Steve Smith: "I'm no longer an asset"

The Panthers won 28-21 in Tampa Sunday for their second straight win, but all is not peaceful in Carolina. 

Wide receiver Steve Smith called the win “bittersweet” after the game. 

“We get the win, but I have a limited role,” Smith said.  “So, obviously, I see this game as showing I’m no longer an asset to this team.”

Smith was asked a follow up question, as he began to make his way to the shower, according to the Rock Hill Herald.

“That’s all I got. My name’s Steve Smith and I stand by that.”

Smith caught one pass for four yards in Carolina’s win, a game in which “Bad Jake” Delhomme made an appearance with only 65 yards passing on 17 attempts, with two interceptions.  Delhomme tried throwing to Smith five times, with one interception and three incompletions.

It’s tempting to look at Smith’s bold statement and see it as a signal that he wouldn’t mind being traded before Tuesday’s deadline.  But Smith isn’t going anywhere, and the Panthers are well aware that he’s among the most passionate players in the league.

Smith’s problems are his teammates.  Delhomme isn’t remotely consistent.  Muhsin Muhammad and Dwayne Jarrett can’t beat the single coverage that Smith’s presence provides.  Carolina’s front office brought in the right tools for a powerful running game, but its passing attack is among the league’s worst except for Smith.

The Panthers coaching staff will likely try to calm Smith down and find more creative ways to get him the football.

But the personnel surrounding Smith seems likely to provide more frustrating Sunday afternoons this season.

13 responses to “Steve Smith: "I'm no longer an asset"

  1. He is scared. His terrible temper will no longer let him be immune to things. Once a team proves they can win without you are suddenly expendable. I still cant figure out why they have not tried to trade for a good QB??? 2 backs of that calibre are great but there is only 1 football…It is like Zona…Boldin, Breaston, Fitz…Keep Fitz and Breaston (both younger and not as injury prone) trade Boldin for areas of need. Teams dont this anymore Since Jerruh traded for Roy Williams and the Vikes were DUMB ENOUGH to do the Hershel Walker deal…..EVERYONE WANTS GOLD for a piece that other teams realize you dont need!

  2. It is true. Ronde Barber bottled up Muhammad, Talib actually did a pretty good job one on one vs. Smith… and Delhomme stinks. It is not considered being an asset if you can’t get the ball. Just like having the world’s best placekicker if you can’t even get into field goal range, or having the league’s best TE while playing the run-and-shoot. Smith is not an asset… with the running game these guys have, they should be running the wishbone or spread (running version) with either Jamar Nesbit (Tommy Frazier for the old schoolers) or Tim Tebow (or Vince Young for the “mid” schoolers, Matt Jones is available to play spread QB).

  3. A trade would be nice but like you said it wont happen. W/o smith that team would see 12 man fronts(11 defenders plus delhomme).
    While the running game has been very successful for carolina that would change quick if smith wasnt on the field.
    Such a waste!

  4. How about the Skins trade Jason Campbell and Albert Haynesworth for Steve Smith?
    Hey, a guy can dream, right???

  5. “But the personnel surrounding Smith seems likely to provide more frustrating Sunday afternoons this season.”
    ————————————————– Can you start fact checking before you write Rosenthal. Last year the team went 2-0 without Smith, a medicore running game, and a shakey Jake. The team lost against the vikings when smith made his first appearance after the suspension he had last year. The running game is off to the same start as last year. And for those who count this team as being dead should not forget that the BILLS did allow near 300 yards rushing. The way I see it the Panthers will get back to 3-3 and have a showdown against the Saints. Will they win, who knows.( Most likely not) But you should note the Panthers are at their best when the media and writers count them out.

  6. How much you all wanna bet,”Jerry Jones”, Is already talking about S.Smith in his Coaching meeting’s.

  7. I dont know why everyone isnt being harder on Steve Smith here. the right thing to say after a win is “hey we got a W and right now thats most important for us ”
    Instead he goes out and says “yeah we got a win but I have a limited role” No Steve Smith, you dont have a limited role. Normally Delhomme spends TOO much time looking to force the ball to Steve Smith, thats a big reason why he throws so many INT’s. When he drops back to pass he isnt fooling anyone. No other WR on the team is any good so I get it. but Smith needs to put team first and realize their entire pass game is centered around him. Just because he had a crappy stat day it doesnt change that

  8. I think what he is really saying is that he is no longer an asset to his fantasy football team.

  9. thank that idiot so called qb jake and that garbage head coach for believing in jake for having smith unhappy and wanting 2 leave smith is the best thing carolina is ever had and now you have him wanting out for the worst thing ever jake. if there were any brains there the people who have 2 go are that trash gm fox and jake asap get a real qb and some aggresiveness 2 that team we need more people like smith that wanna win

  10. Steve also should have added, “That’s what I get for throwing the quarterback under the bus that brought me out of obscurity and into pro bowls.”

  11. Delhomme has not thrown more than 1 TD in a game since OCTOBER 26th 2008, and in that time has thrown 21 INT’s. He has not had a 3 TD game since Sept. 16th, 2007! No WR or RB has caught a TD yet all season!

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