Oher may get the test of his life

Rosenthal pointed out on Friday that Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither is listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game against the Vikings due to a neck injury that he suffered two weeks ago against the Patriots.

As Rosenthal pointed out, Gaither would again be replaced by rookie first-rounder Michael Oher.

Though Oher held his own last week against Antwan Odom of the Bengals, Oher has never seen the kind of unrestrained crazy that will be lining up across from him on Sunday at the Metrodome.

Jared Freaking Allen.

Six days after racking up 4.5 sacks against the Packers, Allen was shut out by Alex Barron and the Rams in St. Louis.  So we’ve got a feeling Allen will in rare form against the Ravens, regardless of whether Oher or Gaither or Jonathan Ogden are playing left tackle.

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  1. Your hero worship of Allen is growing a little old. He is very good, even elite. He had a good game against inferior Packers talent. But it isn’t like he is the best DE the league has ever seen.

  2. Let’s not get carried away with Allen and his 4.5 sacks against the Packers. He did it against a guard who slid over to play LT and a rookie guard who went in to play LT after Colledge went out. Michael Oher was drafted to be a LT and was the #1 or #2 LT on many teams boards and plays a position that many rookies drafted that high start as rookies. My guess is that he will own Allen just like Barron of all people did. Most of Allen’s sacks occur in bunches when he’s got a mismatch opportunity like a backup or guy not playing his natural position.

  3. Leagues worst offense racks up 400 yards on the Vikes.
    Kyle Boller throws 20/31 for 209 yards.
    Curious to see how they rebound, maybe just looked past the Rams for this game. But then again, good teams don’t look past underdogs.

  4. “Oher may get the test of his life”
    Michael Oher has already had much bigger tests than anything that happens on a football field, and he passed with flying colors.
    As a Vikings fan, I hope my team beats the Ravens. As a football fan, I cheer for Michael Oher, and guys like him, too.

  5. Hair helmet please. Oher will pancake that dopey mullet. Just because Allen ran over the Packs lame “five fat white slobs named Moe” OL doesn’t mean squat. Oher handled the NFL’s top sacker leader and he’ll handle Allen if Gaither sits. Best rookie in the NFL by far. Florio, I’m afraid your beloved Vikes are going to catch one mother of a beatdown AFC-style come Sunday. Baldy best get Rosenfel or Tavaris warmed up now and avoid the rush.

  6. How do you like your steak Mr. Bird? Well Done! Mr. Florio! Well done good sir…well done indeed! To all! Examine and take note of the excellence that is Florio! All Hail the Calf Roping, Aaron Rodgers, soon to be cuntler, slash every freaking qb he faces sack beast that is Jared Allen! People will masterbate, puke, and jump with joy to the tune of sack master mc. sackster jerd allen killin jo flackster. mc. doosh bag

  7. Florio, I don’t care what anyone says. Sweet right up bro. “Jared Freakin Allen” You hit it on the nuts , Oher is in for his “NFL baptism.”
    I look to see the “invisible calf” roped at least 3 times Sunday. Growing pains can be a bitch!

  8. “Oher may get the test of his life”
    Yeah, compared to someone who has cancer and is hoping for a negative test following treatment… sure, it’s the “test of his life”…
    I still don’t understand why people compare football to war or people fighting for their lives. While we all love football… it’s a GAME. While many of us may live vicariously through the players, let us not trivialize the people who face REAL “tests of their lives” … those being the soldiers who protect our ability to play and/or watch football, and those who fight against terminal diseases.

  9. I realize Allen didn’t have any sacks last weekend, but he forced a fumble, and returned a fumble for a TD. That’s getting shut out? Ok.
    By the way first post, first and last time I’ll ever say that.

  10. what strikes me odd is the title of this article. every competent football fan is aware of Oher’s background and his struggles making his way onto the biggest platform he and anyone that knows him could ever imagine. that said, to say that Jared Freaking Allen may be the “test of his life” is truly pathetic. honestly, this site is turning into one big joke. florio, youre a douche, and your site sucks. your welcome for the one last hit and comment that i post. get over yourself.

