Vikes cross fingers on MRI for Winfield's foot

Those of you watching CBS’s coverage of Sunday’s thrilling back-and-forth Arena League-style contest between the Vikings and the Ravens might have wondered why in the hell no one bothered to mention that Minnesota cornerback Antoine Winfield left the game in the first half and didn’t return.

Winfield’s replacement, Karl Paymah (rent), helped various Ravens receivers pay their own rent as he was burned throughout the day.

Winfield suffered a foot injury, per the Associated Press.  We’re told that an MRI is coming on Monday, and that the Vikings are nervous about the outcome.

As they should be, given the play of Karl Paymah.

If Winfield’s injury is serious, they need to get on the horn and swing a trade for a replacement.

UPDATE:  We’re told that the specific area of Winfield’s foot that is injured is his toe.

50 responses to “Vikes cross fingers on MRI for Winfield's foot

  1. Thank you for pointing out CBS not mentioning the Winfield injury. It doesn’t excuse the blown lead but not having Winfield out there is a big loss and Ravens took advantage of it.
    I think my favorite part was when Dierdorf said “I think Cam Cameron figured something out about this Viking defense.” I wonder what he figured out, Dan. Maybe that there was an inadequate replacement to the Vikings best cornerback on the field and he couldn’t anyone? That Mark Clayton touchdown was embarrassing.

  2. Back and forth? Not even! This game was just like the 49ers and Packers. They pound them in the first half and then the defense pops open champagne and forgets they still have to play for the 3rd and 4th quarter.
    Learn your lesson here Brad, BE LIKE BELICHEK and go 59-0 before you relax.

  3. You dumba$$, Its far from serious. winfield wanted to return to the game but $hit for brains childress wouldnt allow it.

  4. The coaches just need to explain to Paymah that in order to successfully defend a pass you have to occassionally turn your body.
    Im not sure where that f***tard learned his run down the field, jump and try to reach back behind my head defensive style but it really isn’t working out too well for him right now.

  5. They also didn’t mention benny sapp came out with an injury. I had to find out on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website. Any teams having fire sales on corners?

  6. Stetai is spot on, the defense was busy patting itself on the back while the Ravens kept fighting on. Apparently they didn’t learn a thing playing Green Bay.

  7. As if we needed proof that you are a douchebag, your name points just how goddamned stupid you are Farvin…if they ordered an MRI, my guess is it is pretty serious….typical assclown Vikings fans like yourself who talk the most smack when the team is doing well, will disappear in to annualy obscurity when they fall on their collective face at some point…so Winfield wanted to come back? Do you know this for a fact? Let me guess, you know somebody within the organization? If you do, like say your cousin is one of those guys who holds a clipboard, wears a headset, but nobody knows his name…and when he sees you coming or sees your number on his caller ID, he thinks to himself, “God not that douchebag assclown again, I f**king hate him.” Yeah, sure. Don’t piss yourself when your overpaid CB (not even the best or 2nd best in the division BTW) is out for the year.

  8. I’m glad he didn’t go back in, I would MUCH rather have a healthy Winfield against The Steelers than not, just becuase Paymah looked like a jackass on pass “coverage”. Childress isn’t being stupid, we’re winning and this is the guy that brought in the messiah….. Just be happy to be 6-0 boys!

  9. Access Vikings.
    An injury to the TOP OF HIS FOOT. Childress says Winfield wanted to return but was told NO. But that was one helluva try Tundra. Dont worry 3 place in the NFC North is pretty respectable. LOL

  10. Vikes radio guys said it was turf toe. They’re probably checking on that, since MRIs are used to detect soft tissue injury. If Green Bay’s Charles Woodson, who has suffered from turf toe in the past, is any indication, this is an injury that takes a long time to heal.

  11. # packerblitz says: October 18, 2009 7:19 PM
    Vikings = Worst 6-0 team on the planet, ever! LOL!
    Yep, they’re so bad that they beat your Preseason Champion Packers and enjoy a 2 & a half game lead over your 3rd place team.
    Side note, the Packers 3 wins come over opponents with a combined 4-12 record. After catching some of their game today, Green Bay could be the worst 3-2 team ever.

  12. Embarassing TV coverage. The Vikings lost Winfield AND nickelback Benny Sapp and played the entire second half with two special teamers in the secondary, and the announcers never noticed.
    But the Vikings won’t make a move if Winfield is seriously injured. They drafted Asher Allen in the 3rd round as Winfield’s replacement when it was uncertain if Winfield would hold out/not sign an extenion. Allen has been a game day deactivation every game because they wanted Paymah on special teams. Look for Allen to move into Winfield and/or Sapp’s spot until they return.
    On a sidenot. Are the Vikings the worst 6-0 team ever? Not by a longshot. The 2003 Vikings that started 6-0 and missed the playoff may have been. The 2009 Vikings are Brett Favre’s first ever 6-0 team.

