Eagles acquire Will Witherspoon from Rams

Well, there’s been at least one deadline deal.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the Eagles have acquired linebacker Will Witherspoon from the Rams for receiver Brandon Gibson and a 2010 draft pick.

Witherspoon spent his first four NFL seasons with the Panthers, and he has spent the last three-plus in St. Louis, appearing in every game.

On Monday, Eagles coach Andy Reid hinted at a possible trade, and speculation centered on the linebacker position, given the recent injury to Omar Gaither.

Witherspoon is signed through 2011.  His current base salary is $2.5 million.  Next year, it doubles to $5 million.  In the final year of the deal, it remains at $5 million.

UPDATE:  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it’s a fifth-round pick.

40 responses to “Eagles acquire Will Witherspoon from Rams

  1. Yes we finally got a MLB who can run and cover people!!!
    Trotter killed us against the Raiders. I hope this spells the end for him. I’d rather give Joe Mays snaps on run downs than that scrub.

  2. It’ll be interesting come off-season cuz the Birds will have Bradley back at MLB and Gocong becomes a free agent, so maybe they let Gocong leave and move Witherspoon back to OLB

  3. Kravon, L = L. We should have beat Denver, and Oakland beat Philadelphia….at the end of the season it’s just an L.
    Patriots should be undefeated right now, but no one remembers anything unless they were division or conference losses. Which is why it hurt that Gost missed those FGs in the losses.

  4. I love when the morons come onto articles about other teams and offer nothing constructive because they know NOTHING!!!!

  5. The Iggles picked up a solid linebacker, hopefully he’ll flourish playing on a better defense. I don’t know anything about Gibson, but anything can be better than the crap receivers on the Rams roster.

  6. Reggie Brown should have been in the trade. At least Gibson had potential. Even Curtis could have been shopped but the Rams wouldn’t trade for him after letting him walk a few years ago

  7. Crap, as a Rams fan, I’m sad to see Will go. I hope he gets some wins for Philly. He’s a great player and leader and awesome in the community. He was on bad teams here in STL, but he kept his head high, stayed classy, and never quit. I hope Eagles fans appreciate him as much as we did here.

  8. Come one yall. Of course we would have liked to get rid of Reggie brown. But know one is going to take on his contract. Let’s just be realistic. Also if a receiver went down, reggie would be more ready to start because he knows the offense. Gibson has more ability but if he doesn’t know the offense it’s meaningless. All in all good move to get a good linebacker.

  9. “# Vidiotz says: October 20, 2009 4:32 PM
    Should have been Reggie Brown… but I’m glad we got another LB out there.”
    I’m sure they’d trade Reggie Brown instead if they could…if I was the rams I’d rather have Gibson too, though. His contract’s MUCH cheaper and hes younger. Gibson’s gonna get some playing time over there. He wasn’t gonna crack the lineup here anytime soon with Maclin, Jackson, and Avant having a clear stranglehold on the top 3 spots.

  10. i cant even believe they even signed trotter in the first place. i thought it was a joke. haha. the boys should bring back darren woodson. haha. but seriously I dont know much about witherspoon but has to be an improvement.

  11. I just remember my boy torching Witherspoon in the Super Bowl. Yes, Super Bowl Vox. The place your team was when you were 8 and decided to ‘pick a team’.
    Romo will never be in the Super Bowl, because Romo hates that cold weather. Hence his December record.
    My man throws TDs in the cold, yours faints in the showers.

  12. VoxVeritas says: October 20, 2009 5:43 PM
    “It’s official. The Eagirls front office is clueless AND desperate.”
    A la Keith Brooking and Z. Thomas? Also, I can’t understand Jints or Eagirls. Your team name says ‘boys’ in it. Maybe when you were a kid, the name ‘cowboys’ looked cool because you recalled endless summer nights playing ‘cowboys and indians’ with your future dungeons & dragons gamemaster-posse.
    When your team name is called Cowboys, people are going to revert to the most primitive uneducated slander —- Cowgirls. It sticks though.
    Beagles makes a lot more sense than Eagirls at this point. Because there is no point to Eagirls. That’s a retaliation in utter embarrassment that your team is full of ‘boys out west’.

