Groves is available, Sims-Walker could be

Two Jacksonville players who got in hot water last week could possibly be former Jacksonville players by 4:00 p.m. ET Tuesday.

For starters, it’s common knowledge in league circles that the Jacksonville Jaguars are shopping Quentin Groves.

Groves, a second-round pick in 2008 as a defensive end, has been moved this year to linebacker.  On the team’s current depth chart, Groves is listed as a third-stringer.

Groves was involved in an automobile accident on the way to the airport last week for the team flight to Seattle.  He missed the plane because of it.

There also are rumblings that receiver Mike Sims-Walker could be available, too.

Sims-Walker is regarded as an up-and-comer.  A third-round pick in 2007, he flashed promise in 2008 with a 107-yard game.  But injuries then limited his effectiveness the rest of the season.

This year, he has generated 278 receiving yards and three scores in three starts.  But his surprise deactivation last week might have landed him in a doghouse from which he’ll have a hard time emerging.

The Ravens and Dolphins are widely believed to be looking for help at receiver.  It’s unknown whether either team has spoken to the Jags about Sims-Walker.

It could be that the Jags are willing to move him if someone will pay a premium based on his perceived potential.  It’s also possible that the Jaguars are trying to ensure that Sims-Walker has gotten the message regarding his “violation of team itinerary,” which reportedly was fancy talk for hooking up.

6 responses to “Groves is available, Sims-Walker could be

  1. Sims-Walker is not on the block. This is false rumor. Gene Smith is too smart too trade a young, cheap playmaker like him. The Jaguars succuss relies on young players drafting by them being succuessful. Next to Jones-Drew, he is the future to build around (24 years old with 2 to 3 more years being cheap talent). Groves can go – whatever we get for him is a bonus. That draft class (08) is a waste.

  2. Sime-Walker is not on the block. That is false rumor. Gene Smith is too smart to trade a young, cheap playmaker like that. Think of the future of football as it relates to the Jaguars. They must hold on to cheap talent as long as possible to stay solvent. He won’t be UFA for another 2-4 years (depending on what happens with labor relations). As for Groves – he can go. Anything we get for him is a bonus. The whole 2008 draft is a washout.

  3. Have to wonder if Sims-Walker would have been punished for his after curfew PT run if he were a big start on this team?
    Oh, that’s right. The Jags don’t have any big stars.
    I’d like to see my Giants offer an even up for him. Senior Useless Moss. Something about that name Sims wants me to snatch him right up and give him a chance on a real team.
    Btw…Aints going down today big. Giants 35 Aints 10. Bet the ranch.

  4. Jags have spent years and countless draft picks to find a receiver. NO WAY they move Sims-Walker unless there has been a lot more stuff going on that we don’t know about.

  5. Jack Del ” DUH ” Rio has done some dumb things in the past, But if he gets rid of his best play maker at wideout he needs to pack his own bag too. He seems to take things way too personal , Look at some of his previous moves: He has a fall out with our best defensive lineman Marcus Stroud. Next thing you know he is shipped off to the Bills. He has a war of words with Mike Peterson, Next thing you know ” Bam !! He gets shipped off to the Falcons where he is as in the words of Emmitt Smith ” Blowning Up ” !! There have been rumblings at JDR’s demeanor, Some have called him arrogant or say he has gone Hollywood. He seems to have to think he is the smartest , I think the pressure is getting to him. Ever since Tom Coughlin’s players have left this team it has been on a downward spiral. Coughlin is a much better coach, Talent evaluator and mentor to his players, But the local press here in Jacksonville ran him out of town because Tom had the audacity to tell them he did not have to please them, He only had to please the owner Wayne Weaver. After Tom said that the local sports hacks went after him with fervor. Now he is the toast of New York, And we are just plain ” Toast ” !!

  6. How do you punish a player on the Jaguars by trading him off the team? Unless the team being shipped to is the Raiders, I don’t see that as much of a punishment.
    That being said, add the Buccaneers that might be looking to seriously upgrade their WRs. Antonio Bryant is the team’s franchise player and he has not produced or played much this season and the other starting WR is Michele Clayton who drops about 50% of all passes thrown his way. The guys behind them aren’t any better.

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