Childress extension could be tied to stadium deal

Vikings coach Brad Childress, also known to certain 40-year-old quarterbacks as “Chilly,” is in the fourth year of a five-year contract.

And Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press (cue the “don’t ever listen to that guy!” crowd) thinks that the question of whether Chilly gets a new contract could be tied to whether the Vikings get a new stadium.

The thinking is that, if the Vikings won’t be getting a new stadium, Wilf might be selling the team.  And having a quarterback under contract for some finite period of time beyond the sale date could be a factor in the transaction, since new ownership might want to hire its own staff.

But another significant factors is at work here.  Chilly needs to show that he can take the team that Favre calls the best on which he ever has played to the similar heights as the best Packers teams on which Favre also played.  One of Favre’s Packers teams won the Super Bowl; another one made it there.  The team about which he raved in 2007 lost in overtime of the NFC title game, thanks to a horrible throw in overtime made by Favre.

We think that anything less than an appearance in the divisional round of the playoffs gets Childress fired based on merit, or lack thereof.  Even a trip to the conference championship round might not be enough to keep Childress around, if the Vikings lose in 41-0 fashion or due to a blunder from Brad.

Of course, getting to the Super Bowl and winning it would make Chilly more attractive both in the short-term and beyond, regardless of ownership. 

If also would increase the chances of the Vikings getting a new stadium, too.

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  1. There is nothing imminent about the Vikings getting a stadium deal, so this story makes NO sense whatsoever. And do you know who Charley Walters is?? The biggest no-nothing ever.
    The economic meltdown and that current environment is the reason no stadium deal is that probable. If Childress were to get a new contract, it will be by year’s end….and the Vikings won’t know anything about a new stadium in that timeframe.

  2. quote: If also would increase the chances of the Vikings getting a new stadium, too.
    What on eath is IF ALSO??

  3. Lovie took the Bears to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman. That is why he was Coach of the Year that year. Lost to Peyton, but looking at teams that made it to the Super Bowl before and after all have had stellar QB’s.
    Chilly should call Lovie for some pointers, or he could ask in the playoffs after the Bears stomp them.

  4. Wow Florio. Favre, new stadium needed,Chilly has to win,5-0 start. Glad we can make your job easy for you!

  5. The only thing that is going to happen today is a game between the Vikings and Ravens.
    All that other stuff like stadium, ownership, contract for the coach, will take care of itself later on.

    Roughing calls against QBs are on the rise
    Even the Vikings’ Brett Favre thinks the NFL has gone too far in protecting quarterbacks.
    “I’m all for protecting the quarterback, but I think it’s something that maybe has been overemphasized a little bit because there are some [calls] that are very questionable,’’ said Favre. “I understand why they are doing it. I’m a quarterback, too. But it’s tough when it may determine the outcome of a game.’’
    Roughing-the-passer calls are up this year. There were 3.53 per game in 2008 and through the first four weeks of the season, which were the most up-to-date stats the league provided, there had been 5.25 per game.
    “We’ve made it clear that the safety of all players is emphasized,’’ said NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson. “We are always striving with officials for consistency. We’re not perfect. Is our goal to continue to get better and better? Yes. But we’re never satisfied.’’
    alas, the shaman hath spoken…

  7. 1) Charlie Walters has burned this site a number of times when they have had the ignorance to actually give Charlie Walters the benefit of the doubt. He should not be trusted on anything.
    2) The best the vikings have ever done since the 1976 season (Gerald Ford was President) is win a divisional playoff game.
    3) To suggest that Childress has to equal the best vikings performance in the last 3 decades to keep his job is looney.
    4) The vikings have never won the George Halas trophy and have not trophies or trophycase. Brad Childress cannot break tradition.

  8. SmackMyVickTool – Bears won’t see the playoffs . I am drooling to play da Bears. Can’t wait to see Jared Allen make Cutler his bitch. I myself would pay to hit cutler. What a puke!

  9. Bun McSticky,
    I think you absolutely fail to understand the scope of the situation. You are correct that a new stadium in Minnesota is not probable. But that is exactly why the other issues come into play. First of all, the Vikings will absolutely know by the end of the year whether or not they will get a new stadium in Minnesota or not. Because if a new stadium is NOT approved by the end of the year the Vikings will be moving to LA where they are willing to build a new stadium. With that move there become ownership issues, will Wilf keep the team or sell out right? or will he sell part of the team? Either way the less long-term expenses on the books makes a sell easier and increases the present value.
    I agree with Florio, that Childress’ contract will be in part dependent on a stadium deal. I disagree however that the team’s success late in playoffs will have any bearing on a new stadium in Minnesota – by that time if no deal has been approved the team will already be making plans to relocate to LA. (whatever team(s) are moving to LA’s new stadium I expect an announcement almost immediately after the season, i.e. early April)

  10. Funny how a story like this, which doesn’t really tell anybody anything we haven’t heard for the past four years, seems almost obligatory nowadays. Tear down the guys at the top with fabricated news stories; seems like a helluva way to earn a living.

  11. “The team about which he raved in 2007 lost in overtime of the NFC title game, thanks to a horrible throw in overtime made by Favre.”
    …And by the Pack giving up 400 yards and 24 freakin first downs to the Giants, no pass blocking, no run game (13 yards rushing), missed FGs, poor special teams, no halftime adjustments by McCarthy, Harris getting schooled by Burris, Jacobs picking of first down conversions on third and 13, etc, etc. etc.
    But it was Brett’s fault the lost. Now that the Pack got rid of the old man, they can truely reach their potential!!

  12. I disagree with Florio on the notion that the Vikes winning the superbowl will have a bearing on whether they get a stadium or not. It is funny to hear people write BS like this that have no idea what is going on in the state politically. Right now Palwenty is trying to make a bid to to run for president, wants to look like a tight fiscal guy, and has vowed to veto any stadium proposals. Coupled with the huge state deficit (like most states have right now and no ability to borrow the money like the Feds do), it is political suicide for most politicians to approve almost a billion bucks to build a stadium when schools budgets are getting whacked by 15%+ (oh yeah and when they just got done building a stadium for the Twins and Gophers). So there is no point or any traction til he is gone and the economy picks up. Will the Vikes be gone by the time that happens?? Who knows at this point.

  13. Honestly, why do you keep posting garbage from this clown? Can’t you just check the history. The guy literally creates things from thin air based on his own assinine ideas and throws them out for people like you to report on and give legs too. Stop it already!

  14. Yeah, I love that mentality FoF….we win as a team, but lose by Favre. No I in team when we win, but there is when we lose…if your a pack fan.

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