Winfield has sprained foot

There are few cornerbacks more valuable than Antoine Winfield, which is why the Vikings were nervous about the results of his MRI taken after he injured his foot Monday.  (It’s believed Winfield’s toe is specifically what’s injured.)

The initial results don’t sound too bad: coach Brad Childress says Winfield has a “sprained foot” and the team isn’t going to rule him out of this week’s game “at this point.” Minnesota’s secondary didn’t look the same in the second half when Winfield was out; they head to Pittsburgh this week.

Childress also said that he isn’t any more worried about rookie Percy Harvin’s shoulder injury this week than he was a week ago.  Harvin aggravated the problem against the Ravens. 

Adrian Peterson missed some snaps in the second half against Baltimore, but is just suffering from “overall body soreness.”

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  1. How is it that their bug players are injured just as they go to Pittsburgh? The Steelers may actually pull this one off, if Polamalu’s back.

  2. We can live without Harvin but not Winfield!! I would even venture to say that we can live without Peterson more than we can live without Winfield. Reason being is that Chester Taylor is a very good back. Winfield’s backup is Paymah and he sucks ass!!

  3. A sprained foot may not “sound too bad” but it could be a major nagging injury for weeks. I’m very concerned with the passing attacks of the Steelers and Packers coming up. A 6-2 record might be right around the corner.

  4. It wasn’t just the fall of Winfield that hurt our secondary at the end of the game Sunday… we also lost nickel CB Benny Sapp earlier in the game.
    So we went from our number 1 CB (Winfield), straight past our talented 3rd CB (Sapp) to the team’s 4th CB (Paymah)… who is more of a special teams player than a starting caliber CB.
    I hope Winfield is ready to go or that the team feels that Asher Allen is ready, because Paymah is good at special teams but got juked out of his jock strap and was scorched by the rather mediocre Raven’s receivers at the end of that game.

  5. Karl Paymah is a joke. The Vikings are going to see a lot of passing yards from here on out due to the apparent weakness they have in the secondary and their generally stout run defense. Trading for a quality veteran on a crappy team would make a lot of sense – especially if Winfield misses any time.
    *See Barber, Ronde.

  6. Uh oh.
    The way the Ravens carved them up when Winfield left the field doesn’t bode well for the Vikes.
    Can you say 6-10?

  7. Look for Minny to lose their first on Sunday. Winfield can tape his foot as tight as he wants, but he’ll be bumming chasing Holmes, Ward and Wallace up and down the field. Plus, if the weather sucks (good chance), the Vikes are done. Nobody goes into Pittsburgh and walks out well enough to talk about it.

  8. —————————-
    Katmanduu says:
    Nobody goes into Pittsburgh and walks out well enough to talk about it.
    Yeah, but that’s because most of the opposing players are limping after getting hit by cheap shots and dirty hits from the likes of Harrison and Ward… it’s not because the Steelers are that good.

  9. Katmandu – the extended forecast calls for 50 deg. in Pitts. Sunday. We call that candy ass weather up here in the artic zone of MN. You will not stop our offense. Period. Tell Big Ben to strap that helmet on tight. Winfield and Allen gonna light him up! we will walk out 7-0.

  10. Aren’t the steelers missing a DE? winfield and sapp are both incredibly important to the defense, if we get both back, we should be fine, if we at least get winfield back at 95%+ of what he can be, it will be close.
    One thing that folks forget is that winfield probably adds more to run defense than any other CB in the league. If Big Ben tries holding on to the ball as much as he usually does, he could be in for a very long day. Harrison has been a little slowed down this year too, I think the vikes can win this game, it actually looks less impossing now then when the schedules first came out.

  11. sand0 says:
    October 19, 2009 2:35 PM
    Good news. Winfield is key to this defense. Best overall cornerback in the division.
    What the hell are you smoking?? Charles Woodson is the best CB in the division.
    The stats prove it.

  12. Pervy Harvin ……………
    Just becareful what you ask for , you just might get it . It will be a great game in Pittsburgh . It wont be a cakewalk for either team . The key is limiting AP from big runs . Keep him in check and make Farve beat the Steelers .
    No need to start any trash talking . But if you think your going to go into Pittsburgh and just run all over us you are sadly mistaken . We might not have a great running game this season but Ben leads the league in passing . WHAT ??????????????? Yes Ben is in first in yardage and close to one in completion percentage . Could be a shootout next sunday . And dont count out Ben as a nobody . Or you will find out in a bad way .

  13. and said stats are where?
    Woodson 23 tackles 3 ints
    Winfield 30 tackles 1 int
    Looks pretty even to me. Although Winfield is the superior run defender, which is what sando was alluding to..shame you don’t get it.

  14. Charles woodson is a pansy. Stats mean nothing other than wins and the vikes have more of those than the packers. Also, teams don’t throw at the REALLY good CB’s, so great job on all the stats for woodson….

  15. If he plays in the next week or two I’d pretty much count on him making the injury worse Vikes fans. These injuries only heal with rest and you can’t “take it easy” on your feet unless you are off your feet.

  16. @ Emoney – not smoking the good stuff like you! As DocBG stated above,he is a run stopping jedi. Woodson can’t touch that !

  17. Please VIKINGS, use your heads, let’s sign Chris McAlister and keep Winfield out, just to be safe, we should also just let Favre play the 1st half, we CANNOT take a chance and get him hurt, I would Much rather have Favre AND Winfield available for the Packers game on November 1st, we cannot let our season go…..

