Trade threat turned the light on for Dwayne Bowe

As pointed out in the Chiefs-Redskins portion our Morning Aftermath, Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe caught six passes for 109 yards.  It was his best output of the season.

Bowe’s performance came at a time when rumors are rampant that he (and pretty much any other Chiefs player not named “Matt Cassel”) is available as the trade deadline looms.

So was he motivated by the rumors?  As it turns out, no.

Bowe was motivated by a specific threat, from coach Todd Haley.

Per a league source, Haley tore into Bowe early in Sunday’s win over the Redskins, urging Bowe to pick up his game and threatening to trade Bowe if he didn’t.

Though some might have seen it as a chance to get over the wall and head to a contending team, the exchange seemed to light a fire under Bowe.

So we suppose it would be fitting if the performance prompts a team like the Dolphins or Ravens to make the Chiefs an offer for Bowe that G.M. Scott Pioli accepts.

32 responses to “Trade threat turned the light on for Dwayne Bowe

  1. If you are trying to build a team, why on Earth would you trade an up-and-coming third year player?

  2. Telling him he’s gonna get traded from the chiefs is probably what he wants to hear. And if your star player needs that kind of motivation, then you need a different star player.

  3. How about we gather a larger sample size before we isolate this as a Come to Jesus moment for Bowe. Weren’t they playing the Redskins? Maybe Bowe took one look at that pansy Carlos Rogers and realized he’d have his way for at least one game.

  4. The idea that this guy was “bad” before Sunday’s game is a crock. He was 12th in Football Outsiders’ DVOA Wide Receiver rankings before the game

  5. “Though some might have seen it as a chance to get over the wall and head to a contending team, the exchange seemed to light a fire under Bowe.”
    I’d imagine that if he threatened to trade him as a motivational tactic, he was implying it was going to be to Oakland, not a contender. Plus I’d love to know the source of this since it sounds made up.

  6. a league source?? yeah ok. what head coach would tell a player during a game that he could be traded? and frankly why wouldnt bowe then play bad to get the hell out of kc? haley simply isnt believable here; he’s gotta be getting solid value in order to make a trade, its not a one way street. this story is way exaggerated and/or totally wrong.
    and bowe didnt exaftly go nuts after that? he still had a few more drops and a mental mistake. this is a bad ruuuuuuumor story.

  7. btw, your league source on Dwayne Bowe sucks. Whoever it is seems to be talking out of something other than their mouth the last week or so.

  8. As good as his stats were, he missed an easy block that would have allowed Cassel to score a TD. And, on at least two occasions, he missed sure first down catches. And, I’m a DBowe fan.

  9. Not sure if you got to see the game Florio, but Bowe dropped a number of passes that were right in his hands not only early in the game but in the second half as well. His final line looked pretty good with 6 catches for 109 yards, but he cost the Chiefs chances to extend drives more than once.

  10. Why wouldn’t he want to leave the Chiefs. Players who expect to play for contenders would want out of KC.

  11. Your sources are your dreams, Florio. Just admit it already.
    Why would someone as intelligent as Pioli trade a young 3rd year future 1200 yard WR?
    Get over yourself and just report the facts, or at least cite sources rather than BS us all of the time.

  12. i’m surprised at all the chiefs fans up-in-arms about this.
    cleveland was the same way about braylon prior to his trade, and he had a better statistical history (namely 2007) to his credit than Bowe does.
    that said, i’d rather have bowe than edwards…. but just sayin’, it’s not out of this realm for good players to be traded.

  13. This story is laughable.
    As others have pointed out, Bowe hardly played like he was motivated. He had drops and other errors throughout the game. He simply happened to have a nice stat line because out of Matt Cassel’s 32 pass attempts, 14 of them went at Bowe.
    Bowe was also front and center for Haley’s Gatorade bath and had a bunch of positive things to say about Haley after the game.
    Summing up, nothing about Bowe’s play on Sunday suggested a fire had been lit under him, and nothing about his behavior suggested he’d been ripped and threatened with a trade by his head coach.
    Was the “league source” on this story the same one who said Glenn Dorsey was on the trading block, which has now been denied by both NFL Network and Adam Schefter?

