Week Six Morning Aftermath: Vikings 33, Ravens 31

On paper, this one looked to be a possible old-school, low-scoring affair, as two (supposedly) stout defenses met up against two potent offenses.

Instead, it became an Arena League game, primarily in the fourth quarter.

Through 45 minutes of action, the Vikings led 20-10.  With little more than 10 minutes to play, quarterback Brett Favre connected with tight end Visanthe Shiancoe for the second time on the afternoon, pushing the score to 27-10.

It was over.  And it could have gotten dangerous for Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco, with Jared Allen and comrades pinning back their ears and teeing off on the second-year quarterback who was stupid enough to keep trying to lead his team back.

And then something strange happened. 

Flacco led his team back.

In less than 90 seconds, Flacco and company cut the score to 27-17, thanks to a quick and efficient seven-play drive capped by a 32-yard touchdown catch that was much more difficult than the pass Mark Clayton dropped two weeks ago with the New England game in the balance.

So with Vikings fans feeling a little nervous but still confident, Adrian Peterson erased those worries with a 58-yard run that took the ball firmly into field-goal range.  Sure, the purple people were then nervous for different reasons when Peterson came up limping after a failed third-down swing pass.  But the field goal from Ryan Longwell moved the lead to 13 with six minutes to play. 

Peterson was moving fine on the sidelines and, more importantly, the game was once again over.

Three plays later, Baltimore cut the margin to 30-24, thanks to a 63-yard catch and run from running back Ray Rice and a 12-yard strike from Flacco to Derrick Mason.

Then came the sudden sense, surely felt by everyone in the Metrodome, that the Vikings were destined to yield the lead to Flacco’s Ravens — with the only question being whether Favre would have enough time to save the bacon with some late-game heroics.

Fortunately for the Vikings, their next-to-last drive ended quickly, with a kickoff return that didn’t make it to the 15 and a fourth-down punt from the six coming after Ray Lewis showed Allen how to properly rope a 40-year-old calf.

The next series of events capping the stunning comeback came with amazing speed:  Punt, Ed Reed, muff, return, handoff, Ray Rice, untouched, 34 yards, extra point good, 31-30.  The only thing left was for the Ravens to stop the Vikings, take a nap on the plane home, and then hit the tizzown with Andy Bernard.

But as we Tweeted (to the dismay of Rohan Marley), the Ravens left the Vikings with too much time to salvage the wreckage.  So down the field went Favre, with another 58-yard play, a catch by Sidney Rice, who somehow caught the ball while giving Frank Walker an unwanted horsey ride.

From the Baltimore 24, the Vikings then turned conservative, to the murmuring dismay of fans who knew that the defense wouldn’t be able to keep the Ravens from reclaiming the lead. 

Still, coach Brad Childress was prepared to settle for a field goal, and willing to put the game in the hands of a defense that had collapsed like a Jenga tower over the past seven minutes of play.

And collapse again it did.  The Ravens had more than enough time to drive into field-goal range, and the look on Brett Favre’s face as Flacco again led the team down the field sent the perfect “I busted my ass all day and now we’re gonna blow this damn thing because the defense couldn’t make one freaking stop in the fourth quarter” message.

Enter Steven Hauschka.  The little-known second-year player who prompted the Ravens to send packing the guy who had done the franchise’s kicking since 1991.  A snap that squirted a bit to the right seemed to screw up the timing just enough for Hauschka to pull the kick to the left.

I feel like I let them down,” Hauschka said after the game.  (Though we’re not psychologists, the feeling was likely an appropriate one under the circumstances.)

The good news for the Ravens is that Baltimore apparently has found their next John Unitas in a kid who was rejected not by Pittsburgh’s pro franchise (as Unitas once was) but by its college football team.  Flacco is the real deal, and he’ll help keep the Ravens competitive for years to come.

The bad news is that, after starting 3-0, the Ravens are now 3-3 and the margin for error is shrinking.  Of the ten games after the bye, they need to win at least seven to make it back to the postseason — and with contests against the Broncos, Bengals, Steelers twice, Colts, Bears, and Packers, it might be more than even the new Unitas can muster.