  13. Hey Packerblitz wasn’t yr recent azz kicking on national TV enough for you to STFU? Your team sucks, were undefeated and we will keep getting lucky all year long.

  14. Our guys say it’s not the toe. The toe thing was a guess from a KFAN reporter.
    The team thinks Winfield may have severely sprained the top part of his foot.

  15. Tundrash!t really exemplifies how stupid Pecker fans really are. How about looking at the direct quote from Childress?? There are a lot of sources…startrib, ESPN, etc. He said he wanted to return, but Childress ‘thought they should play it safe’. Look who is the a$$clown now!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    And sterling…b/c a ‘radio guy’ said it was turf toe means it must be true. How bouts the guy that got injured saying it was the TOP of his foot. What a retard you are!!!!! Good work Pecker fans, keep making yourselves look very stupid. But hey, you guys were PreSeasonChamps so I should show SOME respect!

  16. @ packershitz -Don’t hate because your momma slips over to Minny to get get a lil of the Shiancoe “horn”. Keep runnin’ the mouth chud, I would be glad to shut it.

  17. # packerblitz says: October 18, 2009 7:19 PM
    Vikings = Worst 6-0 team on the planet, ever! LOL!
    As if we needed any more proof that Packer fans are the dumbest, least educated fans in football.
    I’m sure the Vikings would much rather be the greatest 3-2 team in the league like the Packers are. You know, if the Vikings hadn’t already pounded Green Bay’s teeth (tooth?) down their throats on national TV.
    You sound like the Packer fans that laughed at the Vikings’ playoff loss last season while the Packers were apparently celebrating being the greatest 6-10 team in NFL history.

  18. @ Tundrapunk – Whatever happens to the Vikes,you won’t see me run away. Even Karl Childers knows that Winfield is a NFL elite corner,best by far in the NFC North . Now go google Karl Childers you retard!!

  19. “Side note, the Packers 3 wins come over opponents with a combined 4-12 record. After catching some of their game today, Green Bay could be the worst 3-2 team ever.”
    Oh boy, wow forgive me, the queens opponents have a combined record of 11-23, Wow! I am impressed, LOL! Good job bravo! LOL!

  20. “Side note, the Packers 3 wins come over opponents with a combined 4-12 record. After catching some of their game today, Green Bay could be the worst 3-2 team ever.”
    Ahhh yeah, ok the vikes average opponent is what?
    Yeah wow, impressive knob! LOL!

  21. Gotta love these Packer fans. You gotta admit they are either real stupid or I guess real stupid again! They come on here and bash a 6-0 team when their team got beat by us (you are right we have played some real crap teams, you included!) and already is in 3rd place in a 4 race horse!!!!! Too funny.

  22. …and you are still an obnoxious douchebag pussy…anybody that uses the collective “us” when discussing their team is, by rule, a dumbass. You are no exception to that rule….that is, unless you play for the Vikings (madden on the genesis in your mom’s basement doesn’t count)

  23. Keep talking GB, it doesn’t mean a damn thing comming from fans of a team at 3-2 bad mouthing a team thats 6-0. Hell, EVEN if the pack had beat the vikes (which didn’t happen in case you imbreds forgot) you’d still have NO grounds to run your filthy, cousin-kissing mouths because we’d STILL be ahead of your backwards team in the standings, which is the ONLY thing that matters. Congrats on the win over detroit, who didn’t have their starting QB, or their best WR.

  24. @ packerblitz
    You know you can take 1 loss off all those teams records because they were all losses by the Vikings.
    I was absolutely disgusted with Karl Pay My Rent. He was completely embarassed over and over again. He constantly missed tackles a la Ray Rice’s run in the middle/right side. Also who the hell tries to play a reciever or the ball with his BACK torwards both. lol. I’d of felt more comfortable with rookie Asher Allen in place for Winfield.

  25. Well, I said if the Vikings beat a good team I would admit they were for real. And now I know they are. If they can continue to play like this, they could go a long way.
    Now it’s between he Saints and Viking in the NFC for sure.
    Long season though. Everybody just has to keep on going. There are a few really good teams in the AFC still.

  26. Should be fun watching the queens go down in the next couple weeks, and the big chokedown in the stretch will be fun as he l l! All good things cant last forever and this means still 0 SB’s for the queens. LOL!

