Zorn, Cerrato's fates apparently are intertwined

Redskins fans, there might be signs of hope in D.C., after all.

We’re hearing that there’s a strong belief within the Redskins organization that the fates of coach Jim Zorn and V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato are tied together.

So if/when Zorn goes, Cerrato could be dumped, too.  (There’s a chance Zorn would go after the Eagles game next Monday, and that Cerrato wouldn’t be fired until after the season ends.)

That might help explain why Zorn and Cerrato will decide tomorrow who’ll call the plays for the rest of the year.  And why Zorn didn’t simply refuse to give up his play-calling function.

The next question becomes who’ll call the plays?

If it’s not Sherm Lewis, we’re not sure who it will be.  Mike Holmgren?  Joe Gibbs?  Dan Snyder?

That said, Zorn should have refused to give up his play-calling duties and forced his termination.  Instead, he has now allowed himself to be systematically neutered over the past two weeks, with the addition of Lewis and now the surrender of one of Zorn’s core functions.

29 responses to “Zorn, Cerrato's fates apparently are intertwined

  1. I think if Dan Snyder tells Zorn to give up play calling duties it would be a firing for cause. I think this issue came up in the Al Davis-Lane Kiffin grievance in that the Coach works for the owner and must follow his instructions under the NFL bylaws.

  2. I thought Vinny was Danny’s butt buddy? Maybe the plan is to move him over to the Six Flags operation, or Johnny Rockets. I bet he’ll look good in a paper hat.

  3. Poor Jim. He obviously didn’t do his homework on the Redskins and Dan Snyder’s history. The unfortunate thing is that Snyder’s fate can’t be tied to Zorn’s. He too should be fired for gross mismanagement and self-absorbed behavior.
    How did this guy make billions? It’s taken him 10 years and he still hasn’t figured it out what other owners like Steve Bisciotti knows. Hire a knowledgeable football guy, and get out of the way. You’re not Jerry Jones or Al Davis. At least they know something about football … albeit hasn’t served them well lately.
    Snyder is a snake whose fan base is paying daily for his sins. Karma is a b…. His entire tenure is filled with poor decisions, rampant firings, and probably the act that tops it all, suing season ticket holders for non-payment in the greatest recession this nation has seen in 75 years.
    This kind of morally bankrupt behavior cannot go unpunished, and us Skin fans are paying the price for his sins. I wish he would go someplace far away… permanently !!!

  4. @RollyMac: See Six Flags for how well Snyder can manage things. He just had the money at the right time after Jack Kent Cooke died, since his will basically forced his kids to buy the team from the estate.
    Because the stadium belongs to the team, I don’t see the Redskins trying to intentionally be horrible to force a move, like I think one or more teams are doing this year. (I’m now looking at you Tampa. And St. Louis) But Dan needs someone like Parcells to come in, chew bubblegum and kick some a$$. Except be all out of bubblegum.
    If Cerrato is out I’ll bank on Holmgren gets the keys to the stadium in Raljon, MD.

  5. A heavy dose of truth:
    Dan Snyder equates “success” to “wealth-building”. That is the standard by which he measures himself and others. Paying $$$ for has-beens put butts in the seats, sold beer, sold parking, sold ads. Danny is only responding now because the fans are screaming that they won’t pay for the piss-poor product.
    Danny never focuses on building a winning team. His sole focus is on the money. Redskins fans, keep up the pressure on Danny by reducing his revenue. That is the only way to get him to take action.

  6. I’d love to see Cerrato jettisoned — as soon as possible.
    But, Joe Gibbs is not the answer. He’s a coach — not a personnel guy.
    During Gibbs ver. 1.0, he had Bobby Beathard at first, and then Charley Casserly, as the GM. They were the guys who always found the talented UFA’s and low-round picks who could play roles effectively to help make the Redskins perennial winners.

  7. i hope the judge rules in favor of the team name being racist. that would just cap off a wonderful year

