Michael Oher, Jared Allen exchange barbs

We took a short break from The Morning Aftermath (it’s still morning in California) to do the weekly radio spot with Tim Brando of Sporting News Radio and CBS.

We’ve extended the break to throw a bone to another non-NBC property.

Ravens tackle Michael Oher teed off on Vikings defensive end Jared Allen after Sunday’s game between the two teams.  Oher, filling in for Jared Gaither for a second straight game, generally held his own against Allen, who roped the invisible calf only once.

But then Oher couldn’t hold his tongue.

“In the second half, I feel like I shut him out,” Oher said.  “There is
nothing really special about him
. . . .  I think he found out I’m an OK player.  Guy makes like $100 million.  I think I did all right.”

Allen will respond on FOXSports.com’s The After Party with Jay Glazer, which starts at 12:00 p.m. ET.

With a nutcase like Allen (and we use that term as respectfully as we can), it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll have to say about Oher.

50 responses to “Michael Oher, Jared Allen exchange barbs

  1. I love the balls on this kid. Playing out of position he did hold Allen to zippy in the second half. The Vikings D was gassed in the 4th quarter and we were a Matt Stover FG away from winning it….never should have let him go…..

  2. Thought I would give this guy (Oher) a little credit for not getting completely mangled yesterday but after reading his comments have decided he is a stupid bitch that will get his ass handed to him more times than he’s prepared for. This is the NFL you ass clown. He had ALOT of help trying to contain Allen. What a dumb ass observation.

  3. He did a lot better than the guys in GB, but not good enough early. He also had a false start, some hits on the QB and tackles for loss on his side on run plays. Over all though for a rookie, I think Oher is right. He did shut him down and get him blocked in the second half. Allen is awsome, but Oher is an OK player himself.

  4. Maybe the rookie wants to actually accomplish something in this league first before going off bragging?
    Allen and the Vikings will find out what real competition is this Sunday when they face the champs.

  5. Oher is a very good football player, but to say that Jared Allen is nothing special proves that he has no common sense. Jared Allen is a elite pass rushing DE, and while Oher should feel good about his performance, he hardly kept Jared Allen in check. Allen did have a sack, and he also roughed Flacco up quite a bit. You don’t average 15 sacks a season and just be nothing special, and there is also a huge difference between 70 million and 100 million and if Oher had any special schooling, he would be able to do the math. Any person would love to have the 30 million Oher was off.

  6. Allen will probably say something disrespectful then something along the lines of how he was putting pressure on all game, and the Ravens needed 2 or 3 guys to block him. On the other hand, Michael Oher is my new favorite player, after seeing the previews for the movie about him I read a bio on him, then watched him keep Allen in check. Guy is going to be a stud.

  7. Don’t expect an inbred like Jared Allen to contribute much to the conversation, he might be down at the local dentist office spending some of that cash on his buck teeth.

  8. I sure wish the Skins drafter Michael Oher in the draft. Sure could use him now. Especially with it possible that Chris Samuels might have to retire.

  9. Nice to see that the hard upbringing and being saved by the kindness of others that Oher had left him with a sense of humility. Yep, to say Allen is nothing special(Allen just has the most sacks of any player the last 3 years)proves he is just another rich NFL punk. Rookie talkin smack. He did good but was far from great. The calf roper will remember that big mouth son,bet your ass.He got past you often and hit Flacco often, even if not a sack.Sure you will play him again. Here’s to you getting “Blind Sided” kid. Sure your movie blows too,wouldn’t pay a dime to see your story!

  10. I’m sorry but this is a total joke. How many times did Oher get flagged for a false start yesterday? 3 times? Allen had a sack, 7 tackles…6 of them solo…4 of them for a loss of yards…2 QB hits.
    So if Oher held Allen in check….imagine what would have happened if he had a bad day.
    To his credit I think Oher did a decent job because Jared Allen is playing some pretty good football but he needs to shut his mouth.

  11. Good for him, he walked the walk, so by my standards, he can feel free to talk the talk. I’ve seen several veteran tackles that looked stupid after Allen was done with them, this kid held his own pretty damn well.

