Talk about ignoring a legacy.

  4. Thank you greenmonk. My thoughts EXACTLY!
    Vinny Sucks harder then my 4.5 horse power Hoover and that son of a bitch can pick my couch up!

  5. “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is what they call it, I believe.”
    That’s actually, pretty damn funny!
    I think the skins should give Cerrato 5 more years to right the ship……… or maybe they could combine Buffalo and Wash. O-lines to form one devestatingly inept grouping.
    Do they have the players to install the “run and shoot?”

  6. Do any other redskins fans want to see the skins lose this weekend. At this point I would rather get the highest draft pick possible. I think if we win, some fans might get a false sense of hope.
    Since we can’t get rid of Synder, unless some sort of miracle happens, I would like to see Parcels replace Cerrato and be allowed to make all decisions for the organization
    I am a season ticket holdere who will not be renewing tickets next year and unless other redskin fans do the same we will continue to be a sad organization
    We need to hit dan synder where it will hurt him the most- in his pockets. He cares nothing about winning- just filling his bank account with our money.

  7. Actually Dan Snyder does want the Redskins to be a winning team on the field. He spent his boyhood watching them on TV. Plus, winning teams make money, and that’s what he’s about, too.
    Fact is, even if we had the first pick overall, do you think that Cerrato and Snyder would make a good decision?

  8. if you think the Redskins will draft a tackle with their first pick, which could be the 1st overall pick, you are wrong, it will be quarterback since Campbell is out, we do need a line though, Samuels hopefully can come back, Hoyer shouldnt come back, Levi Jones needs to be signed by Washington.

  9. *upon hearing the news* – Spaulding (Cerrato): Turds!
    *upon the news sinking in* – Spaulding (Cerrato):
    Double Turds!
    *upon hearing Spaulding’s outcry* – Smails (Snyder): Spaulding!

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