  14. I am a huge Chiefs fan (live in Baltimore) and as much as it pains me to type this, he WILL be traded to Baltimore before the deadline. He came in for a physical on Saturday (makes sense sine they were in DC this weekend) and also the team doctor confirmed this with a co-worker of mine. Baltimore is offering a 2nd and 5th round pick so if they can get under the cap after the trade this is a done deal. Sucks so bad and I don’t see why Pioli would trade his only proven, good receiver for picks who never may amount to anything.

  15. “cleveland was the same way about braylon prior to his trade, and he had a better statistical history (namely 2007) to his credit than Bowe does.”
    Apples and oranges. Braylon is in a contract year. If Cleveland didn’t trade him now, they were most likely going to lose him at the end of the year, especially when he drew the hatred of all of Cleveland after jacking LeBron’s friend.

  16. if this were true, im sure bowe wouldnt have been front and center for haleys gatorade bath when they beat the redskins.

  17. To motivate him that much he must have threatened to trade him to the Lions, St Louis, Oakland or maybe Buffalo or Cleveland.

  18. What’s it gonna take for the light to go on in McNabb’s head, Florio? Didn’t know that games could end in a tie, tried to call a 4th timeout with his team in scoring position at the 15. Franchise QB? Or no? That’s twice that he’s hurt his team because he didn’t know these very basic rules of the game. First time he played with no urgency, like there was going to be another OT period. Second time he cost his team 5 red-zone yards with like 35 seconds in the half. Of course they had to settle for a field goal instead of a TD. Four point differential, not coincidentally the same margin by which his team lost the game.
    Is Donovan McNabb as dumb as he looks?
    “Maybe he’s just not smart enough to be a high-level NFL quarterback. Even if it was a temporary release of brain gas, the fact remains that franchise quarterbacks don’t make that mistake. Ever.”
    You should comment on this, Florio. Do you have something against hispanics or are you afraid that the Rainbow Coalition will beat down your door if you dare to criticize McNabb and his proven lack of intelligence?

  19. gimme a break!
    the head coach threatens to trade dwayne bowe, and because of that, the proverbial “light” comes on? yeah sure.
    i guess that explains why dwayne bowe dropped 3 very catchable balls – 2 of those 3 drops in very critical situations.
    contrary to what bowe’s statistical output was, and what some (who obviously don’t watch this team) will try to make of it – the game against the redskins was 1 of his more inconsistent games of the year.
    besides, why would dwayne bowe feel “threatened” by being traded away from kc????

  20. What are you smoking jflesh1? Your story is bologna and you’re only trying to stir up the pot with this. It makes no sense to trade Bowe. I guess Succop, Flowers and Hali visited the Ravens for a physical as well since they were in town? Maybe Haley visited them too in hopes for a coaching position. C’mon add to the tale. If you’re going to fabricate a story, make it a big one! F off with the false rumors.

  21. all I have to say is, who traded Jarred Allen in his prime? The Chiefs….
    Why wouldn’t they trade D-Bowe now in the same?

  22. “all I have to say is, who traded Jarred Allen in his prime? The Chiefs….
    Why wouldn’t they trade D-Bowe now in the same?”
    the “chiefs” didn’t trade jared allen. carl peterson traded jared allen.
    that’s not to suggest that they wouldn’t trade bowe, but the situations really aren’t comparable. beyond the fact that there is a totally different regime in place – jared allen had 10 times as much value as does bowe currently.
    allen brought back a 1st and two 3rds. bowe would bring back …….. ?????

  23. Well mamedia I have the information and you can think what you want about it. I do not want this trade to happen at all, but it is what I heard so I have to at least take it into consideration. I don’t see how it would benefit the Chiefs at all and who the hell would Cassel throw to on Sunday

  24. I think what we really need now is a whole new coaching staff, or remind the gm what he was hired for…

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