Boldin injured late in Cardinals blowout victory

The 12th man in Seattle is getting used to seeing blowouts.

Coming of its second home shutout of the season, the Seahawks only mustered a field goal against Arizona in a disheartening 27-3 loss to the Cardinals.

Arizona’s previously porous pass defense held Matt Hasselbeck to an awful day; he completed 10-of-29 passes for 112 yards and an interception.

The only bad news for the Cardinals was an ankle injury to Anquan Boldin that knocked him out in the fourth quarter.  The game was well in hand, so the team may have just been playing it safe.  Boldin was seen sitting on the bench with his foot raised and his ankle wrapped.

Seattle’s loss was sobering for a number of reasons.  Seattle is now 2-4 despite playing four games at home and have lost games to division rivals San Francisco and Arizona.  The Seahawks trail both teams by two games in the loss column.

Perhaps even worse, Seattle’s terrible injury luck continued Sunday.  Lofa Tatupu, Patrick, Kerney, and Kelly Jennings were hurt in the game.

The Seahawks get Week Seven off to recover, but one week probably can’t cure all the problems this team has.

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  1. You kill me bright eyes, what no mention that the Eagles lost two main players in the thumping given to them by the Oakland Raiders?
    The Eagles lost a main OL player as well as a DT player. And menyanna the Eagles will have more to add to the injury list.
    The Raiders held the Eagles to not scoring a TD for the first time this year. The Raiders sacked the QB (6) times as many as the Eagles have given up all year.
    The Raiders not only shut down the run game but took the Eagles WRers out of the game without Nnamdi and the Raiders are only the second team this year to gain over 100 yards against the Eagles with the run with the other being the Saints.
    All this with the Raiders robbed of another TD by the refs on a phanthom call on a Raiders pick for a TD. You know how the NFL loves to try and twist a game or two each week the way they would like to see them go.
    The Raiders as I have said are loaded with young talent and they just have to figure out how good they can be and play with todays effort on a more regular effort.
    But just wanted to see why a guy that likes to call out others so much like ESPN for example of picking what they want to report. Your Raider bias has come through load and clear today.

  2. first time i’ve ever seen qwest field begin its mass exodus this early – half the stadium was empty by the 10:00 mark in the fourth quarter.
    the security staff was asking all of us leaving “hey, where are you all going? the game is still going on!”
    i replied “hey, if the seahawks don’t have to show up today, neither do i!”
    that 0-line is atrocious. we’re going to miss tatupu as well

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