Ryan thought about pulling Sanchez

Anyone expecting Jets coach Rex Ryan to erupt after Sunday’s loss to the Bills came away disappointed.

Despite a crushing 16-13 overtime loss at home to the Bills, Ryan calmly said he was still confident in his football team.  (Right out of the old Parcells/Belichick handbook: build them up when they are down, hammer mistakes when they win.)

Ryan also said that he considered taking Mark Sanchez out during his five interception performance.

“I thought about pulling him,” Ryan said.  “I still . . . I believe in him.  I thought he bounced back.  I thought he gives us the best chance to win and he’ll remain our quarterback.” 

Sanchez threw his final interception during New York’s third overtime possession.  The ensuing Bills drive set up Rian Lindell for a redemptive 47-yard game-winning field goal.  Lindell previously missed a 46-yarder that would have won the game at the end of regulation. 

We’ll give Sanchez credit for taking all the blame on his shoulders in his post-game press conference.  His rough day overshadowed Thomas Jones’ 210 rushing yards, a Jets team record.

The Jets are now 1-2 in division play and seem a little shell shocked after losing three straight games after a 3-0 start. 

Asked about one of his interceptions, Sanchez initially couldn’t keep them straight.

“I have to think about how many picks I had . . . that’s usually not good.”

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  1. Looks like the same old Jets!! Come out of the gate, win a few games get all kinds of praise just to fall on their a-s-s ass,ass,ass

  2. These Rex Ryan press conferences are just hilarious. They are going to get even better as the Jets continue to fold their collective tent this season.

  3. That’s what happens when you make a regular season game such a big deal like they did against New England. The leagues gotten a book on Sanchez pretty quickly. He’s turnover prone like most young quarterbacks and their coming after him.

  4. I don’t know why anyone is suprised that the sputtering Jets are freefalling.
    They already won their super bowl against the 1st place Patriots so there is no need to win any other because they set out to complete a goal a gosh darn it they weren’t going to kiss Bill’s rings and they didn’t good for them.!
    I hope they can still savor that joy of that big week 2 win while they watch the Patriots play in January.

  5. The only good thing about watching Rex Ryan’s press conferences is that you know that he isn’t eating at that moment.

  6. Did everyone see Sanchez pouting like a little girl on the sideline?
    Did L.T. come to mind, or was it just me?

  7. Didn’t this same team lose out last year after a great start and then ultimately miss the playoffs? I think they just wanted an earlier start on tanking than last year. If so, good job.

  8. How ’bout all the Jets season ticket holders call Rex Ryan this week and tell him that they need HIM to “really show up” next week?
    How’s that September Super Bowl feelin’ these days, Jets fans?

  9. Are you kidding me. He’s on a good team and he throws 5 picks and he was just thinking of pulling him. If Stafford had thrown that many picks, and he’s on the Lions, everybody would be calling him a bust.
    Sanchez is not that talented. He stares down his receivers and looks completely flustered. I watch Stafford getting better and looking more and more comfortable, and I watch Sanchez looking like he’s completely frustrated. And he has the tools of a good running game, defense, etc.
    And how sad, he’ll still win rookie of the year somehow, just because he’s in a big market in NY.
    Wow!!! 5 TD’s and 10 INT’s for Sanchez and he only throws around 20 passes a game. Brutal!!!

  10. Rookie of the year….
    Coach of the year….
    Best Defense in the NFL….
    The new beast of the east…
    Braylon Edwards > Jerry Rice, Randy Moss
    Maybe it wasn’t Mangini’s fault after all.

  11. That’s what happens when you Jets people look past the Bills while anticipating a rematch with the AFC Divisional Champions, MIAMI DOLPHINS. All of you J-E-T-S fans and football players can hang it up until next season because this season is D-O-N-E! If you don’t believe me, then why don’t you stick and fork into it and see. What a poor excuse for being a professional football team. Is it Halloween already because those had to be disguises worn by some pathetic people (so called platers) who claimed to have been the Jets. I surely hope that you Jets prepare for the Dolphins in the same manner that you prepared for the Hapless Bills. Just wait until we come to your house and give you all the same but whipping that we gave you at our house. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha……… LOSERS!!!!!!!

  12. As a life long Bills fan, it sucks to have to play spoiler just 5 weeks in, but making the JETS feel the pain and ugliness of that game is priceless.
    Now you know how we feel JETS fans, HOPELESS.
    At least no one is threatening to take your team away.
    The Bills arnt just helpless like the Titans, the Bills are actullay more like a virus, that spreads!
    They look like pig slop, and they make their opponents look about the same.
    They are setting the game back.

  13. If Sanchez keeps it up, he’ll be heading to Cleveland straight up for Brady Quinn.
    Nah, Mangini has higher standards than that.

