Chiefs might have sealed Zorns fate

Though a switch from Jason Campbell to Todd Collins at quarterback initially seemed to be the first move for a Redskins team that was trailing the 0-5 Chiefs, it didn’t work.

The Redskins lost 14-6 in a game that featured no touchdowns.  Instead, the Chiefs scored four field goals and sealed the win with a sack of Collins for a safety with 24 seconds left.

So now the question becomes whether coach Jim Zorn will be fired now or after next Monday night’s game against the Eagles.

For the year, the Redskins have barely beaten the 0-6 Rams, helped the Lions end a 19-game losing streak, barely beat the 0-6 Bucs, lost to the previously winless Panthers, and now blew one at home to a team that has lost 28 of 30 games.

Jim, good luck in all your future endeavors.

22 responses to “Chiefs might have sealed Zorns fate

  1. Zorn’s fate was sealed before this game. The only question has been when he gets fired.
    Until the Sunburns get rid of Vinny Cerrato and start rebuilding their offensive line it won’t make much difference who is coaching.

  2. Most interesting stat. The Redskins have not even played a team that had a win on their record coming into their game.
    Week 1: Giants 0-0
    Week 2: Rams 0-1
    Week 3: Lions 0-2
    Week 4: Bucs 0-3
    Week 5: Panthers 0-3
    Week 6: Chiefs 0-5

  3. and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!
    part of me wants to feel sorry for zorn, because of how snyder runs the team. but man, jz really is clueless as a coach.

  4. where’s you Giant’s are the greatest team ever stories? Cmon you should have been providing updates on how they were getting spanked by New Orleans. You shameless and obvious about which teams you support to get your precious clicks on paid ads on your website. The real Giants showed up to day they are not that good. Tell the truth once and for all.

  5. Man, in submitting my picks for this week’s confidence pool, I should’ve gone w/ my gut and taken KC…Spent 15 minutes waffling and flipped to Washington at the last second.
    Thanks for nothing JZ.

  6. Fire Cerrato and Zorn….bring in Holmgren, Cowher, or Shannahan now. Will there be any decent QBs and Offensive line men in the upcoming free agency?

  7. As a Skins fan this is as low as it gets, well until the Skins play the Saints which will probably destroy the Skins by 50. Raiders fans can you give me some advice on how to deal with this level of suck? Please?

  8. Jim, good luck in all your future endeavors.
    MF, do I detect a small bit of sarcasm in that comment? Zorn will be part of NFL football for a long time … though probably not as a head coach … remember how quickly Camoron resurfaced? Not everybody is cut out for the job….
    You sir, will still be in your mother’s basement typing to the masses … just kidding ..

  9. I envy the redskins right about now. At least there is the hope that there could be some changes in the works.
    Jerry just keeps on keeping on with Coach Stay Puft.
    Wait…maybe we’ll hire Zorn!

  10. Don’t worry NoKoolaidCowboy, Wade will be gone after this season. I’m kind of afraid of what might follow. Dave Campo II?

  11. After weatching the Chiefs play Dallas last week I thought they had the worst offense (the Chiefs) I’d ever seen, but after today that honor goes to the Redskins, hands down.
    The word that describes them offensively is pathetic. I was actually staring to feel sorry for them. the safety was the crowning touch in thhe symphony of offensive futility that is the Redskins.

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen… introducing the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns… JIM ZORN!
    (Randy Lerner knows that the best coaches are the ones that were fired from their previous job!)

  13. “Raiders fans can you give me some advice on how to deal with this level of suck? Please?”
    Uhhh…Raiders beat Philly today 13-9. The Redskins “Offense” is on a different level of suck! However, our (Redskins) defense is awesome! Can Blache coach an offense?

  14. Dakota, all kidding aside – I fear the next HC will be Garrett. Jerry must’ve promised him something big to keep him around while he was being courted by other teams as being a red headed guru.
    And Garrett, unfortunately doesn’t have the stones to keep players in line.

  15. Whoop de doo, it’d be a real news flash if Zorn were to walk out w/ Cerrato right behind him.
    10 years in Snyder, how’s your return on investment? What a joke.

  16. A new coach won’t fix this mess…..I don’t care who it is.
    That would be like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. This ship is going DOWN!

  17. Was at the Game and the fans were cracking up on Mr Irelevant( Sucoup’s name), but hey it was the kicker that beat them. Sorry Zorn and Redskins nation but that might have sealed Zorn’s fate.

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