For the Vikings, Brett Favre can only carry the team for so long, and we can only wonder how much worse than 6-0 the NFC North leaders would be if Favre had decided to stay on his tractor. 

Without him, the Vikings would be 3-3 at best — and possibly 2-4.

41 responses to “Week Six Morning Aftermath: Vikings 33, Ravens 31

  1. Who watched Dexter last night? Its getting good. better than that Buffalo/NY game. It was such a blood bath I thought I was watching NE beat down Ninessee.

  2. A win is a win. They don’t have to be pretty, and Lord knows that wasn’t pretty, but the Vikes are still undefeated. Saying what the record would be without Favre is foolish speculation. We have Favre and we’re undefeated.

  3. “For the Vikings, Brett Favre can only carry the team for so long, and we can only wonder how much worse than 6-0 the NFC North leaders would be if Favre had decided to stay on his tractor. ”
    They would be 3 – 3 right now.

  4. Wow, that’s not much love for the 6-0 Vikes. What happened to the Vikes’ homer that we used to know and love?

  5. Ok Florio,before you go annointing Flacco the next Unitas,lets make it clear. Something the jackoff CBS call guys couldn’t do yesterday. Winfield played a huge part in our meltdown once Flacco decided to play chuck the rock. Paymah was picked on time and time again. He couldn’t cover a zombie. Winfield is our Polamalu,Bob Sanders, Ed Reed.A great cover guy and I really believe Twon would have made Rice look more human by mowing him down on some of those runs.He’s a tackling machine. I think you get it. I hope to Hell Twon isn’t hurt bad or we will need to do something back there. Young corners are a scary thing to have in this league.
    You right about Favre Florio. He is a HOF guy for a reason,he is awesome. Big part of us being 6-0. His confidence is so fun to watch. Comes in and lays a bomb on S. Rice when we needed it at the end. Case anyone missed it(Dierdorf still misses it) we scored 33 points on a D that is known to be tough as hell. Sydney Rice is emerging as a great receiver. Shiancoe has the hands on point and well,everyone knows about AD. Get that D taped up a bit and we will be playing in January for sure. Can’t count us out for February either. oh..and nice kicking Longwell!!

  6. • Fan of Football says: October 19, 2009 8:24 AM
    They would be 3 – 3 right now.
    Thank you Green Bay Packers, you gave the Vikings the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. Based on how the defense played after Winfield left the game, I can’t see us winning too many while he’s out. It looks like we may be back to the Green Era tradition of making every QB look like a first ballot Hall of Famer.

  8. Pervy, scoring against BAL isn’t as hard now, because our STARTING corners are as bad as you say Paymah is.
    Sure, Winfield was out but the Ravens played the whole game without their starting LT, the most important position on the line. The weakness though wasn’t Oher who filled in at LT, it was more the right side and that was obvious by how pressured Flacco was.

  9. Props to the Ravens for taking extreme advantage of the Vikings key injuries and making this a game. The Ravens should have won this game if for no other reason then the Vikings deserved to lose.
    If you are a backup in the NFL, you should have some skills right? Karl Paymah filling in for Antoine Winfield would be like Pee Wee Herman filling in for Larry the cable Guy on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, it just can’t happen. Winfield is a elite Pro Bowl CB in the NFL and Paymah is simply a special teams guy. Had Winfield not been injured, this game would never have been close. The Ravens did what they were supposed to do, and they did it perfectly. Had it not been for a bizarre miss by their kicker with 2 seconds left, we would be talking about a 5-1 Vikings team instead of a undefeated Vikings team.
    So Viking fans should be truthful here and say we got lucky to win this game. If Winfield was not injured, this wouldn’t even be a conversation because we would have won by at least 14 points. Injuries happen though and when you don’t have good depth at key positions, this is the kind of game you would expect to have. So lets hope that our injured players will be able to play the rest of the way and look past this game as a fortunate win.

