Concerns mount regarding Matt Stafford

One of the problems with the subluxation of a joint is that the process of a something coming out of place and going back in can cause damage, the extent of which may not be immediately obvious.

In the case of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, the first overall pick in the 2009 draft, the subluxation of his kneecap apparently has caused more damage than previously believed.

He practiced Wednesday but experienced more swelling, and now he’s inactive for Sunday’s game at Green Bay.

Per Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Stafford will consult with Dr. James Andrews, who’ll inspect a new MRI in an effort to determine the cause of the looseness in the joint.

If surgery is necessary to fix the condition, Stafford could be out for the rest of the year.

And that’s not good at all for a team hoping to get Stafford some valuable reps now, so that he’ll be up to speed if/when the Lions make a run at being competitive in 2010.

8 responses to “Concerns mount regarding Matt Stafford

  1. The only thing Alex Smith and Stafford have in common is that they were QBs taken #1 overall. Stafford has shown more ability in 4 games than Alex Smith has ever shown.

  2. Detroit should have built their offensive line up before drafting a 1st round QB. Stafford is in danger of getting Tim Couch syndrome.

  3. How do the Lions feel about their draft now? They had ample opportunities to fix their line (one of the weakest in the NFL), but instead they went for sexy picks. A QB and TE in the first round, a safety in the second.
    I called it immediately after their draft. “Why are they drafting a QB they can’t block for instead of drafting the foundation for their team, then a QB next year?” The answer: they are a terrible team from the head down (I wish it weren’t so).
    No QB would have lasted the season behind that O-line.

  4. Should have never started in the first place. That’s what you get replacing an idiot with his incompetent assistants. Hopefully they boned another early 1st QB and take another 50 years to try and find one.

  5. cant argue detroit needs o-line help. they should have picked up runyan also. and with a lot of size on the right side, start mashing.
    but d-line is where they really need help. anyone can run on the lions. and lets face it, if the lions get a lead on u… u are still never really out of the game.

  6. You all are idiots…
    The Lions drafted Stafford this season because drafting getting a chance to draft a franchise quarterback is rare. Lets say the Lions draft a lineman this year and then come back next season. Then, they have to trade up to one of the top picks to get one, if it hasn’t been taken. As bad as they’ve been the last eight years, they never chose number one.
    Not to mention, who else do you pay that kind of money. The quarterback, and only the quarterback.
    Now, if they skip this draft and don’t draft some lineman, bitch away, but now you just look like some tool that is talking out of his ass, because everything above that I’ve read was batshit crazy.

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