Schwarzenegger to sign bill to clear way for L.A. stadium

One day after a pair of Florida teams failed to get many fans to show up for NFL games, Los Angeles is expected to move one step closer to getting a team again.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he will sign an environmental exemption bill after the measure was passed by State Senators last week.  The final step by the Governor was expected, as Mike Florio detailed last week, and will help allow construction to begin for a potential new NFL stadium.

The bill nullifies a previous a lawsuit over the project’s environmental impact report. Now the developer, Majesty Realty Co., just needs to find a team that wants to move West.

Unless, of course, the team is already out West.  The Chargers, Raiders, and 49ers are among the seven teams that the company hopes to approach to potentially lure to Los Angeles.

25 responses to “Schwarzenegger to sign bill to clear way for L.A. stadium

  1. San Diego’s mayor is supposedly throwing a fit due to plans for a new Chargers stadium are facing the same environmental impact issues.
    Not sure if Chargers have financing lined up or not, just thought it was funny.

  2. SD Mayor Sanders: Rushed stadium legislation ‘special treatment’
    San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders in a statement said, “If the City of Industry is provided any exemptions or benefits for the development of a new stadium, these same types of exemptions and benefits must also be offered to every city in the state”
    “The bill, which was introduced just a couple of days before the end of the legislative session, clearly gives special treatment to the City of Industry,” he said.
    If it’s ultimately approved, the legislation would partly waive California’s environmental regulations so that billionaire developer Ed Roski, a friend of Chargers owner Alex Spanos, could speed the construction of the 75,000-seat stadium in the City of Industry.
    However, the law wouldn’t apply to proposals in San Diego to build the Chargers a new stadium locally, something Sanders said creates an unfair advantage for the City of Industry.
    “Over the next two weeks, we’ll be working with our legislators to ensure that the legislation promotes an increase in the number of NFL teams in California, but not at the expense of any other California city with an NFL team,” he said.
    Sanders said he will continue to work with the Chargers to keep the franchise in San Diego County.

  3. Why would anyone with the IQ of a biscuit want to build anything in California anyway ?? Look at what you have to go through to get anything done, Environmentalist wackos put up roadblocks at every step because you might encroach on the habitat of a three testicle snail darter or some other obscure critter. I would not crack open any bottles of ripple on ice just yet, These environmental types are relentless and you have the most liberal court in the United States the 9th Circuit just waiting to get the next lawsuit that will be filed to stop this project.

  4. No need for environmental impact studies or other tactics of the anti-capitalists to block economic growth and community entertainment.
    They are very far ahead of any other NFL stadium proposal.
    This is great news for the NFL. No if they can move a uneconomic team like the vikings that has been at or near the bottom in revenue for many years the owners should be much happier (and getting return on investment.
    Even though the vikings managed to be above the 63,000 barrier for Sunday’s game, they just are not able to draw the over 70,000 like an NFL team should.
    There just will never be a 70K stadium in Minnesota. The most the vikings ever discussed for a Minnesota stadium was 65K capacity.
    They had multiple bailouts to avoid blackouts last season and had only 61K show up for the first home playoff game in many years. Only Brett Favre is keeping home attendance this season above 62,000 so far.
    If they can’t sell out the metrodome then they might as well move to a better and more numerous fanbase in Southern California.
    They know attendance will fall like a rock after Favre leaves the vikings.

  5. The problem with the San Diego mayor’s outrage is that the Chargers have been trying for 2+ years to get a new stadium in San Diego and its surrounding communities. To date there have been suitable options provided in the area. So, San Diego’s problem has nothing to do with the State legislation, San Diego first has to come up with a stadium project before he can yell and scream that he wants the same treatment (which I am sure the State would gladly give them for the same reasons they gave it to the Industry stadium project). His comments are simply to cover himself for the political fallout if the Chargers leave, he’s already blaming it on the State and not his lack of leadership in finding the Chargers a new home.

  6. Kenneth,
    You are obviously unfamiliar with the entire situation. First, the stadium is not being opposed by any environmentalists. Municipalities and home owners groups were the ones fighting the project using state environmental laws as their legal nexus but the suits had nothing to do with actual “environmental” impact, it was quality of life issues (such as increased traffic and noise) to some entitled homeowners in the area. Environmentaly the stadium is actually more environmentally friendly than the wharehouses the area was originally zoned for. Lastly, it doesn’t matter how liberal the courts are, by the legislation exempting the project from the CEQA laws it enacted there is no longer a basis a for any lawsuit.

  7. @Kenneth
    I’m glad you don’t like Cali.. We don’t need tools like yourself spreading garbage around.. They have a state for people like you.. It’s called Texas

  8. Kenneth,
    Also it appears you don’t know much about law in general, United States 9th circuit is federal court. If someone were to file a lawsuit on viable grounds (which don’t seem to exists at this point) it would be in State court NOT federal.