  18. Yo Emoney
    I think you are smokin something, better check those stats agaain. While woodson is ahead in picks 39 to 21 Winfeild has more solo tackles than Woodson has total tackles, and they are the same age. Woodson does not do well in run support, Winfield does, plus he can cover just as well. Check the stats, and then run your mouth.

  19. Katmanduu,
    You are not thinking straight. Your little mind must still be thinking of the Steelers as a running team. If the weather is bad, the team that runs the ball the best always has the advantage. Hmmmmm… let me think… is the better running team the Vikings or the Steelers?
    Oh by the way, Jerome Bettis doesn’t play for the Steelers anymore. Come join the rest of us in the present. The past was good for the Steelers but you must get over it.

  20. @ steeltownpride -Just defending my team. I’m well aware of Ben at #1 NFL,Hines at #1 in NFL and Holmes at #8. I think you are better than Ravens. As a boxing and football fan I know what being the champ is. That is you guys right now. Hard to repeat though. And yes, if our secondary plays like yesterday, could be all up to the offense again. And you are right,could be a shoot out. Hope Winfield can play. Did Troy come out healthy?

  21. For those bragging about the Steelers, they have lost to the Bears and Bengals this year, and just barely beat the Lions, so don’t talk to much shit.
    For those bragging about the Packers, you mean the same team we decimated just a couple of weeks ago? We sacked your pathetic ass QB 8 times, forced him to fumble, intercepted him, and got another safety on him.
    Funny how all of a sudden we are going to lose against teams that are not that good. We will have a tough game with the Steelers, but GB is overrated big time. You all said we would lose against the Ravens, nope, wrong again. Had it not been for the Winfield injury, we beat up on the Ravens as well.
    Now its we will lose to the Steelers, so what happens when we beat them? Will it then be that we will lose to the Packers? Sorry, try again. You all said we would lose these 3 games, and we could be 3-0 or maybe 2-1. The team that has the best chance of beating us is Pittsburgh, not GB.

  22. Stats doesnt tell alot about a players ability – none the less 22 ints in 51 games equals a great player. And during his packer tenure Woodson’s been a class act!
    I dont wanna trash any team – the Brett signing was great, just as it was a great decision to let him go and play A-rod.
    Aaron is having a hard time because of a non existing offensive line, and an urge to protect the ball by taking several sacks a game. But dont call him a pathetic ass. When he’s got the time, and most time even when he don’t there is nothing he cant do! Packers offence might lack some consistency, but they are a threat to score on every play. And despite taking 8 sacks, Aaron managed to keep the packers in contention! He is a great player, and a player that is going to play beyond the 2010 season.

  23. # Bee_Arthur says: October 19, 2009 2:58 PM
    Karl Paymah is a joke. The Vikings are going to see a lot of passing yards from here on out due to the apparent weakness they have in the secondary and their generally stout run defense.
    anybody that watches the vikes regularly knows this isn’t anything new

  24. Pevey Harvin , Troy is just fine thanks for being so concerned about his well being . Steeler nation thanks for for that .
    Yes we havent played the best this year . But we havent played that bad either . Right about in the middle . We havent had a complete game “YET” !!!!!!!!! Still lots of time to get the team better . This game makes great story lines . But it wont kill either team if they lose this game . Still lots of football to be played . Maybe down the road later in the season these 2 teams might just meet again for when it really counts . But again thats down the road .
    Dont let a few close games fool you either Viking fans . You was a FG miss away from losing to what you are calling an overrated Ravens team . But i like confidence in people for their teams . I wouldnt expect anything else from true fans .
    But we have the whole week to talk sh!t about each other . So i will leave it at this now . Remember this too . You wont be at home with your fans . You are coming to the Burgh .

  25. viking fans, easy; you are gonna see a game this week…Pburgh has a running game, AKA rashard, if you let this running game get going you will lose.
    OOh ya, Farve will be sacked, the pressure from Dick’s D will not stop. Timmons / Woodley /Harrison, it’ll come from everywhere. oh ya troy p
    Winfield makes no difference unless he can cover every available receiver (how bout wallace, 2nd fastest in the combine).
    By the way…harrison is held on every other play..LET him LOOSE!
    70 degree Indoor playing chumps. I hope we see snow.

  26. @slapme7silly – I think you get your “u’s’ mixed up with “a’s” As in 70 degree Indoor playing “champs” Like that you back your team. I think you a little underestimating our firepower though. Oh yah….AD loves running on grass. Just ask the Browns,Bears or Packers!!

  27. There are a lot of people here who need a refresher course in basic grade school level english! That being said, I kinda wish the Vikes would go ahead and get the first L out of the way. Sometimes it does a team some good to lose so they stop slacking. One more thing, I am sick of everyone saying we got lucky for these wins. Ya, there was some luck about yesterday, but we wouldn’t have been in that position if the offense wouldn’t have done their job on the previous drive, even if it ended in nothing but a field goal. And stop saying we haven’t played anyone. The Browns and the Lions are who they are, but San Fran was undefeated when we faced them, and the Packers were paper champs at the start of the season. Now we beat the Ravens, and we get “they aren’t as good as they once were.” I guess everyone we play the entire season is going to be overrated.

  28. bustabloodvessel – Viking brother,please don’t be one of the grammar or spelling bee judges. Makes us purple pride fans look sissified. Half the posters in the sauce,me included at times!

  29. “Charles woodson is a pansy. Stats mean nothing other than wins and the vikes have more of those than the packers. Also, teams don’t throw at the REALLY good CB’s, so great job on all the stats for woodson….”
    Pansy? Dude Woodson played with a broken toe the entire season last year and he went to the Pro Bowl. I like Antoine Winfield and I think he is one of the best run stopping CBs in the league but I’d take Woodson over him though.

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