Antwan Odom out for the year

On Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals fell to 4-2 with a loss to the up-and-down Texans.

News of an even bigger loss comes in the aftermath of the 28-17 defeat.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, defensive Antwan Odom has suffered a ruptured Achilles’ tendon.  Odom will miss the rest of the season.

Odom notched eight sacks this season, including five in Week Two against the Packers.

Frostee Rucker will likely replace Odom in the starting lineup.

15 responses to “Antwan Odom out for the year

  1. An injured player that has been a scratch for two weeks is his most likely replacement? What about Jonathan Fanene or Michael Johnson? Nice research.

  2. Injury’s & Horrible TE played cost us today 🙁 hopefully over come it for rest of season…
    PS,more likely they’ll use Fanene on running downs & Michael Johnson on passing…pretty much what they did with odom (but he would move inside at times on passing)

  3. Geathers anyone?
    Also Florio, for God’s sake fix the login issues, it’s beyond old. It’s ridiculous. I don’t have to sign in daily for any website except this one.
    Fix it… it’s your site (I think)!

  4. I’m a Steeler fan… and this is too bad for Odom and the Bengals. He’s having a big year and is a HUGE part of the defense.

  5. As a Ravens fan, I hate seeing players lose their season. Especially one that was having the year Odom was.

  6. I don’t quite understand the login issues you guys are having. I’ve been logged in for weeks now without any issues whatsoever.
    Pity about Odom going down for the year. Hate to see any player losing weeks or the whole year due to injury. Even if they happened to play for the Vikings.
    Edit: I take that back, I just tried to post this comment and I got the freaking comment submission error. Good thing I copied this one just in case. I was good for about two weeks, though.

  7. As a Broncos fan, I have to say, too bad for Odom and Cincinatti.
    He was doing so well. And while this doesn’t stop the Bengals, it does hurt them.
    I was really looking forward to seeing who ends up with the most sacks this year between Elvis Doomerville and Antwan Odom.
    Get well big guy.

  8. Bengals fan here. While Odom put up huge sack numbers, most of them came against a backup OG in Green Bay who everyone has been getting past. Nonetheless, he did fill his role quite well and pursuit of the quarterback and running back was a strength for him.
    Geathers won’t be replacing Odom, since Geathers is already starting on the other side of the line. I’d say the new depth chart at that position is Fanene, Rucker, and M. Johnson, although all will be used in specific situations.
    And let the record show that Rucker is oft-injured, but when he is healthy he is just as much a playmaker as Odom was this year.
    I’d say the loss of Peko is much more devastating than losing Odom. Geathers, Sims, and Tank need to step it up. Odom’s backups are pretty decent replacements.

  9. The team may appreciate you gaining 30 pounds of muscle in the offseason. Your tendons……….. not so much.

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