Browns contacted FBI about threats to Braylon Edwards

In the days before the Browns traded Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets, the team alerted the FBI about threats being made against the wide receiver.

Special Agent Scott Wilson said Saturday that the team contacted the FBI’s Cleveland office after the nightclub incident when Edwards was accused of assault. 

“They were concerned regarding that incident,” Wilson said. “We had some conversations with the Browns about possible threats.”

Wilson said that there’s been no investigation into the threats, however. Edwards has been accused of punching Edward Givens, a friend of basketball star LeBron James, outside a Cleveland nightclub early on a Monday morning. Edwards was traded to the Jets a few days later, but not before James said that Edwards perpetrated the assault because he was jealous of the Cavs star.

12 responses to “Browns contacted FBI about threats to Braylon Edwards

  1. Just like Edwards James will be in the NY metro area soon
    Who in there right mind would want to be in Clevlend?

  2. So Braylon punches the little 130 pound man, then he calls the FBI with bogus info to make sure the FBI contacts LeBron to prevent anyone from punching Braylon? What a pussy. And Braylon has already choked for the Jets with that huge drop on the phantom pass interference play.

  3. Hey, I heard that Brady Quinn accidently bumped up against one of LeBron’s cousins outside an all night burger joint last night. Pack your bags Brady, looks like the only way outta the Brownies organization is to punk up one of King James’ posse….. Now if we can only get Man-jerky into one of these urban hot spots.

  4. Can’t imagine the threats originating outside of Cleveland, so why was the FBI brought in?
    Should have been sent to local authorities, the guy is not a politician or a figure worthy of FBI attention.
    Wilson said that there’s been no investigation into the threats, however.
    There probably never will be either.

  5. Braylon is an idiot. Did any of you other idiots see him drop that touchdown on Monday night football? Typical Brickhands Braylon stuff right there. That ball should have been caught.

  6. This is just flat out strange lol. This is like that kid in grade school who hits someone then runs and stands by the teacher so he can’t be hit back.

  7. Hey Bigbluefan,
    Who in their right mind would want to be in CLEVELAND??? Perhaps people who could SPELL….

  8. The best part about Cleveland is that it ain’t New York. New York’s not a city, it’s a cesspool. Lebron isn’t going to go waste his talent on a loser Knicks or Nets team. Who wants to wallow in that hole?

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