Kris Jenkins' knee injury is "probably severe"

The Jets may have lost more than a division game on Sunday.

Jets coach Rex Ryan admitted Sunday night that the knee injury nose tackle Kris Jenkins suffered against the Bills was “probably severe.”

Rod Boone of Newsday was more ominous, tweeting: “From the sound of
things and the way some of the players are talking, Kris Jenkins’
season may [repeat may] be over with a knee injury.

The New York Daily News writes that people familiar with Jenkins’ injury fear he has ligament damage and is done for the season.

There aren’t many true 3-4 nose tackles in the league, and certainly not many that can dominate like Jenkins. 

Sione Pouha, a starter at defensive end, will likely move over to replace Jenkins.

21 responses to “Kris Jenkins' knee injury is "probably severe"

  1. Gosh, that is too bad, but next time could they drag his slow-ass off of the field with a cart, or a team of oxen or something?
    It took him forever to hobble off of the field!

  2. Fat guys are loud and lazy. Rex Ryan is sloppy and overbearing just like his loudmouthed undisciplined team.

  3. meh. He always has a major injury of some sort. Back or knees. He may be a fantastic player, but he can never stay on the field.

  4. Yea, what was the point of making him walk off the field? Are you really gonna “walk it off,” if its that serious?
    Thats malpractice.

  5. Jets have no class from the Head Coach to the Players down to the Fans.
    say it with me:
    Go Dolphins!
    Henne the Hero!
    Ronnie the Rabid Beast!

  6. Hey Faulk and fin fans..the fins will get destroyed by the jets in 2 weeks..Henne will be gone for the year..and the skirt wearing brady will have his knee shredded once again by the Jets next is already in stone..a contract is out..fin fans talking..what a joke of a franchise…

  7. Jets fans, do you ever get tired of crowning someone as the franchise savior every year only to crash midway through the season?
    4-12 read em and weep. That defense is garbage, Rex Ryan is a buffoon…. AND YOU JUST LOST TO THE BILLS! The same team that lost to the Browns last week! Oh wait, not the same team, they had a worse qb than Trent Edwards (if thats possible) in the game and still won!
    You do know what Jets stands for right?
    Sanchise? More like sanchoke

  8. Oh, and Jim,
    Don’t forget, the Dolphins have one of the best winning percentages in the league since the merger. The Jets are perennial failures, a city’s second team.
    What a bunch of low class, trash talking losers.
    If the Jets could play as well as their fans could talk trash they would be super bowl champs, not just ota champs!

  9. Said it in the Edwards Out blurb. NBC showed a super slow-mo of Jenkins’ lower body in the pile and you see his leg plant, hold, hold and then pop. Quite a bit.
    How that’s not major is beyond me. Sad to see…

  10. Jim,How can you disrespect the Dolphins like that
    sounds like we have a hater on the forum *cough*
    Do you remember or is this just me when the Fish came back to win the game with the good
    ol’wildcat? appears to me if anyone has a craptacular franchise it would be the Jets not
    even with the help of Mangini could the Jets
    get off to a 6-0 start We as in Cleveland gave Jets talent for offense and you still suck!
    And i’m also a Buffalo fan I just live in Ohio but had that catch been in bounds we would have toasted you on the Blitz with Fitzy throwing the

  11. Wow JIM! Sounds to me like you’re a bit frustrated with your team?? Well isnt that just too bad =[… Hopefully you Tivo’d week 2’s win and you can watch that again to cheer yourself up… Because with all the talent and tenacity your team has on both sides of the ball, they just DONT KNOW HOW TO WIN!!!

  12. You are all hypocrites. Everyone on here says how the jets fans are classless because they talk trash….
    All fans talk trash, but not all Head Coaches talk trash. Rex Ryan talks too much and his big mouth has not helped his team much the last few weeks. The Jets and their fans have come back down to earth earlier than expected this season; maybe now they will be more realistic in the future, instead of predicting Super Bowls after 3 weeks of a season (yeah, right).

  13. @ JIM
    I don’t profess to know how the well the Fish will do this season but if yesterday was any indication of how Sanchez does in cold weather you better start construction of a dome at your stadium today! Sanchez isn’t Southern Cal anymore. Plus with Jenkins possibly being out for the rest of the season the Jets are in trouble!

  14. jets are going down. their sloppy, loud-mouth coach can bump bellies with tom cable like a couple of wet, disgusting sumo wrestlers next week!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I hope Jenkins isn’t out for the year. The guy is supremely talented and I never like to see anyone (especially rival players) lose a whole season of football.
    Also, it will give worthless Jet fans another excuse when the wildcat shreds them for 150+ yards in 2 weeks.

  16. i actually feel for jenkins. i hate the jets, but jenkins was the last classy player left on that squad.
    hopefully for him (and not the jets), he can recover. good luck to kris, but screw the rest of the jets.

  17. Neutral party here, making an intelligent observation…
    Have been reading this column for some time now, and hear a lot of Jets, and Jets fans, bashing, but it’s not the Jets fans running their mouths (erm..keyboards?) in the comments…it’s the Dolphins fans. Who have NO reason to be doing it! You’re really NOT all that. You are a skidmark from crashing down again, and need to humble yourselves.
    For the record, I am not a fan of the Jets, OR the Dolphins, OR the Patriots. I will say that some of the most classless fans in the NFL have to be Dolphins fans. Again, without reason! I did see their game against the Colts, and my house stank for 2 days after that. So, enjoy the upward ride, because it’s never fun when you come back down. But, the league will enjoy laughing at you, based on your inflated egoes now.

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