Bengals worry about Domata Peko, too

With starting defensive end Antwan Odom already out for the year, the Cincinnati Bengals can now worry exclusively about defensive tackle Domata Peko.

Peko was lost on the third snap of Sunday’s game with a knee injury. 

The Bengals are waiting on the results of an MRI.

9 responses to “Bengals worry about Domata Peko, too

  1. Hey, a football game happened in Oakland today. I hate to interupt your medical updates, but at least write that the Eagles lost, if you can’t bring yourself to recognize the Raiders win.

  2. Who is Domato Peko you ask ???
    I guess the only reply to that is, who are you ??? do you watch football at all ?

  3. Yea, yea, Bengals are through, Pat Sims isn’t a beast on the line or anything. Steeler douchbags never cease to amaze me. I’ll tell ya what, you can talk shit when we play, but until then, YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE TEAM GOT BEAT by a team that, by your account, “is through” how’s that feel, doofus.
    No D in the second half, no heart on O or D lines, and Bob Bratkowski loves to establish things on the O and then pronptly abandon them. We got the run going and he started throwing the ball! Guy does it every game!

  4. @CurseofBoJackson:
    You seem to forget that the Stealers have amassed wins against the Titans, Lions and Browns this year. How dare you criticize a resume like that?! They clearly OWN the NFL!

  5. Oh we DARE criticize anyone’s resume who can’t acknowledge a decent win over their franchise. You also might want to check your spelling of the name your “owner’s” of the NFL. Bottom line the Bengals kicked the Steelers ass and all the whining in the universe will not change that lovely moment in life! And just for shits and giggles we will do it again on your turf!

  6. Why do all the douche bag steeler fans post in bengal threads? Oh and for the record, the bengals have a better record, for winning at hines field, than at their own home.

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