D'Qwell Jackson has torn pectoral tendon

The Browns placed linebacker D’Qwell Jackson on injured reserve Tuesday.  The team has disclosed only that Jackson has a shoulder injury, and that he will need surgery.

“It’s disappointing any time you lose a player for the season, and this
is especially true with someone like D’Qwell, who has proven to be an
outstanding leader for us both on and off the field,” head coach Eric
Mangini said in a statement released by the team.

Per a league source, the specific injury suffered by Jackson is a torn pectoral tendon.

Though on the surface it’s merely a detail, the history of the surgical repair of torn tendons in Cleveland will surely cause some short-term concerns about the presence of a bug that has been pushed off the front pages by a condition commemorating a flying pig.

10 responses to “D'Qwell Jackson has torn pectoral tendon

  1. Even without reading your name, everyone knows that you’re the author of this story Florio.
    Even with a straight forward story like this, you just have to find a way to squeeze in a tacky remark about the Cleveland Browns organization.

  2. Josh Cribbs – the new Cleveland LB.
    Mangini has played him at every other position (and he’s played better at those positions than the starter)

  3. F8uck you florio…your disdain of cleveland is duly noted….is it true that NO OTHER team in the NFL has ever had a spaph problem?
    you’re a long way from the NFL talk days….sell out

  4. This means will get to see if our 2 draft picks veikune and maiva pan out. I still hope they sign jackson long term though.

  5. florio – love the staph jokes, those haven’t gotten old or anything (you know, since it hasn’t been a problem in CLE for over two years). sarah palin jokes will be funny forever too, right?
    the real joke is that you got your facts wrong. you jackson wasn’t operated on in cleveland or at the world-renowned cleveland clinic. according to his agent, he “underwent the surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York by Dr. Frank Cordasco, who specializes in ailments of the knee and shoulder.”
    hmmmmm. i.e., blow it out your arse.

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