  11. Could be wrong on this one, but didn’t Odom get like… 5 sacks against the Pack? I’m not saying Oher isn’t going to have to work his ass off to slow Allen down, but… I think the basis of comparison here is a bit off. If Oher did OK against Odom, he might be OK with Allen too. Let’s face it, the best DEs and OLBs in the NFL are all bound to look like gods lined up across the limping Pack line.
    That being said, you gotta feel for the guy going against them one after the other… and then in two weeks, if Gaither doesn’t heal, he may be against Elvis Dumervil, another sack king of the season thus far. Hey, no one said being a tackle is easy.

  12. Considering all of the kinds of tests that he’s had to face over his life, I’d say that facing Jared Allen barely ranks among them.

  13. How is it a tougher game than Antwan Odom? In the 2 mutual games Odom and Allen have had this year Odom has had the better game.. and that includes against the Packers when he had 5 sacks over Allen’s 4.5.

  14. Give me a break, the packers OL is awful. If you don’t get at least 4 sacks against it, you don’t deserve to be in the NFL.
    Michael Oher and whoever the LG is will probably handle Allen to the tune of maybe 1 sack.

  15. “The Blind Side” is a very good book/story about Oher. Recommended if it’s your kind of reading.

  16. # hk94 says: October 17, 2009 12:39 AM
    Your hero worship of Allen is growing a little old. He is very good, even elite. He had a good game against inferior Packers talent. But it isn’t like he is the best DE the league has ever seen.
    Give him a couple more good games and one of the nitwits at ESPN will ask if he’s “among the greatest ever.” That’s all it takes today to be considered immortal.

  17. chedder is better…GOOD BYE ..you people kill me. who the hell cares if this guy had/beat the big C? some people beat it some don’t and it’s got a lot more to do with the money they can throw at it that how strong they are. the topic is simply weather he’s man enough to stop the Wild Man from stomping a mud hole in his ass or more accurately his QBs ass. that’s the topic stick to it. it you need human interest stories try Reader’s Digest or Gay Weekly…. Cpt Jayrocks Allen did not force a fumble, he got two freebies but that’s what HOFers do

  18. wtf reading some of these comments you’d think Jared Allen was a rookie and the GB game was his first good game.
    Nobody in the league has more sacks than Allen over the last 4 years. He is consistently one of the best DE’s in the game. He is better than Odom.
    Someone made the comment that Odom had the better game with 5 sacks over 4.5 sacks in their one mutual game against the hapless packers. For one, that is a stupid way to look at it. Secondly, Allen also forced a fumble that the Vikes recovered and registered basically the game sealing safety to put the Vikes up 16 with 7 to play. Allen had by far the better game.
    Florio’s “test of his life” comment was likely made either to stir the pot or without realizing how seriously some here would take it. Yeah, Oher has had a tough life. But he’s a multimillionaire star now so we can kind of stop feeling sorry for him and more for ourselves.
    I also love how someone brings up the 400 yards of offense given to the Rams last weekend as if that game didn’t go well for the Vikings. If the Vikings can win by 28 they can go ahead and give up 600 yards for all I care.

  19. You people bashing Florio(you know who you are) really need to get a life. I think there is an Hour Of Power blog site with Robert Schuller to post your fragile concerns.
    Oher had a hard chidhood. I feel for him and root for him. Just so happens many athletes in football,basketball,boxing etc. have had similiar and worse but never had a rich family to take them in and later pimp their life story into a book and now movie. Will never beat “Rudy” but may be a good watch.
    That being said,Oher is a millionaire now. Don’t cry too much softies. Hope Allen pummels his ass!

  20. Hey Florio, there is more to the NFL for a defensive player then sacks, you know that right? Just because he didn’t have a sack against the Rams doesn’t mean he was “shut out”. By putting pressure on a QB and causing a fumble, and also returning another fumble 52 yards for a TD is being “shut out” then I am sure there are many more defensive players that would love to be shut out each game.
    You didn’t make any sense in another article, so it looks like you have been “shut out” in your writing abilities, or lack there of I should say.

