Dorsey's on the block, but the Chiefs are acting like he isn't

With the trade deadline only a couple of days away, Gaines Adams might not be the only defensive lineman taken in the top five of a recent draft who makes a move.

Chiefs defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey is available, a league source tells us.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora recently suggested that Dorsey might indeed be available.  

“I’m also told by numerous league sources that the coaching staff in Kansas City isn’t high on NT Glenn Dorsey, a former first-round draft pick,” La Canfora recently wrote, via “There’s always a demand for nose tackles in this league, and the salary-cap ramifications wouldn’t be a deterrent in dealing for Dorsey.”

But Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star recently reported that Dorsey is back in the team’s good graces after shedding 50 pounds.

The problem is that Dorsey was drafted to play defensive tackle in a 4-3 scheme.  Once new coach Todd Haley adopted a 3-4, Dorsey didn’t have the chops to play nose tackle, but he also didn’t have the quickness or endurance to play defensive end in the team’s new defense.

And the current smoke signals suggesting that the Chiefs are happy with Dorsey could be aimed at securing something close to a first-round pick for Dorsey — and to prompt a team that wants Dorsey to call the Chiefs, in lieu of the Chiefs calling around and necessarily coming off as being interested in moving him, and thus willing to take something less than a first-round (or second-round) pick.

That said, the fact that Dorsey is down to 298 might give potential suitors concerns about his ability to switch back to tackle in a 4-3 front. 

Then again, a two-day burgers-and-bon-bons binge would likely get him back up to 310 or so.

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  1. He was shopped to the Bears also. The Bears had to make a choice and they chose Adams. They can’t wait for Marinelli to start working with him.

  2. NFL Network (via Steve Wyche) backtracked on La Canfora’s story about Dorsey on Friday.
    But even ignoring that, this whole post deserves a big “WTF”. The Chiefs aren’t calling anyone about Dorsey, but a league source tells you he’s on the block?
    Is the league source Scott Pioli?

  3. Dorsey could be traded, but this post is complete BS.
    1. He is not a NT, not in the 3-4 or the 4-3, but a penetrating DT in a 4-3 and La Canfora should know that if he is not an idiot
    2. He has played better in each game this year and was their best lineman by far the last two games, not that that is hard to do…
    3. A penetrating DT in a 4-3 is almost always around 295- 305 pounds, especially when he’s only 6-1 tall
    4. There is now team willing to take a chance on a guy who gained 50 lbs this offseason and hasn’t done anything as a pro and then give a 2nd or even a first round pick for him. Especially when you consider that there is a deep class of DT’s likely to declare this year.

  4. DT 58 covered it all. Dorsey came into the league at 297, him being 298 should concern nobody that liked him last season.
    The problem with Dorsey, however, is that as DT 58 says, Dorsey is a penetrating UT-type DT, but either Dorsey’s leg problems from LSU are not behind him or he was just never that explosive. This little DT only ran a 5.28 at his personal workout last season, which was extremely slow for an UT-type. I’ve never seen a penetrating DT run that slow and be successful (Sapp and Tommie Harris were both in the 4.7 range and ALL of the good UTs have run under 5.0). Anyways, Dorsey lacks the lower-body strength to be an anchor-type 2-gap DT and as noted by his pathetic workout last year and his equally pathetic play as a pro (his one sack last season was when the QB was pressured by another player and basically tripped over Dorsey who had gotten maybe 2 yards past the LOS).
    As far as Dorsey vs. Adams. I think Gaines Adams is horrible!!! It took him until his 6th year out of high school to dominate in college and he will never dominate in the NFL… but still Gaines can run… and Dorsey can’t (not even by DT standards), so trading for Adams was the most acceptable risk, and as bad as Adams has been, he’s still accumulated 13.5 sacks in just over 2 NFL seasons, this despite having ZERO strength and no real pass rush moves… advantage= Adams.

  5. I thought only the Redskins were arrogant enough to think that they could get teams to surrender a #1 or #2 for a player they don’t want or that isn’t playing all that well. Guess its catching?
    Dorsey isn’t a NT. It is one of the biggest fallacies that a 4-3 DT can automatically play 3-4 NT. Assuming that is pretty much like assuming any WR can automatically play TE.

  6. As a die hard Chiefs fan i got to say Dorey has done nothing.Another bust drafted by king Carl (RYAN SIMS ANYONE?)STOP DRAFTING OVERRATED PLAYERS FROM THE SEC DORSEY,CROYLE AND JACKSON!!!!!!!!!! We will be watching today when the skins run it up there asses!!!!

  7. Dorsey is not a NT. He is a DE and he has gotten better the last couple of games for sure. Dorsey is too young and just learning the 3-4 to get rid of him like that. If being a bust is having better stats (besides a few less sacks) in his rookie season then Warren Sapp, then I guess he is a bust. He’ll figure it out.

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