  14. You guys are all pathetic.
    It is six weeks through the year and even though Tom Brady blew up the….0-6 Titans…he hasn’t been consistent at all this year.
    Sanchez is a rookie and we weren’t supposed to be good at all this year anyway. We are a young team with a new coach and playing style and we proved we could play with any team. Not to mention, the Dolphins started o-4, the Bills lost to the Browns and are now 2-4, the Pats should have lost to the Bills and they already lost to the Broncos and Jets. Nobody can expect the Jets to play for the division with a rookie quarterback but when they started playing well people were surprised and now that they are struggling everyone writes them off and thinks they suck. Why don’t you idiots actually pay attention to football before you write on these message boards.
    By the way, don’t you Pats/Fins/Bills fans have anything better to do then come onto Jets message boards and bitch?

  15. Wow! Now the Jets have to fly across the country to play the “red hot” Oakland Raiders. a team that beat them last year.
    What will Rex Ryan do on a 5 hour flight back home next Sunday night if the Jets lose that game as well?

  16. @dhrodgers52…
    “By the way, don’t you Pats/Fins/Bills fans have anything better to do then come onto Jets message boards and bitch?”
    Ahhhh, no. I guess not. Even if I did, I’d still find time to laugh at the Jets nose-dive.
    “What will Rex Ryan do on a 5 hour flight back home next Sunday night if the Jets lose that game as well?”
    EAT. A LOT.

  17. @jamaicamecrazy
    “What will Rex Ryan do on a 5 hour flight back home next Sunday night if the Jets lose that game as well?”
    Stuff his mouth with more food, what else? LOL

  18. Classless dhrodgers52. You area a bully without any real content in your message. Where is Calvin Pace? The one that knocked out the Bill’s quarterback and called Chad Hene a clown? Like most Jets fans, you are a pathetic loser that resort to insults instead of analysis.

  19. if Sanchez is going to be any good ever, he will NEED to learn to throw in cold weather, it is a struggle yes, and if he has issues with it ask Manning, he has issues with it at times too, but this is a good learning experience for Sanchez, he will be fine, but he needs to grow.

  20. By the way, don’t you Pats/Fins/Bills fans have anything better to do then come onto Jets message boards and bitch?
    Quote of the day…………………….ok ok..just kidding. The scene was much different as recently as 2 weeks ago when the J-E-T-S , Jets Jets Jets fans were on here bragging and telling the world how great they are/were. Bragging about their Super Bowl victory a few weeks ago and their Rookie of the Year QB and Coack of the Year……………………….lol……..now…..only one lone survivor defending his pathetic team…..one…congrats dhrodgers52, you are the only one who didn’t jump off the sinking ship (well, you and the lame ass in the green fireman’s hat)

  21. Who is the real bust?
    Jamarcus Russell. Passer rating 68.2
    Mark Sanchez. Passer rating 8.3
    (Not a misprint)

  22. This is a Jets Message board???? I thought I was reading an article on Profootballtalk…. guess I was mistaken…
    And the Dolphins didn’t start 0-4…. You really need to get your info straight.

  23. @leatherneck,
    You mean to tell me Sanchez’s Quarterback rating was actually 8.3? I thought it was somewhere around -0.0888. I guess he did a lot better than I had anticipated. You go boy!!!!!!!!!

  24. At the beginning of the year, if I told Jets fans that they would start Mark Sanchez right out of the gate, they’d have a new head coach and they’d be 3-3 after six games, most would have taken it.
    The Jets have some growing to do but Rex has the defense on track, the offensive line is beastly and Sanchez has shown enough to be worth a year investment.
    The Jets are probably a year or two away from contending for the division title, but at least they are solidly headed in the right direction. Better than most teams.

  25. It’s the locker room cancer known as Braylon Edwards. Get used to it, New York. You were 3-1 when you got him, now sitting at 3-3. He had a decent game on national TV last week, but disappears against the teams you are supposed to beat. He is a tool bag, a malignant tumor on the ass of football. I hope he does just enough to escalate the pick you are giving the Browns to a 2nd rounder instead of a third, then breaks his effing leg. The beauty of it all is, if you keep losing like this, even the third rounder would be a pretty good pick.
    Bon Voyage, Braylon. Don’t let the door hit in the ass!

  26. What will be more hillarious will be the reverse field done by the talking heads who inexplicably decided to crown the Jets as the new king after only 3 weeks, knowing that it’s always just a matter of time before the league gets a book on players like they’ve apparently done quickly with Sanchez, go ask Trent Edwards about that, lol.

  27. “By the way, don’t you Pats/Fins/Bills fans have anything better to do then come onto Jets message boards and bitch?”
    Is that a serious comment??? I hope not. I seem to recall, just one week ago, Jets fans, players, and coaches, bitching, and bashing the wildcat after the Fins plastered the Jets on a national stage.
    Also, Miami did not start 0-4, get your facts straight.
    I, for one, think Sanchez will be fine. But not if all you fair weather Jet fans start throwing him under the bus after just 6 games.

  28. No one would really be ragging on your guys too much if you didn’t make Sanchez out to be your Saviour and come thumping your chest once you beat the Patriots. If you are going to give it, you have to be able to take it.
    I feel sorry for the kid, having to play for those douchebag fans.

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