Maybe Zorn will be fired at halftime

Adam Schefter of ESPN said it as forcefully today as we’ve heard it said yet — Redskins coach Jim Zorn will be fired.  The only question is when it will happen.

Maybe it’ll happen at halftime of Sunday’s home game against the Chiefs.  After all, the Redskins trail 3-0 against the 0-5 team that has won only two of 30 games.

And the Redskins have gained only 110 yards and four first downs in the first half against the so-so Chiefs defense, which didn’t have the personnel to run the 3-4 defense that coach Todd Haley has implemented.

Hey, quarterbacks get benched at halftime.  Why not the coach?

If won’t happen during the game — after the game, if the ‘Skins get scalped by the Chiefs, don’t expect to see anyone standing too close to Zorn.

12 responses to “Maybe Zorn will be fired at halftime

  1. Todd Collins entered the game at halftime, hit Moss on a bomb, and led the Skins to a field goal. The Jason Campbell era might be at an end in Washington. Kinda feel bad for him. He looks like he might cry on the sidelines.

  2. “Hey, quarterbacks get benched at halftime.”
    You don’t say? It also looks like Portis got the hook too. Portis is on my fantasy squad but I’m so disgusted with his production I agree with his benching (if in fact he got benched, which looks likely right now because betts came in with Collins to start the second half)…

  3. Hey if i was Jim Zorn right now i would put on a uniform and a helmet and start playing QB for the redskins.

  4. Damn Florio, you just cannot stand it that the ‘Skins are really making you look like an idiot cause you picked them for the Super Bowl. You really have a hard on for Zorn don’t you?
    First Favre makes you look foolish for all you said before the season began, now Zorn…….what is it going to take that you have ZERO football knowledge!

  5. Snyder or Cerrato should be fired. Lest anyone forgets, Zorn was hired to be the OC then Snyder/Cerrato decided to get creative and promote him to HC within weeks of hiring him to be the OC. Zorn was set up to fail. Maybe he should be fired as the HC, but give him a chance to be OC right?

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