  12. Frank Burns eats worms.
    Oher sgould shut his mug up, they did lose the game.
    He had more than 1 false start penalty and he was definitely getting help from RB’s and TE’s…he didn’t do it all on his own

  13. Allen shut out for 2 games straight, 1 at home. No wonder Viqueens D is getting shredded.
    He usually performs better at home with the crowd noise, I thought the Rams game was an anomaly.

  14. Oher is going to be a great player in this league and like any good player these days he has an edge about him. I think his comments were probably taken a little out of context in that someone asked him what he thought about Mulletboy and he replied honestly.
    The kid’s playing in his 6th NFL game out of position and while Mullet put plenty of heat on Flacco, I’d give oher a b+ a- for his game. In hindsight his comments appear fairly accurate.

  15. Mitch pretty much hit it on the head there…
    Sacks are not the only statistic used to gauge a performance of a lineman… there were several pressures, at least two bull rushes that forced flacco to step up and the interior got credit for the sack, not to mention the two false start penalties (of which he has struggled with throughout pre and regular season).
    I’m not trying to say you’re a bum Michael (youre already better than the LT on my Lions, which isnt saying much), but just because the stat sheet reads better than it did last week against Green Bay’s 3rd string rookie doesnt mean you are instantly all-pro or that allen is a bum.

  16. Just like Florio said previously “Without him, the Vikings would be 3-3 at best — and possibly 2-4.”
    So, you Vikings fans go ahead and wait for ” real competition” in the Steelers.. While we’ll go w/ our SECOND YEAR QB who threw all over your ‘ stout defense ‘ ..
    Oh yea, and when Favre retires after this year, and you’re back to Mr. Jackson as QB… Your “real competition” will go from the Steelers to the Rams..

  17. Just like Florio said previously “Without him, the Vikings would be 3-3 at best — and possibly 2-4.”
    So, you Vikings fans go ahead and wait for ” real competition” in the Steelers.. While we’ll go w/ our SECOND YEAR QB who threw all over your ‘ stout defense ‘ ..
    Oh yea, and when Favre retires after this year, and you’re back to Mr. Jackson as QB… Your “real competition” will go from the Steelers to the Rams..

  18. Frank…you better hope your OL can hold Jared Allen back. I dont think Ben is going to get away from this guy. I am looking forward to that game. Should be good on both sides. Good to see you!!
    C’mon Vikings fans….give Oher a break. He was hearing all week how he was going to get crushed. His comments were made right after the game. He did say he handled JA in the second half. He knows he was beat often in the first. I think he did awesome. I wish he would not say some things he does.
    Make no mistakes be it right or left tackle he is going to become one of the best O linmen in the league!!

  19. THe ravens were in 5 and 6 mand protections most of the game and those 6th men were mostly on the RIght side- away from Oher.
    Allen did have a sack, but it wasn’t because of something Oher did wrong- It came on a screen pass that didn’t develop.

  20. He had help on a lot of plays. Allen still had a pretty big game. 7 tackles, 4 for losses, plus a sack and Oher had two false start penalties.
    I mean, Oher wasn’t dramatically embarrassed or anything but their line in general was dominated for all but the last 10 minutes of the game. Oher performed average. For a rookie that is something to be proud about. But he still lost the battle to Jared Allen.
    Only one tackle has “beaten” Allen all season and that was Joe Thomas.

  21. Oher was supposed to release Allen to another blocker who missed his block on the play that Allen got his sack. Other guy missed his assignment. Not Oher’s fault. How about when Rice ran untouched for 33 yds into the end zone – go back and look at how Oher ate Allen’s lunch on that block.
    GB Packers line has given Allen and A. Odom All Pro stats (9.5 sacks between them v. Pack). That said, any dumbass knows Allen is one of the elite DEs in the game. Any team would LOVE to have that guy (except the Chiefs I guess). So beyond all the trash talk we all love so much, what did we learn? Allen is a stud. Oher, a rookie playing out of position, played well and has one helluva future ahead of him, and he needs to be careful what he says. Anyone who read “The Blind Side,” or is a Ravens fan, knows Oher is not much of a talker. In the same sentence he said Allen is nothing special, he referred to himself as an OK player. That’s just the way he talks. very quite, reserved & downplays everything. It’s not how it reads, and the press will get us all in a frenzy about it – but it is just the way it is. I’m sure he wasn’t meaning to diss Allen.

