Heiden, Dawson out; Wimbley questionable

Browns outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, who has four of Cleveland’s eight sacks this season, has been downgraded to questionable for Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh because of an illness.

The Browns also downgraded kicker Phil Dawson (calf) and tight end Steve Heiden (knee) to out.

Billy Cundiff will continue to handle the kicking duties for the Browns in Dawson’s absence.

8 responses to “Heiden, Dawson out; Wimbley questionable

  1. For some reason, announcers have been calling this guy “Cameron.” As if the “i” in KamerIon” is silent.
    Maybe Ka-meer-ee-on can use the time off to apply for an official name change if he wants to be called Kam-er-on.
    Just a thought.

  2. Cundiff out? No wait, it’s Dawson! No, it’s Cundiff AND Dawson. Bernie Kosar will kick this week.
    Also, I’m tired of logging into this site every time I come here. Will someone please explain to the imbeciles at NBC.com what “remember me” means?

  3. “For some reason, announcers have been calling this guy “Cameron.” As if the “i” in KamerIon” is silent.”
    That’s because it is silent. Buy a clue.

  4. goragtop:
    How is the “i” silent? Is Kamerion such a common name that I should know?
    Or is it because he calls himself that, so you assume its silent?
    Or is there some rule of English pronouciation that I am missing. If you could give me more proof than “that’s because it is silent” it might help.

  5. So Tom Curran? Where is my original post calling you out??
    Clearly when this was the big lettered headline on the front page,
    The title read Cundiff out and at the bottom it said Cundiff will replace Dawson, I pointed out your errors, and posted them for readers to see the silly mistake you made, and for some reason my post does not make the board?
    Why is this? Can you not man up to your errors? This does not seem to be freedom of speech. As a matter of fact it seems you are hiding from your errors and deleting any evidence. I had no foul words or anything of such matter what is going on here?
    If we could all just delete our mistakes, and get rid of the evidence right after, I am sure your parents would of had you killed…………

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