Orpheus Roye works out for Steelers

The Steelers may not be satisfied with the in-house options for replacing defensive end Aaron Smith, lost for the season with a shoulder injury.

The team took a look at familiar face Orpheus Roye during a Friday workout according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Roye was a sixth-round pick of the Steelers in 1996 and played with the team until 1999. He then went to Cleveland for eight seasons before returning to the Steelers for six games during the 2008 season. The veteran has 180 career games under his belt and recently worked out for the Falcons as well. 

Right now, the Steelers are expected to fill Smith’s spot with the veteran Travis Kirschke and rookie Ziggy Hood. If that doesn’t work out for them, Roye’s experience with Dick LeBeau’s system would seem to make him a good alternative option.

11 responses to “Orpheus Roye works out for Steelers

  1. They are worried about Kirschke’s constant back problems, bring on Orpheus, I remember way back when he was the lead blocker on kickoffs.
    It’s disappointing a first rounder isnt deemed to be ready.

  2. Roye was on the team last year, as you noted, and only played in 6 games. They have the EXACT same 2 backup DE’s that played ahead of him all last year in Kirschke and Eason, PLUS this years 1st rounder Hood. Why do you suddenly think that Roye’s going to come in and get significant playing time? They are likely securing an option in case they suffer another injury to a DE. Try watching/knowing the team you’re writing about before you jump to conclusions.

  3. For the love of Mary, let Kirschke and Hood split time.
    Ziggy Hood is the future, Tomlin might as well get him some meaningful playing time and Kirschke is serviceable.
    But a workout for Orpheus Roye? Jeez, that’s embarrassing. Now I know how Ravens fans felt when they signed David Tyree.

  4. Stiller43 is absolutely on-point. If another injury occurs, bring him on. But they’ll be OK with Kirschke, Hood, Eason and Sunny Harris, who has a lot of potential. Just go with this cast for now, and see what happens. At this point, Roye is no world killer.

  5. @ Benny:
    I understand where you are coming from, but LeBeau runs a very complicated defense.
    Lawrence Timmons and Lamar Woodley come to mind from 2007’s draft. Woodley was used only sparingly in his first year, Timmons also. Both had better years in 2008 and hopefully they’ll continue to blossom here in 2009.
    The Steelers haven’t messed up a on 1st round pick since Troy Edwards in 1999 (the jury is still out on Mendenhall), I’m confident Hood will be all they hoped he would be by 2010-11.

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