  21. Yes, Jared Allen did collect 4.5 sacks against Packers linemen who should be collecting paychecks in the UFL, not NFL.
    But don’t forget, Allen leads the NFL the sacks since 2007. And he plays primarily on the right side so he’s up against the left tackle. Most guys with inflated sack totals play on the left side where they are facing the less talented right tackle. If Allen played on the other side on the line, he’d probably average about 20 sacks a season.
    Allen is no one-game wonder. He is the most feared pass rushing DE in the NFL.
    And unlike Aaron Kampmann, the Vikings weren’t stupid enough to take Allen away from what he excels at and make him a mediocre LB.

  22. I was suprised that Allen only has as many sacks as he has consitering he had 4.5 in one game. I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem for Oher, it’ll be a test but not a huge problem

  23. Any good sack games against the Packers O-line do not count. It should be considered a given that Rodgers will be sacked a minimum of 4 times per game. Hopefully with Clifton back things may improve a bit but I doubt he lasts the season.
    And I’m a Pack fan.

  24. I can’t believe how many of you morons are actually comparing Antwan Odom to Jared Allen. I bet Allen had more sacks last season than Odom has had in his career. I bet that’s only because he “didn’t get a chance” earlier. Right? Like how Sage Rosenfels just never got a shot and that’s why he has never made the pro bowl. The guy has one good game in his career and now he is the standard against which all should be measured.
    “That Reggie White was pretty good but he was certainly no Antwan Odom”

  25. I think it is funny that Cheese heads feel the need to comment on a thread that has nothing to do with Green Bay. With Baltimore 1 of 2 things will happen. 1. Baltimore throws quick screens and slants so flacco stays upright. 2. Flacco holds onto the ball too long and Allen, Williams&Williams, Little orphan annie will get a sack. I have a tendancy to believe that baltimore will look at what the rams did and will do the former. I think the Ravens will have better success than the rams did in the red zone. I predict close game.. The key to the game will be special teams play for the Vikings. If they get big returns and prevent baltimore from making big plays the Vikings will win.

  26. Thats how Jared Allen is, one game he gets completely dominated, next he does ok. Then another he completely demolishes the LT, with TE and RB support. He reminds me of AP in that sense. “Famish, famish, famish, FEAST!”

  27. Oher has survived a great deal. Most NFL players have had pretty direct lines from childhood to NFL, mostly being treated as studs and school heroes and groomed for stardom. Few of them have legitimately difficult lives on their roads to the NFL, and those that have are the human interest stories. Good for them, and more power to them in their lives and their work for success. But the NFL is a national stage, watched by all.
    And it is the place where animals like Jared Allen make their living eating O linemen each week. A Packer Monkey above warned us not to put too much stock in the 4.5 sacks vs his beloved. That O line was full of ‘subs and switched guards’. Hey, dupe, GB is responsible for putting the best product on the field each week. I could not care less if GB had water boys on the O line. Tauscher, Clifton, whomever. You get no excuses, buddy, if Allen or Edwards or Freaking Brooks Bollinger comes back and plays DE. Sacks are sacks, SAFETIES are SAFETIES. You missed those, I see. GB better be putting FBs and TEs and RBs up on the line to chip and harass the DEs coming at them. Moobs McCarthy better be pouring concrete in their pants on his O line if they can’t protect.
    I’ve said it before, but GB better damn sure plaster DET and CLE to the pavement these next two weeks or they don’t have a right to smack.
    Oher is a rookie, and drafted well. Good job, kid. Jared Allen is coming, ass on fire, mullet pinned back for battle. Handle him and you’ll have something to be proud of. Until then, YOU are the one with something to prove, kid.
    Minny already has a lead on GB, CHI and DET in the division. Here’s to increasing it each week.

  28. Florio you moron! Did you ever watch Jonathan Ogden play? I don’t think so! Only Dwight Frenney got past Ogden and that’s cause he was injured that year! They met again the year after and a healthy Ogden shut his ass down! You have no right making an ignorant comment like that.

  29. I heard Jared Allen pictures the QB as a fat Minn chick and when the whistle blows he hears, “Last Call!”
    Kinda explains it if you think about it.

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