  8. If Vinny goes will he still do his Friday morning radio show? He provides so much insight during that two hours!!

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow long term Redskins fans, it pains me to say this, but once these two knuckleheads are iced from this team, the final phase of the grand diabolical scheme of Snyderball will at last be complete. This final phase was put in place by: ruining the health of the greatest coach in Skins history, Joe Gibbs, forcing him to abandon the team without ANY of the support he had during the 80s from the front office; picking and choosing a new coaching staff WITHOUT HAVING A HEAD COACH DO THE CHOOSING; SCREWING OVER Gregg Williams; doing a dog and pony show by interviewing a few names for head coach, while showing EVERYONE they’d have NO position whatsoever; and taking the quarterbacks coach and giving him THREE coaching titles at once [quarterbacks, offensive coordinator, and head coach] WITHOUT ANY EXPERIENCE.
    This team is done. Finished. And, after a lifetime of rooting for this team along with my now-elderly parents, so am I.
    I am sitting in my bedroom at this very moment watching NBC 4 in DC, looking at the late news where Zorn looks like a dead man walking, and where it was announced that Sherman whats-his-name [“What’s that bingo number again?”] WILL BE DOING THE PLAY CALLS. AFTER BEING OUT OF FOOTBALL FOR FIVE YEARS!!!!
    We can now rest assured that Snyder is WITHOUT QUESTION the worst owner in football. Most people like to say the guys running the Bungles and Brownies and the Detroit Kittens are worse, and that Al Davis is the worst, but think of this: 1. All those teams have beaten the Skins in the last year, save the Raiders; 2. The Raiders have been in the Super Bowl in the last seven years; and 3. Al Davis, et al, IS OLD.
    DANNYBOY IS A BOY, all of 44 years old.
    He’s just getting started…so if you think this is bad, just wait and see.

  10. While Vinny being gone would be great, having Joe Gibbs in any type of GM/personnel role would be worse. Like it was mentioned above, he was only successful when people were picking his players. And I believe it was Gibbs that brought in Archuletta/Brandon Lloyd/Randle El a few years ago in the same season. That’s just terrible.

  11. I like Zorn, he seems like a nice guy, but I don’t think he’s coaching material, at least not for the Redskins.


  13. Could think of about a hundred different things to write in venting my frustration, what’s the use.
    This organization is pathetic. You should be real proud, Snyder.
    Can’t even process Joe Gibbs rumors now, that’s another disaster waiting to happen.
    But word is out, nobody wants to work for this idiot, can’t expect anything from this franchise under Snyder’s ownership.

  14. Every year this team hits an all-time low, and I swear that if Vinny is making personnel decsions in March/April, i’m out. Then they go and get a (or a few) high priced free agent(s) that are certain to be the missing piece(s) from the puzzle, and I buy right back in. So help me christ I will not do it this year.

  15. So the guy they pick will just call the plays on game day? He won’t be the OC or QB Coach or have any other coaching duties? He won’t have any responsibility for developing the offensive game plan? All he does is show up on Sunday and call plays? LOL. Yeah, that’ll work.
    What a crock. Are they going to call him the ‘Play Caller in Chief’ and/or just ‘The Danny’s Puppet’?

  16. Sherm Lewis will probably be the new play caller. The only other possibility is the OC Sherm Smith, but he was the Titan’s running backs coach until two years ago. It is that kind of organization. But calling bingo, calling Washington’s football plays, Sherm Lewis, Sherm Smith, what’s the difference? You don’t turn around 10 years of mismanagement overnight.

  17. This sucks because this is only a rumor right now. I pray to the football Gods this be true. Dump Cerrato. Dump him hard. Dump Zorn as well. But i bet this is just a rumor. Getting my hopes up and all. Damn you Florio. Damn you to hell!!!

  18. Firing Cerrato must be the edict that Mike Shanahan gave to Snyder similar to Schottenheimer’s dismissal of him earlier this decade. Otherwise, he’s just feeding the media nonsense in advance of Zorn’s coming decapatation because if Vinny leaves, who’ll be doing Snyder’s ball washing?

  19. Keeping Cerrato through the year would be a mistake too. Firing him after the season and then trying to find a replacement doesn’t give the new person enough time to evaluate the roster and plot a strategy for free agency and the draft.
    I believe Snyder wants the team to win (in addition to making lots of cash), but he’s doing it all wrong.

  20. This team has not been the same since the Cooke’s..
    I think the team can return to it’s winning ways even under Snyder but he has to get that kid in the candy store look out of his eyes when draft and free agenentcy rolls around, not to mention pass the riens on to someone that knows whats going on and stop being a wanna be coach from the front office..
    Cerratto has to go along with Zorn but at the same time as much as I loved Gibbs,he’s not the answer either..
    I my opion the team needs someone with guts and balls to make the descions needed by who’s the best player for the position and not the best name for the position..
    We need a couple of guys like Grimm and Riggins..
    Those two together could really make an impact in DC..
    I say bring Riggo in as head coach and Grim as def. cordinator..
    But just as Snyder le=ives in a fantasy world so am I, Riggo and Grimm would be killed Danny Boy 2 games into a season…

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