Adrian Peterson injures his ankle

In a game that the Vikings have controlled, for the most part, from the outset, running back Adrian Peterson has suffered an apparent ankle injury late in the game.

After catching a pass in the backfield from quarterback Brett Favre, Peterson’s ankle twisted as he was being tackled.

He limped badly off the field but he now seems to be walking normally.

The incident occurred just a few plays after a 58-yard run put the Vikings into field goal range.

Minnesota leads late, 30-17.

To their credit, the Ravens keep coming.  So this one isn’t over yet.

UPDATE:  It’s definitely not over.  The Ravens already have scored again.  It’s 30-24 with five minutes left.

SECOND UPDATE:  Peterson has returned.  But it looks like the Vikes are trying to blow this one.  Ravens will get the ball back with 3:52 to play and trailing by six.

17 responses to “Adrian Peterson injures his ankle

  1. Peterson is fine. Back in the game. Looks like Percy Harvin is hurt pretty bad though. Hand/wrist on a gang tackle.

  2. Dierdoff is a moron. He just said “Vikings fans were not wondering if they are going to win, but by how much.” No Vikings fan ever thinks that. I wish that Dierdoff would go back and study all the Vikings collapses over the years.

    Idiot announcers didn’t even mention Winfield was out for most of the game, or why.

  4. HAHHAHAHHAHA Losers!! Vikes WIN and SimpleSimon who has been talking SH!T all week can come on here like he said he would and EAT SOME CROW!!!! Don’t wanna hear no excuses biotches! Bottom line is Vikes are now 6-0. No interception this time Duhkotah. Oh yeah, keep up the excuses for why we shouldn’t have won and why we shouldn’t be 6-0. Push that line back a little further!!!!!!!

  5. Peterson had a ‘Duke basketball’ injury, where he’s slightly injured on some little thing and the commentators will then say ‘Wow, what a warrior for coming back to play’.

  6. @JuicyMelon
    Did you also hear Dierdoff say that no one questions that Childress is an offensive genius? Lol, that one was priceless. Pretty sure everyone in Sota with half a brain would question that.

  7. Dierdorf was atrocious…but Gumbel is still the worldwide champ for being the worst announcer out there currently (and is up there for all-time too).

  8. Mike, somewhere Michael Scott is laughing his ass off after reading this story.
    To their credit, the Ravens keep coming. So this one isn’t over yet.
    SECOND UPDATE: Peterson has returned. But it looks like the Vikes are trying to blow this one.

  9. @JickyJacks,
    Yeah. I heard that. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m happy Danny boy did some research.

  10. eskinsuks, your an idiot for saying at least he won’t fumble the ball if sitting on the sidelines. AP is one of the greatest, and you would give your left one to see him on your team!

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