Colts modify their tune on Ed Johnson

Upon abruptly cutting starting defensive tackle Ed Johnson last week, Colts coach Jim Caldwell vaguely cited performance issues.

He said nothing about weight.

“Probably, just over all, I’d probably like to like to just keep it
rather general and say it was production, it was a lack thereof,” Caldwell said.

More recently, G.M. Bill Polian said that the problem related to Johnson’s weight.

But as we reported last week, Johnson was merely told that he was a whopping three pounds over his target weight of 317 when being dumped.

The explanation prompted Johnson’s camp to suspect that the team made the move because of lingering concerns regarding the grievance Johnson filed last year after being cut following an arrest for marijuana possession.  The team wanted Johnson to drop the grievance when he was re-signed in May 2009, but Johnson refused.

Meanwhile, Johnson already is getting sniffs elsewhere.  Per a league source, Johnson was among six defensive linemen who worked out for the Bills on Tuesday.  The others were Marlon Favorite, Antwan Lake, Joshua Leonard, Langston Moore, and Rodrique Wright.

6 responses to “Colts modify their tune on Ed Johnson

  1. So they asked him to drop a grievance in May, then waited over 5 months and 5 games into the season to cut him because he wouldn’t drop the grievance? Why are you the only one mentioning the existence of this grievance, and why is it being mentioned only now?
    “And even if the Colts cut Johnson this time because of his performance, the perception of his poor performance likely was tied to his off-field habits.
    ‘He’s fat and lazy,’ one source opined. ”
    So you’ll believe some source saying he was cut because he wouldn’t drop a grievance (which makes no sense). But you don’t want to believe another source that makes more sense, as in poor performance due to being fat and lazy.
    Sometimes I can’t figure out if you say stupid things just to get more page views or if you’re really just stupid…

  2. Johnson was under a zero tolerance and three pounds over is three pounds over.
    Also being reported is that Polian and Caldwell sat down with Johnson seperately to warn him that his weight was causing his play to suffer and that if he needed to get himself under control.
    Polian stated on his weekly show that Johnsons’ hustle and stamina were affected by his weight.
    Of course Johnson’s camp will claim something other than performance, he wants a job. And he should perform very well for a team that does not require a lot of movement or penetration from their DTs.

  3. Polian said his problem related to weight, but the problem was still performance. They didn’t changed their tune, Polian just went into more detail.
    On Monday night, Colts President Bill Polian addressed the move.
    Speaking on his weekly radio show on 97.1 Hank FM in Indianapolis, Polian spoke in detail on Johnson, saying that “sadly for him,” the third-year defensive tackle’s “effort” and “production . . . had really fallen off almost since Week 1.”
    Added Polian, “It’s directly related to his weight.”

  4. Yes, we all know that Polian would NEVER lie. He is so forthcoming and honest. Thanks Bill for letting us common folk know with out your big made up words.

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