Bushrod making a name for himself

Losing a Pro Bowl left tackle for the season should be a devastating blow to an offense.

The Rams weren’t the same when Orlando Pace would get hurt, and the Seahawks offense has struggled to recover from Walter Jones’ recent injury problems. So when the Saints lost Jamaal Brown before the 2009 season even started, there was legitimate worry throughout Who Dat nation.

Enter Jermon Bushrod.

The massive 6’5, 315-pound third-year player has ably filled Brown’s shoes.  According to SI’s Peter King, Bushrod didn’t allow a single pressure from Osi Umenyiora in New Orleans’ win over the Giants Sunday.  The guys at FootballOutsiders think Bushrod is arguably playing better than Brown did.

Bushrod, his unheralded teammates, and Drew Brees’ quick release have all helped keep the Saints MVP candidate upright all season. Brees has been sacked only four times.

“The offensive line has been awesome,” Brees
said. “Look at what they’ve done protecting me the
last few years, and now you throw in the balance of the
running game. It’s a direct correlation how that front
five is playing for us.”

Bushrod is playing so well, perhaps he’ll keep the job. Brown is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

11 responses to “Bushrod making a name for himself

  1. I agree that Bushrod is playing better than Jamaal Brown and believe that because Brown is an unrestricted free agent that he has played his last down of football with the Saints. Unless he wants to take a “below market deal” to stay with a winner.
    On another note, gotta love the name “Bushrod” for an offensive lineman. You have to figure that he got a lot of “special” treatment when he was younger because of that name and he probably has a little bit of extra fight in him because of it.
    The Saints offensive line has played really well this year against some pretty good defenses, the Eagles, Jets and Giants, but according to Osi Umenyiora the Saints offensive line isn’t any good.
    “The Giants had just one hit on Drew Brees. Was the Saints’ offensive line that good?
    Not according to Osi Umenyiora. “It was one hundred percent Drew Brees and their schemes, definitely not their offensive line at all,” Umenyiora said. ”
    Even in defeat the Giants have no humility. I suspect these two teams may meet again in January. I just hope it is in New Orleans and that the next game the Saints play after that game is a week or two later in Miami.

  2. anybody who has the name BUSHROD automatically has had made a name for himself. that is one crazy ass name.

  3. If Jammal Brown does become a free agent, I hope the Packers pick him up. They need as much help on that line as possible.

  4. Towson!!! Best player to play at Unitas Stadium besides Joe Flacco. Cool ass dude too. Gotta love the respect he’s getting!

  5. C’mon Osi. Man up. You got served by a third-stringer. I don’t remember hearing Osi’s name mentioned , except when they were discussing how he had done absolutely nothing during the game.

  6. Watching the game, I could have sworn that Brees had enough time to BBQ a steak, well done, before throwing the ball – many times. Yeah, must have been the scheme.
    As to “Rod”, he is playing greatQ
    An added bonus is that they don’t have Brown jumping offsides in critical moments of the game. Brown personally killed many 3rd down opps for the team with his inability to count.

  7. tv says: October 21, 2009 9:43 AM
    Watching the game, I could have sworn that Brees had enough time to BBQ a steak, well done, before throwing the ball – many times. Yeah, must have been the scheme.
    Along with a baked potato(and you know how long it takes to bake a potato).

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