  10. @ Nick- Yah,you have some corner pains also I see, sucks ,don’t it?? As far as Oher though,I would be proud of the guy and be happy he is your rookie. I think he played well most of the time against the Mulleted Marauder. That’s a nice position to be set at for the future.You set with a good young QB also. Flacco took a MMA beatdown and kept playing hard. Tough and good young player.

  11. Yes the Vikes got lucky and deserved to lose that game.
    I won’t blame injuries either. This team has a habit of getting a lead and then letting off the pedal.(defensively for the most part) Whether this is a coaching issue or a player issue, I’m not sure, but i do know Childress was livid on the sidelines a few times with the performance.
    I’m guessing you are going to see an all-out defensive performance next week though.
    They are going to need it, Pitt is going to be a tough game.
    I will enjoy the 6-0 record though. Loved seeing the bears get beat last night too. Gives the Vikes a 2.5 game cushion on both the Bears and Packers.
    A win in Lambeau will virtually eliminate the Pack in the race( if Vikes and Pack hold serve this week) .
    If Winfield is hurt badly, they do need to get a capable fill in. I don’t know that they want to throw Asher Allen to the wolves.
    Mcalister might be a nice pick-up.

  12. Winfield goes out, the Ravens take advantage of a young corner who looked lost in space, and that old cliche about momentum screams into play. Like it or not, old Mo can be huge in a football game when one team suddenly is playing with maximum enthusiasm and the other is suddenly just trying not to lose.
    Without the old guy with the grey hair and the young arm, the Vikings would have rolled over and put their feet in the air.
    The Vikings got purely lucky to win this one, but at the end of the year, it only matters which side of the column the number is added to.
    If 11-5 will win the division, and that is very likely, the Vikings could go 5-5 from here and still get the job done. Take those “lucky” wins and smile!

  13. My guess is if Winfield’s injury is serious, the Vikings will be making a trade by tomorrow. This season is to important to let a nobody like Karl Paymah ruin it for us.

  14. Yesterday’s game exposed the two primary weaknesses in the Vikings’ game: Pass coverage, and Brad Childress’s play calling. What a dumba**. Before Peterson tweaked his ankle, they had first and goal from the 7, after Favre’s 62-yd pass to Rice, and Chilly calls three idiot pass plays. With AP having a 150-yard day, you don’t try to run him at least once, instead of trying to throw in an area where the field is truncated and crowded? (Might work, if the Vikings had some interesting quick slants or … something.) So they had to settle for a field goal. Then he goes conservative – AGAIN, like in the Packers game – and does nothing but run, instead of trying to move the chains at the end of the game. The best way to run out the clock, Chilly, is to keep moving the chains. You don’t have to throw 50-yard passes, just the dink-and-dunk stuff. Time of possession. He can’t seem to figure that one out. You simply Do. Not. Give the opposition another shot at the ball when your own defense has collapsed spectacularly and allowed 21 points in the past 8 minutes.
    And Paymah. Please God, find us another corner.

  15. the kicker got paid, thank goodness. i would’ve been homeless had that lame kicker made that field goal – i bet my house on the moneyline (vikings).
    once again, thank you corrupted nfl officiating!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I would like to think that the pissed off Viking D will tighten it up and play great against Pitt. It will take more than that though. Big Ben is the #1 QB in the NFL with 1887 yards. Hines Ward is the #1 receiver. Santonio Holmes sits at #8 and Heath Miller #33. Running game good also.
    Guys named Karl Paymah and Husein Abdulah,really special teams guys, can’t get it done I don’t think. Hold your breath for Winfield and hope Chilly and Zig are ready to act quick on signing someone. This team is too good to throw it all away with crap secondary.

  17. Brad, being 6-0 does not guarantee the Super Bowl, and while that’s great, there are some major issues with your team.
    Offense: You sit on leads WAY TOO EARLY, and start running out the clock in the 2nd quarter.
    Defense: You sit on leads WAY TOO EARLY, and start playing prevent defense in the 2nd quarter.
    In conclusion, you sit on leads WAY TOO EARLY.
    Channel your inner-Belichek and start lighting up the scoreboard like the Patriots.
    You’ve escaped this dilemma almost every week, but its going to BITE YOU IN THE ASS, hopefully not in January.

