Browns add Kosar as "set of eyes"

Ex-Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar has been hired by Cleveland owner Randy Lerner in what appears to be a loosely-defined consultant’s role.

According to Tony Grossi in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kosar was hired last week. A league source tells Grossi that Kosar is valued as “another set of eyes” and will report to Lerner. Kosar’s are the second pair of eyes hired by struggling teams in the past few days.

Grossi notes that Lerner’s tried in the past to hire Kosar to no avail. But Kosar’s had some personal struggles of late so perhaps Lerner is throwing a valued member of the Browns family a bone while also capitalizing on Kosar’s football acumen.

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  1. Nice to see a little loyalty in a big money,cut throat business. While I have never gave a jack about Kosar,I heard him on talk radio and to admit he was an idiot was admirable. Mistakes are made in life, but to acknowledge them and try to live better is all one can do. Hell,even Mike Tyson seems to have found the error of his ways lately.

  2. well…well…well…ya think he can still “suit up”?
    The front office needs the set of eyes…to find talent…..
    not Bernie

  3. hopefully he talks them into trading Quinn to the Redskins and the Redskins give up 4th and 6th round picks, Washington needs a young quarterback badly and Quinn wont play immediatly since our line is bad, and Mangini likes draft picks.

  4. It’s about time! Bernie can only help this franchise return to the glory days when he was the QB and those days way before him.

  5. They wanted to hire Ronald McDonald, but he was busy so they got Kosar, who ironically should be working the Drive thru window…

  6. . . . So now, their total number of eyes appears to be 2.
    Which only means that even a blind coach can beat my Bills. . sigh.

  7. I didn’t think it was possible to embarrass Mangini even more, but Randy Lerner came thru in the clutch. No pressure, Eric. Just act natural.

  8. Maybe this was Mangini’s idea. Bring in Kosar so he can run him right out of town like Belichick did.
    I mean, as long as he’s already tried making weak comparisons this season anyway.

  9. “Kosar’s are the second pair of eyes hired by struggling teams in the past few days.”
    All the eyes in the world can’t help this team; they’re gonna be in the basement of the AFC North for a long time.

  10. When you hire Kosar, you’re getting two sets of eyes for the price of one. The guy is usually sloshed out of his mind, so that double-vision of his might come in handy.

  11. does lerner need another set of eyes to tell him that Mangina is a moron who is hated by his players, reviled by the other coaches in the league and is an all around douchebag?
    next thing you know, lerner will be hiring jim brown to be a third set of eyes…… oh yeah…… jim brown has been undermining the last half dozen coaches the Clowns have hired.
    how many real Browns fans think that what Jim Brown does is good for the health of their team? until he learns to STFU, sit in the owners castle, drink a beer or three, beat up more women, and not play fantasy GM for Lerner the Browns will be destined for mediocrity.

  12. Well, this is a no-brainer — a total slam dunk. I mean, after all, the “set of eyes” concept has been proven to work incredibly well by the Redskins, hasn’t it?

  13. Lerner loves Mangini. It’s wishful thinking that he’d be going anywhere anytime soon… they’re solid.
    That said, I love that Kosar’s getting involved. Say what you will, but dude is a brilliant football mind. Always wondered why he never got involved in either a coaching or front office capacity. Whatever he has to offer, it certainly can’t hurt–that’s for sure.

  14. About 20 years ago at a celebrity golf tournament I stood outside in the parking lot of the golf clubhouse and Bernie was removing his golf bag from a rental car. He saw me standing there with a sharpie and some memorabilia and put his arm around me and said “let’s go get you some autographs.” Nobody was allowed in the clubhouse except the golfers (athletes) but we walked from table to table filled with athletes from all major sports and he demanded an autograph from each one. This took close to a half hour and he wasn’t even signed in yet. He didn’t grab a beer, he didn’t eat, nothing, until I got an autograph from everybody.
    The only autograph I still have from that day is his. I’m sad to see that Bernie made some mistakes but I am glad to see him get this opportunity. The Browns have more problems than Bernie could even begin to alleviate.

  15. Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that Bernie is declaring bankruptcy and that the Cleveland Browns are listed as a creditor??… the tune of a million or so? I think Lerner just wants his buddy earning some of the money he owes in exchange for ……having no money.

  16. I’ve watched the Browns/Steelers games since I was a kid…this is without a doubt the worst team I’ve ever seen…aside from Josh Cribbs (who is the real deal).they are really BAD…from the the players…to the ownership…and now to associate an ICON to this team….
    he used to be superman…but even BK can’t help this team. it’s like being on the titantic….

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