Mississippi woman seeking part of McNair estate

Two days before CBS promises to reveal “surprising new information” regarding the investigation into the late Steve McNair’s death, another development has come up regarding his estate.

WTVF-TV reports that court documents filed Friday confirm that a Mississippi woman, Clover Lee, is claiming that Steve McNair fathered her daughter

Lee’s attorney said a paternity test is being done, and the woman is seeking a portion of McNair’s estate, valued roughly at $19.6 million.

The estate is currently being divided among McNair’s widow and four sons.

15 responses to “Mississippi woman seeking part of McNair estate

  1. I think this CBS investigation will reveal that McNair had ho’s in different area codes. Sorry, but this guy was a douche.

  2. Paternity Suits and Pro Athletes: The List
    Published: June 6, 2008
    Ricky Williams (NFL) – 3 illegitimate kids
    Priest Holmes (NFL) – 3 illegitimate kids
    Michael Vick (NFL) – 3 illegitimate children
    Ray Lewis (NFL) – Rumored to have 6 children by 4 women
    Marshall Faulk (NFL) – Also rumored to have 6 children, but by 3 women
    Derrick Thomas (NFL) – 7 illegitimate kids by 5 women at the time of his death at age 33
    As you might expect, the list of athletes with one or two illegitimate children is extremely long.
    Matt Leinart (NFL)
    Tom Brady (NFL)
    Warren Sapp (NFL)
    Larry Fitzgerald (NFL) [one child with a Los Angeles Raider cheerleader]
    Lance Briggs (NFL)
    Darren McFadden (NFL)

  3. Wtf, is someone breeding a super-crop of NFL athletes?
    Seriously though, the more $uccessful a man is, the greater the number of women that will completely throw themselves at him. Some of them can end up sticking.
    Now, before we get all crazy on the NFL players, just think of the stats for the NBA. Man, what’s that, 41 away games every year? Plus, on average, those guys make a LOT more than NFL players do. I’m sure no matter what city they are visiting, NBA players have women hanging off on them like lamprey eels.
    In the end it only proves that McNair was human, and fallible, and, apparently, that his girlfriend was a ice-blooded hitman.

  4. One last point that occurs to me. As wealthy men, with many millions of dollars to their names, it probably makes much more financial sense to father children out-of-wedlock than within it. Since 50% of marriages end in divorce, a single failed marriage can cost them up to half of the net worth, while child support for fathered children would probably “only” cost them tens of thousands of dollars a year.
    It seems probable that in the long run, maintaining the financial support of an out-of-wedlock child is cheaper than supporting a child AND the lifestyle of a spendthrift ex-wife, especially after she already took half of her ex’s millions.

  5. It takes two…These women all want to get the high hard one from a professional athelete. They aren’t on the pill or whatever and get knocked up. Now the guys dead and she wants to be paid for one night of casual. He should have just paid for it to begin with. We all know what they are the question is how much?

  6. With all the money pro athletes make, their “man-chowder” is like liquid gold to these groupies…People wonder why Elliot Spitzer paid $4000 an hour for that hot call girl?… Just ask Paul McCartney and he will tell you that is much cheaper than a high dollar divorce settlement!

  7. Well, I don’t know whose ordeal winded up worse Rae Carruth, or McNair. Yeah, McNair is dead, but Carruth is locked up for a long time. At least people will remember McNair for being a good dude, but everybody has forgotten the stupid monster Carruth is.

  8. To the fool above who is cyber-stalking Mike Vick to the point of creating a site about him….all children are legitimate. Obviously whatever bred you did a piss poor job.

  9. the list of paternity suits is impressive but pales in comparison to jimmy walker, the great providence college basketball player. he sired a reported 46 illegitimate children, the most famous being jalen rose the retired nba basketball player.

  10. This is where they start coming out from under the rocks….it took awhile but here they come.

  11. I wonder if this Mississippi woman hired the crazy girl that shot McNair. You know, kill him and let the woman say McNair was her baby daddy and CLEAN UP!

  12. This is almost as adorable as E:60s fluff piece regarding Adrian Peterson….”Even though both of his daughters live hundreds of miles away with their, respective, mothers, AP does all he can to be a good dad.”
    Give me a break. I have a great dad and that didn’t come from growing up hundreds of miles away from him and his fortune.

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