  18. Vikes-N-Favre says:
    October 19, 2009 9:54 AM
    My guess is if Winfield’s injury is serious, the Vikings will be making a trade by tomorrow. This season is to important to let a nobody like Karl Paymah ruin it for us.
    Pretty sure the trade deadline passed.

  19. Just think if the Vikings didn’t have Favre, AP, Jared Allen, the Williams wall, Chester Taylor, or Winfield. They’d probably be 0-6, 1-5 at best. Just imagine if my aunt had balls, I’d have 5 uncles rather than just 4.
    The Vikings won 4 of their games pretty comfortably, so I’d like to think they’d be 3 or 4 wins now without Favre. But you just can’t speculate. The Vikings won 10 games last year without Favre so it isn’t like he’s the only guy on the team capable of winning a game.
    But I do agree the division is more difficult this season and Favre is playing amazing. We wouldn’t win the div without Favre most likely especially with the way the Bears look.
    Last season the Vikings started 1-3 and then took the division over as the season progressed. Their opponents fell apart while the Vikings continued to build steam. At 6-0 with likely their best football in front of them this is clearly a top 5 team in the nfl.

  20. Pretty Tough to say how the team would be without him.
    Probably 4-2 (I don’t know where Florio is coming up with 2-4).
    But, we don’t really know. Gus Frerotte beat the Packers last year in the dome, despite three INTs (including a pick 6) and a punt return TD. Favre didn’t play that great against SF until the final drive. Perhaps Jackson would have done a little better during the game.
    All we know is the team is now 6-0. This game was a blessing – the team got almost the same level of humilty out of losing, but didn’t actually get a loss.

  21. Mike –
    “after Ray Lewis showed Allen how to properly rope a 40-year-old calf.”
    One of your best –

  22. Ray Lewis showed Allen how to properly rope a 40-year-old calf.
    For the Vikings, Brett Favre can only carry the team for so long, and we can only wonder how much worse than 6-0 the NFC North leaders would be if Favre had decided to stay on his tractor.
    Rofl at the calf statement, bet you have been saving that one for awhile.
    Check Favre’s stats back to 03 or so, he has consistently declined at the end of the season.
    Don’t play Chicago until week 12 and again week 16. Also have Cardinals, Bengals and Giants to end the season. Bears have division wrapped up, just be patient.

  23. “For the Vikings, Brett Favre can only carry the team for so long, and we can only wonder how much worse than 6-0 the NFC North leaders would be if Favre had decided to stay on his tractor.
    Without him, the Vikings would be 3-3 at best — and possibly 2-4.”
    Reply: Seems to me that the Vikes have individual quality players, and a fine QB, and those two things, when melded, have managed to put the team where it is at the moment. But what is lacking is all the stuff “in between and behind” the big plays – coverage, alertness, drive to finish, focus, route running, and – for BC in the RZ, the willingness to trust in a 19-yr QB with a fairly good record, the willingness to take a #$#% risk, the instinct to go for it –
    Caution – overcaution – has undermined Childress’ coaching years all the time he’s been here, and apparently will continue to do so. He’s the most maddenly paradoxical man to me- on one hand, he risks EVERYTHING on acquisition of individual players, and almost NOTHING on the field! There seems to be a disconnect in his mind – that may be ineradicable – i.e., he apparently has never thought that his gameday caution with plays and players could completely negate the efforts of all that high-priced talent.
    When I saw those 3 RUNS at the end – nope, I just can’t find the words – or better not – to describe my reaction.
    Should the Vikes get to the playoffs, it will be Childress’ apron string ties to caution that will kill the Vikings’ season, and the herculean efforts of the players.
    Football is a GAME – by definition, risk is a big part of it.
    How did Childress’ MMPI before hiring not uncover his complete inability to value risk?

