Michael Clayton could be the next to go in Tampa

With one underachieving former first-round pick already gone from Tampa, another one could be not far behind.

As the folks at JoeBucsFan.com point out, receiver Michael Clayton seems to be a good candidate for a new location.

The problem is that Clayton, the 15th overall pick in the 2004 draft, has a base salary of $3 million, which no team would likely be thrilled to absorb, for the same reasons that the Bucs would be moving him.  (In contrast, Gaines Adams is making only $900,000 this year, and the remaining base salaries on his rookie deal aren’t much higher.)

Clayton’s “I just ate popcorn” tendencies recently brought him under attack from coach Raheem Morris, who hasn’t been bashful about calling out players publicly.  The Buccaneers conducted a Gong Show tryout on Tuesday, signing receiver Yamon Figurs.

14 responses to “Michael Clayton could be the next to go in Tampa

  1. If the Bears think Gaines Adams is worth a 2010 2nd rounder. then they should be willing to give up their 2011 first rounder for Clayton. He can’t catch but he is not afraid of contact like Adams.

  2. The Bucs need to release half the team, the coach, and the GM. Thats how they may make a difference…

  3. Morris should just suit up for the Bucs.
    (1) He certainly isn’t too old to be an NFL player
    (2) You get a “coach” and a “player” all for the price of a coach.
    (3) It would be entertaining if he called himself out for not playing up to par (make for a nice youtube video)
    (4) Its not like you’re expecting to a win a game this year anyways, right?

  4. “Regardless of what they say, the check is in the bank. Thats not changing.” – Exact quote from Michael Clayton after last weeks game when asked about critical fans.
    PLEEEEEEEASE get rid of this guy!!!

  5. As much as I cannot believe the Bucs resigned him for that ridiculous amount (although according to him the checks seem to clear the bank OK), I would find it even harder to believe that another team would not only pay him that amount, but give up something for the right to do it.

  6. Not only do teams not want to absorb the contract, they don’t want to absorb the cinderblock hands, the poor route running, the tendency to give up on plays, the unearned cocky attitude, the constant excuses for his poor play, etc., etc., etc.
    Not to mention his complete inability to find his way to the endzone.
    Check out the videos at 80Sucks.com for more proof.

  7. Who, in their right mind, would want a receiver that CAN’T receive!!!
    That’s like aquiring a blind guy to QB!

  8. If the Bears are dumb enough to take Gaines Adams, I’m sure they might want Hands-of-Stone Clayton, too. Ha!

  9. tv-
    Happily 0-16 if Morris is shown the door at the end of the season. He has no clue.
    Clayton must go.

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