  22. What a bunch of morons some of you are.
    Oher did a great job for a rookie. How long has Allen been playing in the NFL? The rookie gave him a run for his money.
    I can’t wait to see this matchup again.

  23. I guess I was watching a different game because I saw the Ravens go to screen passes to offset Jared’s pass rush and Oher could just let him come on by. Which is why they had to kick a 44 yarder to win rather than a 34. Ravens could be 6-0 if not for a key play not made in each of their losses. I give them credit for a hard fought game and being a great team.

  24. The Rural Juror is correct – my bad for saying someone missed a block…it was a screen the didn’t develop when Allen got his sack. In any event, Oher was supposed to release him – the sack wasn’t his fault.

  25. Ty Warren had some funny things to say about Oher. Said he talks disingenuous smack all game and he could never respect a guy who runs off at the mouth like that when he isn’t for real.

  26. Sour grapes from a rookie loser. We’ve heard the same thing from the puker fans. Oh, and a big thanks to Ted Thompson for giving us Farve. Hahahahahaahahahahahaha!

  27. With the current state of our secondary, the rest of the season is a toss-up and could be in jeopardy.
    But on the bright side of things: Flacco, Ray Rice and Oher have very bright futures ahead of them.
    Now if only Kruger could see the light of day and get some PT on the field, so we can see what he can do.
    Last but not least, Ravens need to bench Tavares Gooden and let Ellerbe line up in the middle with Ray. He’s shown much better instincts at the position.

  28. Typical dooshie talk from the loser Ravens. This guy Oher is a clown. I don’t know what game he was watching, but Allen played pretty well.
    Oher fits right in with the rest of the jerks on that Ravens team. It’s Baltimoron douchebaggery at its finest.
    Let me spell it out for the Ravens fans: your team sucks, and in another month, you’ll all be buying Mel Kiper’s guide to the 2010 draft, because that’s all you have to look forward to.

  29. “How about when Rice ran untouched for 33 yds into the end zone – go back and look at how Oher ate Allen’s lunch on that block.”
    How about when Heap is the one who had the block on Allen, not Oher.

  30. Don’t mess with Jared Allen…. he’ll throw a bush-league cheap shot at your knee away from the play.
    Just ask Matt Schaub.

  31. So let’s recap:
    Mike Oher (rookie) is a motherf’ing beast and future all-pro;
    Jared Allen (“savvy veteran”) is another great white hype who disapears in big games ala Zach Thomas, Keith Brookings etc.
    Idiot stillerfan -drunk with glory after staving off the mighty clowns and lions- would sell his ho’bag mother to have Oher line up on their putrid laughingstock line.
    That is all.

  32. Where is the “EXCHANGE” of barbs?
    Or are you just making more out of a comment that Oher made when asked how he thought he did against a pro-bowl DT?
    Damn you Florio for blowing things out of proportion again…

  33. Wow. The kid avoids getting humiliated by Jared Allen. Good. Nice skills. He only gave up one sack, which an observer with far, far more knowledge of the offensive line technique than I proclaims wasn’t his fault. I didn’t see it, so I won’t argue.
    But to go further, and say Allen isn’t special, etc? Wow again. Oher has a few games to his credit, Allen has defeated more O linemen in the NFL than any other over the past 5 YEARS. I believed Oher to be intelligent. Oher is the new guy, calling the established elite “not special”. Hmmmm.
    Oher may be a skilled O lineman and potential for a long, productive, lucrative career in the NFL, but running his rookie mouth like that puts him squarely in the bullseye of each and every D End in the league. Guess what, rookie. You just wrote a big check that you’d better be able to cash.

  34. did any of you see that game yesterday?? Oher handled jared allen the best so far this season….. I agree he should definitely be more humble but im sure everyone thought allen would get his usual 3 sacks, but he didnt, and oher owned him in the 2nd half but then the whole viking D kinda tanked then too

  35. @ FrankBurns – Be careful what you wish for!No one has tamed the Vikings kick ass offense yet. Heard Chilly’s eatin lunch with Joshua Cribbs today.