  24. A spaid is a spaid……………San Fran got lucky when they blocked a field goal and returned it just before half for a 10 point swing and had an interception taken away for delay of game that saved them and scored on the very next play. Somehow though we were lucky to win that game? As for the Ravens AND Packer game, when the offense is free they can move the ball almost at will(30 points a game or more) but when the lead gets to double digits the reigns are pulled and the runs up the middle and prevent Def. is put in. As Stetia refered, Belechek keeps the throttle down. Ahead 45-0 yesterday at half, they came out throwing in the second half. aAstatement to your team as well as your opponent! I truly believe the Vikings win inspite of their coaches, not because of them.

  25. If the Vikings only had drafted Adrian Peterson, traded for Jared Allen, kept Kevin Williams, signed Steve Hutchison, signed Pat Williams, and signed Brett Favre, they’d be undefeated right now.

  26. I’d just like to say to any of those Ravens fans who a few weeks were bragging about being at the top of the division and are now in THIRD in the division, guess it pays to keep your mouth shut, especially after only 3 or 4 weeks.
    Steelers will sweep the Ravens again this year. The Vikings do worry me though next week and if the Steelers don’t start playing the fourth quarter, they’re going to get burned.

  27. I agree with many of the comments above. The laundermats are busy, the Vikes sit on a lead way too early in a game (no matter if its the coaches or the players), and that the Vikes got DAMN lucky yesterday in winning that game. They should not be undefeated period!
    Someone said above to never bet against Favre in a dome. That is not 100% true at all. Favre does not play on defense last I checked. The defense is what fell apart yesterday, not the offense. Granted, a majority of that was due to winfields injury and an incompetent backup, but it was the defense as a whole. One person, whether it is Favre or Winfield does not make up the entire team. You win as a team, you lose as a team, you look good as a team, you look like shyte as a team. Truthfully, the Vikes Defense overall was shyte!
    We GOTTA step it up, period! I don’t think the Steelers will be as much a prob as the Ravens, but even the Lions/Bucs/Rams/Raiders/Chiefs/Skins could have beat us the way we played at the end of the game!

  28. Trade deadline ends tomorrow. Gotta find out just exactly how serious Winfield’s injury is and make an immediate trade!

  29. I would like to think that the pissed off Viking D will tighten it up and play great against Pitt. It will take more than that though. Big Ben is the #1 QB in the NFL with 1887 yards. Hines Ward is the #1 receiver. Santonio Holmes sits at #8 and Heath Miller #33. Running game good also.

  30. # The11thwonder says: October 19, 2009 10:51 AM
    Pretty sure the trade deadline passed.
    Pretty sure you’re a clueless idiot. It’s the 20th, which if you ever look at this or any other site, TV show, paper, or magazine that has anything to do with football, you would have heard this fact about 1,000 times. Do us all a favor and go back over to TMZ.

  31. Zigi…………Please trade for a safety. We really miss Sharper! I see Johnson and especially Williams getting killed deep and when it comes to run support they are tackling with their shoulder pads. We can and will be beat deep and often if this is not changed. We\They have been exposed!…………….PS……Big Ben threw for 400 yards yesterday

  32. Smackmyvick, I disagree. Favre played great at the end of the 06 and 07 seasons. They finished 06 with 4 straight wins to finish 8-8 and then carried it through to a 13-3 season in 07 with Favre being a runner up for MVP (would’ve been MVP if not for Brady’s incredible year). Sure he threw a pick to end it in 07, but that’s not indicative of the season. And you certainly can’t count 08 considering he ripped the bicep in his throwing arm.