  9. haha bob keeps reacing for the history books..if he only realized who is owning this division/region. Minnesota the Elite! can we get some competition in the north? we have to go the the afc to get a good game…packers blow..we spanked that fat ass that is fat ass mike mcarthy…what a fat useless peice of shit…aaron rodgers is the only reason this team in still in green bay…the l.a. packers…..sounds great to me…the vikes already won the division!!! look at the schedule..bears are done..season over..cutler has like 3 times as many picks as brett….aaron rodgers puts up 400 yards a week while still gettin sacked 5-8 a games…the packers are soooooooooo bad!!!!!!

  10. Bob Nelson why do you have so much hate for the Vikings? Over and over and over again all you do is bitch and moan over Minnesota. Why do you care? Why don’t you worry about your own team instead of jumping on every message board spewing your anti-Minnesota garbage. We all get it – you don’t like the Vikings. I’ll be waiting for you to YET AGAIN do your little cut-and-paste job when the inevitable PFT story comes out about Percy Harvin and his injury.

  11. Hey maybe Arnold will sign an environmental exemption bill for farmers who can’t farm their own land anymore.

  12. Bob Nelson constantly responds to these articles and calls for the Vikings to relocate because they have awful fans. The ratings numbers for the Vikings/Packers game on October 5th showed that 58.3% of all TVs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area watched the game. Milwaukee only had 49.7%.
    If Viking fans are bad, what does that make Packer fans?
    I haven’t seen any green and gold around since that game. Fair weather…

  13. Great news for us Viking fans that live in L.A. I fly to every game every year so I would love for the team to move here. If the fair weather fans that live in the Twin Cities won’t support the home team, my friends and I will.

  14. With the pending approval of a new $432 million City Hall and the more than underwhelming attempts at developing a new stadium in San Diego County, smart business move for the Spanos’ is to move an hour or two north. Hail2 nailed it dead on when he stated Sanders is just trying to cover himself from the eventual fallout. Typical SD politician move, complain about it yet not come up with a solution. Rust belt cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philly, Detroit, all got it done yet it amazes how the knuckleheads here are so backwards when it comes to sports. The Q is a dump. When LA comes a knockin’ I’d be a walkin’, just good business sense.

  15. Hey Bob, Lets move the Packers! They could use an update. What idiot puts aluminum benches in one of the coldest stadiums in the NFL? Further more, each seat is stamped 12 iches apart. I have yet to see a Packer fan 12 inches wide without their “gear” on. I am sure you are one of them! Go do something productive and have a samwich!

  16. I read that over half the season ticket holders for the 49ers are from the Sacramento area. With that team moving even further south to Santa Clara soon, build a new stadium in the old railyard and let the Kings go to Vegas. There are more people in the Sacramento metropolitan area than Kansas City.
    Raiders to LA opens a football gap in northern california. Jaguars to Sacramento.

  17. Hey SoCal Sean,
    I’ll take Texas over Cali any day, At least Texas does not have to issue I.O.U’s to it;s employees and is not teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. You can have that smog filled hell hole !!!

  18. In the stadium rendering, why did they use the color purple for the seat color?
    Minnesota better be ready to step their game up….

  19. Socalsean,
    Your beloved California is the only state where natural born citizens are taught to bow down to illegal aliens.
    You also coddle and yield to Gang members. These two groups rule your state.
    Your state also glorifies child molesters.
    Your state is completely bankrupt and an embarassment to the rest of the nation.
    Keep beating your chest about the greatness of California –this isnt the 1950’s.
    California is a complete shithole. The average iq is two.

  20. WashingtonRedstorms
    Hahahahahahah!!! I’m looking at the pacific ocean right now and it’s in the 70’s.. Yeah, what a shithole..

  21. Bob, you never cease to amaze me. There aren’t even 70k seats in that crappy dome. They’ve sold out every game this year, what more do you want? Think they’ll do better in LA? You might want to ask the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders about that.
    LarryBird, you’re just as stupid as Bob if not worse. LA Packers?? You can’t move a publicly owned team dumb ass. Also, as has been stated elsewhere, you would reach for the history books too, but all you’d find there is misery and pain. Don’t be jealous of those who have a history they can be proud of.
    LarryBird2 AKA LarryDavid-Time for a geography lesson. Milwaukee is not Green Bay. Check the numbers for the ACTUAL city the Packers play in. I’m positive it’s more than your paltry 58%. Packer fans have been Packer fans their whole lives, whereas half of the Viking fanbase has just crawled out of the woodwork this season, so yes, that would in fact make us better fans.
    I hate this site sometimes.. Where do you FIND all these idiots Florio?

  22. Logistics are easy. Move Jags to LA and put them in NFC West… Move St. Louis to AFC South….

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