Pregame jawing at Qualcomm

The ESPN pregame show just featured videos of a bunch of powder-blue Chargers and baby-poo Broncos jawing up close with each other, roughly 30 minutes before kickoff of Monday night’s AFC West battle.

Though no punches were thrown as players were separated by officials, this sort of thing shouldn’t be happening prior to kickoff.

Several years ago, the league implemented a buffer zone aimed at preventing pregame scuffles.  We’re not sure what happened in this specific case, but it didn’t work.

Further video shown on ESPN seems to suggest that linebacker Shaun Phillips approached the Broncos, and that Shawne Merriman got in the middle of it for a moment after he pulled Phillips away in an effort to break it all up.

25 responses to “Pregame jawing at Qualcomm

  1. Baby poo Broncos? Really? Hey Mike, stop acting like a douche and start acting like a journalist, allegedly…

  2. Merriman is a douche and all, but you make it sound like he was starting trouble when, in fact, he was trying to seperate guys

  3. Merriman is the biggest a-hole out there. What the hell has he done the past year and a half? Shut up and get a sack dude.

  4. at least pregame jawing like this is better than Cables’ off-season jawing of his assistant coach

  5. Heard Phillips comment on how Broncos uniforms looked close to what he flushed before pre-game warmups. Broncos countered saying the baby blue Chargers jerseys are only something a person of “dont ask dont tell persuasion” would wear.

  6. Just because “powder blue” and “baby poo” rhyme doesn’t mean you should print it. Or say it. Or think it. You insult the collective intelligence of your audience when you write stuff like that, and that is a hard test to fail.

  7. hey, looks like merriman got some baby poo on his powder blue…
    and he was trying to break them up? use a crowbar next time.

  8. I am watching the game online with no commercials or interruptions. When there is a TV timeout, it cuts to a still shot from the top of the stadium and the mics are hot with the commentators talking about baseball and the series. Gruden is heard say he hates Philidelphia and want them to lose to the Dodgers!
    I’m putting this here so the rumors can fly. Plus, I’d rather have Gruden in Oakland. Keep that in mind Eagle fans if they get rid of Reid.

  9. It’s “lights out” in San Diego.
    The Donkeys won this game in the trenches.

  10. Eat cow dung you sorry ass Chargers. You suck now even more than last year. GOODBYE 2009 Chargers.

  11. What is the Chargers record in the power blue uniforms since they started wearing them again five years ago or whatever?
    My guess is: 3-12.

  12. Biggest fight the Chargers D put up all night.
    I hope Merriman (missing your insipid dance, Lights Out?) and whoever else the Chargers sent up against Ryan Clady enjoyed the beat-down.
    The sands have shifted in the AFC West. The front-running San Diego fans better get used to it.

  13. really tired of seeing this stuff from players. they think it’s an affront to their manhood. just go play the game. i agree with the comment rush never made but it’s a good point … the nfl is becoming nothing but the crips and the bloods. don’t really care to see it, it’s pretty stoooooooopid.

  14. Mike, the fight was an out burst over an argument about the fact that Eric Weddle did in fact beat Brandon Stokley in their 9th grade, class wide, P.E., 100 yard dash.

  15. lol @ kaprieli!
    merriman was initially trying to break up the heated “discussion”, he was pushing chargers players back. then i saw a bronco yell something at him (probably along the lines of “hey man, tequila is a dude!), then merriman turned around and got in on it.
    after effects of roids i guess. funny to see a “peacemaker” turned into an aggressor so fast. which brilliant bronco was the one who incited the guy trying to keep peace?

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