  13. too bad we couldnt get them to throw in Steven Jackson. oh never mind Andy still wouldn’t attempt to run

  14. voxveritasonmyspace – you are my hero! Funny stuff man, I enjoyed it.
    Now that we have someone who can cover the TE for the first time since Emmons left in 03, can we PLEASE resign Jon Runyan? Is there someone better than him that I missed who started against the raiders? He should just show up at the Novacare complex and say there was a problem with his phone, and I’m sure you guys probably called me 100 times by now, so I just showed up. Where do I sign?
    Hey Voxie – 4681 days and counting since the Cowboys last won a playoff game. But you dust off those championship rings and try and feel special ok? I’ll dust off mine from the late 40s and in 1960. The past is the past man.

  15. No offense, but Andy Reid is right up there with Dick Jauron regarding in-game coaching decisions. You Eagles fans are out of your minds if you believe you’ll go anywhere with ‘almost good enough’.
    You’ll fade faster than the Romo craze…which ended after his 3rd straight December flop? 3rd or 4th? Not sure…it should continue though. Rofl, to think they used to compare that clown to Brett Favre years ago. Brady and Brees. The only thing Romo has in common with Brees is that birthmark.

  16. gallaghedj311:
    I don’t know how early Jason Peters was hurt, but I know that he had given up 1 sack all year. They probably moved the help over from the right side of the line (Justice or Andrews is there?) and had to move it to the left side where that rookie was filling in for Peters. I don’t think Runyan has anything left if people are signing Levi Jones over him.
    This goes to show how much a defense needs a 3-down linebacker…Bradley was a stud.

  17. Google Vox Veritas.
    Click on the first link that comes up.
    Now THAT’s what I’d call “desperate”. Desperate for plastic surgery, desperate for the touch of a woman… he SHOULD be desperate to get a haircut and shave that ‘stache, but he seems more desperate to prove how good his Magic card deck is.

  18. myspacevox: unfortunately, a lot of the play calling is from the weeble-wobble O-coordinator, Marty. How did he get on that staff anyway…..oh yeah, he was fired as a head coach.
    I actually asked out loud if ‘June Jones’ had somehow gotten in the coaching box upstairs and was calling plays down. 14 running plays?!?
    Great blow by blow of each sack on Eagles webpage. Peters was out early in the 2nd Qtr. Dunlap was not ready for Seymour. Of course, not a lot of linemen are, though.
    My problem is how do you not realize that Westy is 6 for 50 yards, you’ve got a sasquatch rookie playing tackle and you continue to drop back to pass?!? Have Dunlap just run straight at Seymour, the guy is 6’9″ and has to be 375lbs = HUGE!
    As for Trotter, easy, it’s only his 2nd game back after 2 years and he wasn’t brought in to cover receivers. Like the trade, but no one was taking Curtis (who is hurt) or Brown (big contract). Lucky we got him for what we did.

  19. I never understood why VoxVeritas was such a bitter human being, but after seeing his myspace it sort of makes sense.
    When you are ugly as sin, call yourself a “warlock”, and spend everyday of the week posting PFT comments, it might be time to get a life. And since you are 32, you might want to get on that asap.
    Atleast now whenever I read Vox bash a team I can think of his Myspace profile and laugh.

  20. ….and you wonder why he defends ‘the next Brett Favre’? His artwork is pitiful too. Looks like something from an old Nintendo Power comic strip I used to read in the mid-90s as a kid.

  21. I just googled Vox and by all accounts I could have googled “30 year old virgin with no money” and the same result would have popped up. He’s 5’8″, makes less than 30k, and wears jackets that your cat pees on in the closet. We all knew he was a cookie cutter Cowgirls fan who tries desperately to endear himself to Florio but now we know he’s a total momo who looks like the love child of Artie Lange and Keanu Reeves. A ponytail bro? In 2009? Now I know why you stick to message boards instead of walking down Broad street chirping about the Cowgirls. This is my last comment on Vox as clearly the kid was picked on his entire life.

  22. joe says:
    It’ll be interesting come off-season cuz the Birds will have Bradley back at MLB and Gocong becomes a free agent, so maybe they let Gocong leave and move Witherspoon back to OLB
    They could keep all of them… Gocong is not going to have anyone beating down his door.

  23. I honestly was calling for the Eagles to go after Ray Lewis in the off season. Give him big money. Would have moved Stewart Bradley back to the strong side and Gocong to the bench.
    Ray Ray would have helped with leadership and helped stop the run. And, they had plenty of money.

  24. I love how Florio hates ESPN and bad mouths them often, but yet is where he gets the majority of his info.

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