  27. That 11-23 record is better than 4-12, with 3 of the teams having a .500 or better record. The Vikings are winning their games by an average of 11+ points a game, with half of their wins on the road. I don’t understand how that constitutes being the worst 6-0 team ever. It must be that Ted Thompson/ Mike McCarthy man-love logic, similar to your belief that the 3-2 Packers (one of those losses coming to Minny) are better than the 6-0 Vikes.
    You need to come to terms with a few things. The Vikings are 6-0 because they’re a very good team, with a proven winner at QB. The Packers are 3-2 because they are a very mediocre team, with a QB who has potential but no guidance. And Green Bay will continue to be mediocre until they get rid of the 3 stooges (TT, McCarthy, and Murphy).

  28. I love that the only thing Packers fans can hope for is Vikings demise. B/c we sure as hell know the only thing the packers can cheer for is a lottery pick!!!! HAHAHAHA!

  29. Packerblitz, worst 6-0 team on the planet huh? They’ve got the #1 rusher in the league, the #3 qb, and they put 33 points up on one of the best D’s in the league. Considering the pack has only beat the rams and the lions (the bears beat themselves), your comment seems really ignorant. The fact that you can’t give credit where it’s due suggests that you don’t really know shit.
    GO #4.

  30. Vikings fans got to see what it’s like to have corners as bad as our Baltimore squad has. Hopefully we’ll give our rookie more game time because the other guys have not proven they’re worth starting.

  31. uh – you retard bi-queen fans do remember that you only beat us by 7 and the pack had one of the worst games played?
    We will win in GB.
    I cant wait.

  32. @rudedog36
    You must be one of the most retarded packer fans yet.
    The packs were man handled that game, handicapped by injury or not. The scoreline was no indication as to the whooping they got. All those points that came in the end were due to conservative offensive and defensive playcalling which gave away those last points.

  33. Sticks and stones may break my bones but I laugh my ass off while packerblitz pisses and moans because the Vikes are 6 and O and his mom is out givin head for blow whoa whoa whoa. You know?
    I’m higher than a thumb-tack on a flyer of Reba Macintyre

  34. # rudedog36 says: October 18, 2009 10:03 PM
    uh – you retard bi-queen fans do remember that you only beat us by 7 and the pack had one of the worst games played?
    We will win in GB.
    I cant wait.
    I love how these retarded azz GB Packers fans come to threads about our team and post comments like one above. The Vikings smoked your garbage team. Plain and simple. The final score does not reflect how lopsided this game really was. It was only a 7 point game because your team scored 9 points against our prevent in the last 5 minutes but ran out of time before ever even holding the ball within 7.
    Real close. Keep telling yourselves. Vikings will have a chance in Pitt and hopefully can pull it off late. In Lambeau the Packers will need at least 3 fluky TD’s to make it a game. Believe it.

  35. rudedog36 says:
    “and the pack had one of the worst games played?”
    Newsflash! This “pack” team sucks.
    And you WON’T win at GB I can promise you that…
    But Hey, good job on Detroit, you guys are personally securing our spot at the top of the NFC North….

  36. Just think Packer fans, your team could be undefeated too. But they traded Brett Favre.
    The truth hurts, doesn’t it.

  37. # packerblitz says: October 18, 2009 9:30 PM
    Should be fun watching the queens go down in the next couple weeks, and the big chokedown in the stretch will be fun as he l l! All good things cant last forever and this means still 0 SB’s for the queens. LOL!
    you know a team is shit when their fans get all their joy from seeing their rivals lose…they aren’t getting any warm fuzzy feelings from seeing their own team play
    it’s funny how obsessed you packer fans are with the vikings

  38. Packerblitz, I can hear the jealousy coming from your mouth. Hey thanks for giving up favre, he’s great! But the vikings, the worst 6=0 team on the planet, really? I seem to recall when the pukers couldn’t get it done on monday night football, I was there and loved every minute of it!!! Pittsburgh your next!

  39. sando, your dreaming again! We will once again show you how its done when we get to lambeau, pay close attention this time! Keep in mind that even if we only beat you by seven, that its still a W!

  40. Let’s face it GB. We ruined a part of your teams history. The part you have swooned over for ever. Now he is ours, and the pain it has caused packer nation is the best. Thanks for giving us Bret, we love to see you squirm.

  41. @ Packerblitz…
    HAHA love all your nervous LOLs… .Seriously though.. .LOL LOL feeling a littel nervous are you? LOL LOL LOL. YOu got rocked, LOL we’re 6-0 and you’re in third place. LOL LOL

  42. @ Packershitz-
    The Pack won ok They also were 1of 5 getting td’s in the redzone,had 13 penalties,30 yards rushing at the end of 3 quarters against a D missing 3 starters. Calvin Jones was out and they ended up with a 3rd string qb. oh,and gave up 5 sacks. You really should be concerned with your team son!

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