  33. EVEN if Winfields injury is more serious than is let on, adjustments can be made that will utilize paymah in a way that he’s not going to be covering a #1 wideout. Don’t forget that benny sapp went out too (at least i think he did) the guy is only a nickel back, but any lost depth hurts the team, and if we are going to be playing largely prevent D, then its important to have a good nickel back (which he is).
    Best thing the vikes can learn from this is to NOT sit on leads untill well into the 4th qtr, not any sooner. Chilly is going to play Chillyball because of all the crap he’s taken over the years about everyone wanting to fire him.
    IF anything, you’ve got to feel bad for the guy a little bit. he calls a pass play to end the GB game, every jumps on what a moron he is, he calls running plays to end this game, everyone jumps on what a moron he is…. have a little consistency folks, our defense gets paid too and they need to step it up from time to time. A win is a win, Chilly will hopefully keep on other teams untill its time for Tjack to get some mop-up work in, and we will be fine.
    GB and Chicago are worried right now, even with all the changes, they can’t get past the vikes. Chicago especially is in a pinch because the window on their defense is close rapidly (hence selling the future down the river by getting cuntler now)

  34. Florio “Brett Favre can only carry the team for so long, and we can only wonder how much worse than 6-0 the NFC North leaders would be if Favre had decided to stay on his tractor.
    Without him, the Vikings would be 3-3 at best — and possibly 2-4.”
    Careful Florio, comments like those that might be contrued as saying something “positive” about Brett Favre. Although, I’m quite sure there’ll be the requisite “hit piece” or 12 are coming shortly – my guess is it starts a week from tomorrow when “Favre week at Lambeau” begins.
    I have it Florio, Favre caused global warming. No, better yet – 9/11. Maybe he was on the grassy knoll down in Dallas, or he was with OJ that June night back in 1994. Come on Mike, I know you can do it.

  35. if the steelers didnt have rothlesberger they are 1-5
    if the saints didnt have brees they are 2-4
    if the vikings didnt have adrian peterson the are 3-3
    if the vikings didnt have jared allan they are 2-4
    kill yourself florio

  36. Gee “aaniev” I could have swore that the Steelers had Roethlisberger (nice job on the spelling BTW !) last year, the Saints had Brees last year and the Queens had BOTH Adrian Peterson AND Jared Allen last year.
    The one difference is Favre. I’m not even saying Favre should be the leading MVP candidate thus far, but he’s certainly in the mix. Peyton #1 and Brees #2 or vice versa, but Favre has to be at least 3rd.
    There’s no other single player: a.) having a great year and b.) making that much of a “difference” in his teams performance, than is Favre.

  37. It’s great how all these morons week in and week out use every game as further proof that Chilldress is a moron. All you idiots do is ignore anything that goes well offensively and then only point out when something doesn’t work out and claim it is just because of the play calling. Seriously. If he throws and it doesn’t work then he should have run it. If he runs and doesn’t work then he should have passed it. If they run and it works then they got lucky.
    You could apply this “logic” to any head coach in the NFL. Blame everything that goes wrong on the coach and attribute everything that goes right to the players. Of course he’ll seem like a moron if he can never get anything right. Meanwhile we’re 6-0 and for all the blame people have heaped on him when things don’t go right I’d say he deserves an equal helping of praise when they do go right.
    This team is exactly what he said it would be when he first took the job. Strong run-first offense with efficient passing. Strong special teams. Defense that eliminates the run game and the deep pass, forcing you to execute lots of intermediate passes to move the ball. Rush with the front 4 and hope eventually the opponent makes a mistake.
    How many coaches are good enough to day 1 tell you their blueprint for winning and then in 3rd and 4th season you are a contender playing exactly the way the coach said you would.

  38. Sando:
    Stop trying to make sense to multiple retards on this site. It won’t work.
    There are several good posters out there, but by and large, it’s a cast of idiots on here.
    A plethora of Packer fans telling us how bad the Vikings suck, while they are 6-0 and 2.5 games up in the standings…..it’s like arguing with a 2 year old.
    It must suck to have to root for a rival to lose to have chance in the division, instead of doing it yourself.

  39. The Vikings won……and all you purple haters better just get over it. At least we have class when we win over sorry teams….not like the Patriots……

  40. What purple haters? Precisely zero Packers fans have posted in this thread until just now. Those are all Vikings fans as far as I can tell.

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