  36. Allen responds to rookie’s comments
    Last update: October 19, 2009 – 12:12 PM
    Vikings Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen spent much of Sunday verbally sparring with Ravens rookie left tackle Michael Oher. However, after the game Allen shrugged off a question about what happened.
    “I don’t think I’ve met one rookie that hasn’t tried to talk,” said Allen, who finished with a sack, seven tackles, four tackles for a loss and two quarterback hurries. “Maybe it’s a confidence builder for themselves. He’ll be all right. He’s a good player.”
    In the Ravens locker room, Oher was not being quite as kind to Allen despite the fact the veteran got the best of the battle early on and Oher had a pair of false-start penalties . “In the second half, I feel like I shut him out,” Oher said. “There is nothing really special about him. I think if we played them [in Baltimore], it would make a big difference. The false starts were just mistiming the snap.”
    Allen got a chance to repond today on a Fox.com show called the “After Party with Jay Glazer” and this time Allen did not hold back.
    “Well that’s just some idiot trying to talk himself up,” Allen said. “I beat that dude like a red-headed step child, let’s be honest. If he was so good why did they have to chip me all day? Ask him that. That’s just a rookie trying to build his self confidence up. Besides, you lost and your quarterback spent his whole day on the back of his head until the fourth quarter. That guy [Oher] will watch film today and realize. Everybody else in the world saw me abuse him.”
    Oher, a first-round pick of the Ravens this spring, was starting in place of Jared Gaither, who was out for a second consecutive game because of a neck injury.

  37. I just read jared allens response to Ohers comments…..so much for the respect I had for captain mullett. Like I said I wish Oher would have shut his mouth after the game, Bucky Mullett opened his and showed what classless idiot he is….good DE…but an idiot.
    He said it sounded like a rookie trying to make a name for himself…sounds to me like a veteran covering up for the fact that a rookie (after having some problems in the first half) figured out bucky calf roper.
    I only hope JA and that D hold up next week because face it….the Ravens O and Flacco kicked your ass in the 4th! Maybe put in some extra conditioning for this coming weeks game Inbread Allen. While for obvious reasons I want the Vikings to beat the steelers, that is not to say I wont cheer for a steelers OL knocking JA on his ass every once in a while.

  38. Anyone watch Jaren Allens interview with Jay Glazer til the end? He seriously talks about shitting on himself on multiple occasions.
    I really hope this freak gets sterilized. You definitely do not want to perpetuate mullets and speaking publicly about sharting in the gene pool.

  39. Ravenmaniac took the words right out of my mouth. what an idiot JA is. sounds like he is the redheaded step child the way he’s crying. oher pushed him around and he should be thankful for the chip shots cuz thats the only way he got free of oher.

  40. @ Ravenmaniac – What do expect?? For Allen to take that crap fom a rookie with a couple games under his belt? Allen was right,he never lies about his performance. Oher got plenty of help with the big boy. To question Allens conditioning is beyond laughable. He hardly ever comes out of the game where as most d lines rotate 8 guys. One of the highest energy guys in the NFL. Wether it’s the NFL or the “Deadliest Catch,” greenhorns will get way more respect if they keep their mouths shut until they earn some respect over time!

  41. And with that I rest my case. Jared Allen is as predictable as the buffoon that runs the team. Insult-check, saying he dominated-check, say they needed help-check.

  42. It doesn’t change the fact that Allen is a beast of a player – but what a jackass. He had 1 sack and 2 pressures and claims that he beat him like a red-headed stepchild. Child please! If the drunk had any class he would have simply not engaged…said what he said after the game that Oher is a good player, shrug and move on. Who’s puffing himself up now?
    Anyway – you’re right Teagan, Heap blocked Allen and kicked his butt on Rice’s 2nd TD run. Oher just crushed Kevin Williams on that play…I got mixed up with Rice’s 1st TD run when Oher abused Allen’s sorry ass and Rice ran right behind his block to the end zone!

