Report: Ravens called about T.O.

Five years ago, the Ravens tried to swing a trade for receiver Terrell Owens.

He didn’t want to go there, and so it didn’t work out.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the Ravens have made another run at T.O.

Per Glazer, the Ravens called the Bills this week regarding the availability of Owens, and the Bills told the Ravens “thanks” and “no thanks” in immediate succession.  (As Peter King correctly explains it, the Bills aren’t inclined to move a guy who sparked such a signficiant rush on the box office.)

If that call was made (and we’re not saying it wasn’t), it seems like a stretch to think that the Ravens would have wanted T.O., and vice versa.

Here’s what we wrote when T.O. was available in March:  “Apart from the fact that Ravens coach John Harbaugh had a front-row
seat for the T.O. drama in Philly, the bigger impediment likely would
arise from Owens’ accusation that Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome made a
racist comment
about him when Ravens were attempting to swing a trade
for Owens five years ago.”

Owens has claimed that Newsome told T.O.’s agent at the time, David Joseph, that Newsome “was a black man from Alabama just like T.O.” and that “sometimes a black man’s gotta be slapped.”

So if the Ravens did make that call to the Bills about T.O., then it means they’re really desperate for help at wideout.

7 responses to “Report: Ravens called about T.O.

  1. “He didn’t want to go there, and so it didn’t work out.”
    – Probably because he would have had to share the spotlight in Baltimore.
    “the Bills aren’t inclined to move a guy who sparked such a signficiant rush on the box office.”
    – Right out of Jerry Jones’ playbook;
    Priority #1: Sell tickets.
    Priority #2: Try and win a game once in a while.

  2. Where are Al Pindyck and Jester Jackson? Ozzie should be booted out of a team management position on his ear!
    Oops, Ozzie is black and Al and Jester wont be heard from on this.
    Double standard. At best.

  3. Bills had a huge marketing campaign for the Toronto game this year. “TO in TO” They have had commericals running in Ontario for a year now about how Owens is coming to Toronto and you should buy tickets.
    How would it look if they traded Owens? Possibly a class action lawsuit? There will be a lot of upset fans especially considering how bad a team the Bills are for one of the highest price tickets in the league.

  4. I don’t care how desperate they are at wideout, they shouldn’t be that desperate. They have a young QB just growing into his leadership role. Putting that cancer on the team would destroy Flacco. You don’t get the guy with a history of destroying quarterbacks. Flacco has the ability lead the team for a long time — let him.

  5. Florio, dont you get it? This alleged “call” about TO is a smoke screen to make another team (KC?, NE?, TB?) think Ravens have multiple options… No way TO goes to Baltimore precisely for the reasons you mentioned…

  6. Why? It’s painfully obvious that we’re lacking more on the defensive side this year. Get us a decent cornerback or two. Mason, Clayton, and even Ray Rice are doing a pretty damn good job catching (barring a dropped catch or two…).
    Fire Frank Walker. He gets beat every time and then just tackles the receiver regardless of where the ball is going.

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