Ravens-Vikings one-liners

Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun used K Steve Hauschka’s miss of a potential game-winning field goal in the 33-31 loss to criticize the Ravens’ decision not to bring back veteran K Matt Stover.

Ravens RB Ray Rice ran 10 times for 77 yards and two touchdowns, and also caught 10 passes for 117 yards.

Rookie Ravens T Michael Oher had some problems with DE Jared Allen but, overall, did a good job against the Vikings star. 

Ravens QB Joe Flacco set a career-high in passing yardage for the third time this season with 385 yards.

Said Ravens CB Fabian Washington about the team’s decision to bench him, “I agree with them.”

Said Vikings DE Jared Allen of the Ravens’ furious comeback, “This might be a blessing in disguise. This might be just enough humble pie to pop any bubble that might have
started forming.”

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson didn’t let an injured ankle stop him from rushing for 143 yards, the first time he cracked the century mark in five games.

Trainers had to take Vikings DB Benny Sapp’s helmet away from him to keep him from trying to get back on the field while they tried to figure out if he suffered a concussion.

Vikings WR Sidney Rice had a monster game, finishing with six catches for 176 yards including a 63-yarder to jumpstart the offense in the third quarter.

Vikings WR/KR Percy Harvin aggravated his shoulder injury on a fourth quarter kickoff return.

For more on the Ravens and Vikings, Mike Florio has the full Morning Aftermath right here

10 responses to “Ravens-Vikings one-liners

  1. The refs cost the Ravens yet another game.
    Seems like the Ravens are better suited for Tee-Ball where they don’t have rules and none of that keeping score stuff that refs can use against you.
    That way Ray Ray could dance to his heart’s content and always claim he is the winner.

  2. @ Citizen Strange – To say the refs cost you the game is plain ignorant. Your d backs mugged our receivers and the refs even overturned a big play in your favor when Flacco got the ball knocked out. Sure,we avoided a kick to lose but maybe your d shouldn’t let teams score 33 on them. 33 wins often.

  3. Citizen Strange says: October 19, 2009 10:21 AM
    “The refs cost the Ravens yet another game.”
    And once again, a Ravens fans blames the refs for a loss.
    Move along.
    Nothing to see here

  4. i’m a viking’s fan, and we deserved to lose that game. this isn’t going to work against other elite teams. great effort by the ravens, and i’ll agree with the superstar on kfan: matt stover wouldn’t miss that kick.
    we’ll take the w, and 6-0 is great. hopefully this will be a wake up call to the vikes, and they’ll realize that football games last 4 quarters, especially against elite caliber teams. pitt next week @ heinz will be no cake walk…
    i hope percy’s better off than he looked to be on the field, and that antoine is good to go, also. paymah’s not going to cut it against teams with 2 good wideouts. adrian seems like he should be good by next week, it appears.
    citizen strange: don’t cry too much. the reality is that as good as your team is, it’s more minny’s fault for even letting them hang around. great effort by your team, though. they’ll get their share of w’s before the year’s out.

  5. SOOO…instead of Brad Childress using his timeouts towards the end of the game with about 20 seconds left when the Ravens were in field goal range he opted to save them to ice the kicker when there was only 2 seconds left?.. the guy is an idiot. Lets say the Ravens did kick the game winning field goal with 2 seconds left? No time for even a hail mary or kick return. As opposed to them kicking a the gamewinner with 20 seconds left which is potentially a fair catch and at least 2 hail marys if it had come to that.

  6. Bee:
    Seemed to work out didn’t it?
    I just love Monday morning quarterbacks.
    They are 6-0 for piss sakes, let it go.

  7. Bee here is what would have happened under your scenario. Minnesota had two time outs. !st down run TIMEOUT. 2nd down run BURN FINAL TIMEOUT! Third down take a flippin’ knee and let the clock run down to…..oh…say…..i don’t know 2 seconds and call time out. You would have ended up in the same place there clock management wizard!!
    IF the Ravens misplayed that and left 20 seconds do you really think its a good idea to fair catch a kickoff? Although even the most basic of fan knows the kickoff would have been squibbed?

  8. I stand corrected Balt was out of TO’s but could have done the exact same thing by bringing the FG team on with 25 seconds left and the clock running. Same difference.

  9. As a Ravens fan, this is the first game this year that I thought the refs actually were fair. Some of the other games the officiating was mind-boggling, but this was a great game by two very good teams. It is amazing though, how Favre can chuck a ball into the air and someone catches it more often than not. I agree he must have a horse shoe up his ar-se. Some of those long throws were up for grabs.

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