  43. Pervy…You are right. I do not expect him to say nothing but there was a better way to put it. He should have reiterated what he said yesterday. Sometimes that does more than coming back the way he did.
    I was impressed during the game yesterday with JA. He did not act like some out of control idiot. He made a good play he did his thing (as he should), he sacked Flacco (ONCE) and did the calf roping thing and what really impresssed me was he owned up to a penalty. After the game he said what he did about Oher (complimentary). I thought wow this guy is a complete athletic machine, incredible player and good sport. Then he comes out today and sounds like a complete douche!! I know Oher opened his mouth and I hate that. It has always been my opinion to let your play speak for itself and people will notice. If Oher would have just shut his mouth people would have said, Oher got beat a few times but learned and regrouped. Maybe then JA would have let it die. Even with Oher opening his mouth..remember JA he is a rookie. I would bet that JA opened his mouth as a rookie at KC!.

  44. Let me start by saying, I’m a Viking fan.
    I thought, given the circumstances, Michael did a better job than I expected out of him. Yes, he moved to LT as an injury backup, but that’s really his natural position so in some ways that was a plus.
    There were a number of times that the Ravens had to leave Oher to handle Allen solo. There were a good number of those that he succeeded on. There were far more times that they sent help his way and that didn’t always turn out for the better.
    There’s no way you can say anything about Allen’s performance except… he had a very good day. Not great, but very good. Tackle’s for a loss are the same as sacks except someone else has the ball. Over all Allen was effective. Oher did a respectable job. The difference between a rookie and a vet?
    The vet gave nothing but respect, till the rookie talked some smack and then the vet ran it right back at him.
    Get over it, the important talk was on the field, and the only stat that mattered was the W vs the L.
    One lesson to be learned, don’t pick up a kicker that we cut in training camp, they’re never any good.

  45. Nambla Limbaugh
    “Jared Allen (“savvy veteran”) is another great white hype who disapears in big games ala Zach Thomas, Keith Brookings etc.”
    How many “BIG” games has Allen played in?
    His stats were solid on Sunday. Oher played amazing out of position and for being a rookie. I’m sure both sides are happy with the outcome
    Bottom line- Allen had a very good game and same did Oher. Oher said something very stupid after the game and the media has blown it up, next time I bet Oher will use his words a bit more wisley
    To all the haters…. Vikes are 6-0, doesn’t matter how you win as long as you get the W. I don’t understand why anyone thinks they bashing a 6-0 team makes any sense. I mean really think about how dumb you look / sound for a second. I don’t care if the Vikes win every game from here on out buy 1pt and that it comes from a missed field goal, or whatever, I’ll take the win

  46. Vikings D got bailed out by a missed FG. And all you viking fans need to admit that. And Jared Allen got handled by a rookie, although oher did ruin it a lil by talking smack afterward Allen should be the bigger man, the vet, and know there are bigger fish to fry this season

  47. 1 sack, seven tackles, four tackles for a loss and two quarterback hurries…
    Dude got beat like a red-headed step child indeed. You Ravens fans just dont get it. 6-0 or 3-3…
    Hmm… I’ll take my 6-0 team regardless, enjoy third place LOSErs!!!

  48. For God sake you are crucifying Oher because he did not kiss Jared Allen’s ass and commended himself for an “okay” job. Wow that was really boastful. You guys act like he sought out reporters to make that comment when it is the other way around. Jared Allen is the same guy who said the Vikings defense didn’t melt down. What fantasy land is he in? Jared Allen is a great player no doubt but the player putting on all of the pressure yesterday was Kevin Williams. Don’t forget Allen was the same guy who Ray Rice ran past not once but twice for touchdowns. Even the guys in the booth mentioned the well done performance of Oher. I would have thought Allen would have had the game of his life against a rookie. But he did not which is probably more disappointing than anything.

  49. Get off his back. What he’s saying is that Jared Allen is a mere mortal and to be intimidated by Allen is not what he wants in his mindset.
    What do you think his coach was telling him before the game? “Hey Mike, it’s Ok to be beat by this guy, he’s awesome” or was it, “He’s a damn good player but so are you. Get out there and play your best. Allen’s nothing special he’s just a football player.”
    Apparently what Oher hasn’t learned is how anal and over anal-izedall this hype over any comment he makes can be.

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