Tony Romo, Hall of Famer

During last week’s live chat for NBC’s Sunday Night Football Extra, I was asked whether Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will make it to the Hall of Fame.

Yes, I said.  If Eastern Illinois has a Hall of Fame.

As it turns out, Romo has been inducted this weekend into the Eastern Illinois Hall of Fame.

Romo also had his jersey (No. 17) retired, and he received a key to the city of Charleston, Illinois.

Said Bills receiver Terrell Owens, “Yeah, well I got the key to the city of Buffalo.”

Actually, T.O. didn’t say that.  Yet.

25 responses to “Tony Romo, Hall of Famer

  1. i was the one who asked that, that made my day lol, and hey vox, maybe you can get into the jerk store hall of fame

  2. Hey Florio did you hear what Strahan said? He said he wishes the Cowboys would trade Romo for Quinn and a couple of firsts so people will realize how good the Cowboys have it with Romo.

  3. Who the hell listens to what Strahan has to say anyway?…Oh wait, he said something nice to solidfy Vox’s bromance with Romo….Isn’t that special….You are such a douche, when Strahan was playing, his sack record was fake, his teeth were part of the juvenile diatribe you spew on here with multiple screenames, but now you are quoting him?….You really are the personification of an internet troll…..Quite the existence you’ve carved out for yourself….

  4. Romo in Canton? Never.
    He hasn’t done anything that would warrant it.
    Nothing. He’s a mediocre QB at best.

  5. loggerhead…
    Actually, for reasons I can’t remember, the people who give out the peace prize are in Oslo. It is somehow different from the rest of them…

  6. To EskinSux:
    I’ll bet Florio makes a heck of a lot more than you and most of the semi-literate idiots who dog him (but yet somehow simply can’t stay away from this blog). I’m sure he and NBC are laughing all the way to the bank……..
    I don’t always agree with him either, but I defy you to find you to find a better place on the net for pro football info……..

  7. Still got your balls I see, EskinSux? Can’t wait for the next Eagirls loss so you’ll get lost for a month AGAIN. What’s up with you PA pussies anyway, haven’t seen mr. magoo around in a long time either.

  8. So, vox, in essence Strahan said the Cowboys would suck even more without Romo. I’m down with that.

  9. Get real, its just his college rewarding him for making them enough money during his four years there to keep all of the Title IX sports going. You know the ones that don’t make any money for the schools. So much venom for something that really only matters to Romo and his friends/family. Oh, and yeah Florio, the jealousy wears on you very well. Did your school fail to put you in the Journalism HOF? Funny — they they rarely reward sarcasm and poor writing with honors.

  10. SheHateMe….Listen Moron, can you read?…..Don’t talk about literacy unless you are yanno…..literate, show me where i said anything about Florio or this site? Can you decipher?….Or are you a semi -literate idiot?…….Pay attention….

  11. Can’t wait for the next Eagirls loss so you’ll get lost for a month AGAIN.
    Nah, only Arlington Cowchokes fans do that……usually in early December…Like the change of seasons…Usually they disguise themselves with other persona’s…..Are you on Strahan’s valentines day list now? Is Jerrah aware of this change of allegiance?..

  12. I may get into the EIU hall of fame someday……I guess all i need is a job, doesn’t matter how i perform…….It’s just being employed

  13. Romo does well statwise but he’gotta get that ring. Choking in December, not getting to the big dance – these are the things that are dogging him now and will continue to do so.
    He still has a lot of football left and maybe we can eventually get a Coach worth something that can give him some guidance.
    Then we’ll see.

  14. VoxVeritas says:
    October 18, 2009 2:47 PM
    Hey Fike Mlorio, maybe you can get into the following bitch hall of fame.
    George Castansa could have come up with a better come back than that.
    Just saying, oh great Defender of Dallas Douchebags.

  15. “VoxVeritas says: October 18, 2009 3:54 PM
    What’s up with you PA pussies anyway?”
    We’re busy winning Super Bowls, while you play your nym-shift games “steeler-hater”.
    How lame are you anyway? What are you, 12?

  16. “Nah, only Arlington Cowchokes fans do that”
    Don’t deny it, pussboy. One loss sent you under your mom’s bed for a month. Pathetic. I can only imagine what today’s ass-whipping at the hands of the freaking Raiders, one of the worst teams in the NFL, is going to do to you. Nice offense. NOT. I see Andy still thinks he’s got some kinda great passer at QB. And what about that defense giving up 330 yards? Jamarcus Russell should send Asante Samuel a thank you note. A very cheap one.

  17. “I may get into the EIU hall of fame someday”
    You gotta be smart enough to get into college first. Ain’t happening.
    How ’bout them Raiders! aaaaaaaahahahahahahaha
    See you in a month, EskinSux. Say, could you shine my shoes while you’re hiding under your mom’s bed this time?

  18. Romo will get to the hof before florio gets to the writers hof and by the way it looks like RUSH was right about McFLAB.FOUND OUT TODAY THAT PHILADEPHIA WAS NAMED FOR FELATIO ( BROTHERLY LOVE) IT FITS

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