Fisher dons Colts jersey: "I just wanted to feel like a winner"

An 0-6 start has turned Jeff Fisher to the dark side.

The Titans coach had a surprise for former Colts coach Tony Dungy when he introduced Dungy as the keynote speaker at a charity rally Tuesday: Fisher was wearing a Peyton Manning jersey.  And the Nashville Tennessean has the slideshow to prove it.

“I just wanted to feel like a winner,” Fisher joked to the crowd, which greeted him with a standing ovation. 

The rally was to raise money for a faith-based non-profit youth organization called Rocketown.

UPDATE: For the record, we think it’s great Fisher can laugh at himself.  It’s sports.  And a charity event.  That attitude might even help turn things around when they aren’t going well.

86 responses to “Fisher dons Colts jersey: "I just wanted to feel like a winner"

  1. “”I just wanted to feel like a winner,” Fisher joked to the crowd, which greeted him with a standing ovation.”
    Chew on that, Titans fan.

  2. Fire Fisher NOW! Stupid move your team is 0-6 and quit on you last game and you go out and do something like this.

  3. Should rename this entry, Jeff Fisher wants to be fired! You don’t play games like that with the fans after a 59-0 rout, and 0-6 record. Even his most loyal supporters will start wondering if a change is a good thing.

  4. Are you serious??!!?! That’s not funny at all. I don’t think the fans of the Titans are laughing. If I was a fan of the Titans I would be pissed.
    I don’t care if it was a charity event. You don’t joke around about being winless 2 days after getting embarassed 59-0!!

  5. Fisher is lucky he coaches in the comforts of the South I suppose. He would not have made it off the stage if this was in, say, New York.

  6. He’s obviously trying to get the axe – which makes sense because he can make a lot more somewhere else next year than that tightwad Bud Adams will ever pay him.
    Makes sense to me.

  7. After Dungy took to the podium, he then said, “Thank you all for coming. And thank you Coach Fisher for that wardrobe choice. Now, lets get to business, any fags in the audience need to leave now before I begin…..”

  8. I actually find that to be hilarious. Maybe it’ll motivate his players to actually start winning some games.

  9. Why am I not surprised that everybody who has commented has no sense of humor?
    It was a JOKE. Get over it. Don’t give me the “rah-rah I’m a real fan” BS. It means nothing.

  10. I like Fischer a lot, but that’s over the line, and he knows it. I’m shocked. He has to want to get fired.

  11. Not too surprising really.
    It looks as though Fisher really has given up on his team, and yes, he’s acting like a guy who wants to be fired. That would certainly explain the season so far.
    All ownership can do now is to oblige him.

  12. sur
    maybe this is his “jim mora moment”…
    all in all, fisher shouldnt be too nervous. he will land on his feet.
    wade phillips should be nervous.

  13. Oh, I get it now. He’s TRYING to get fired. Titans fans should burn their team gear on his front lawn.

  14. That’s great!! Good comedy!! Good Luck Titans…
    Maybe they’ll all switch to Colts uni’s for the next game to feel like winners until they get whipped again….sooner or later they’ll don the UFL jersey’s so no one will know who they are!!!

  15. I’m not laughing or clapping. What a joke this team is this year. So after the worst loss EVER when your team quits on you in the second quarter you rock a colts jersey? Not cool. Sucks to be a Titan fan. Does Fisher want me to cheer for the Colts too?

  16. Maybe he’s gone senile believing Peytons his QB.. bottom line is Fisher ran off Floyd Reese and never back filled his linemen.. the Titans entire scheme starts form the trenches on both sides of the ball….and minus Haynesworth playing for a contract KVB is getting all the attention and no one else scares anyone.
    Hope maybe they start looking at some Wildcat considering you have the most mobile QB in Young and the fasted RB in Football… vince may get killed.. but he’s collecting serious cash for riding the pine

  17. BillCowher’sChin..that is a really strange comment you made about Dungy. You’re that hostile towards his faith that that is the first thing you thought of.

  18. he must be trying to get fired. maybe next he’ll spill gyro sauce on a steve mcnair jersey, streak across the field at the next home game, or drag the 1999 afc championship trophy around the parking lot..

  19. As a Colts fan, I do find this amusing. But at 0-6, I can understand Titans fans being upset.
    But remember, Peyton Manning is still widely popular in the state of Tennessee from his college days. Some could take it that since the NFL season isn’t going well for the Titans that the people of the state should root for success for their “adopted” football son.

  20. After a 56-0 loss, I have to question the timing. It would be different if they had done something radical like actually win a game or two.

  21. HA!! Thats funny! Jeff Fisher is a great coach and this makes him even better! He just smacked his whole team in the face! If they feel hurt or disrespected then GOOD! If they didn’t play like high schoolers, he wouldn’t have to do things like this!!!

  22. Who cares? The Titans have lost more games than the Raiders and Chiefs after a 13-3 season.
    Maybe Fisher is paving the way for his exit. Could you blame him? He gets pushed aside at the draft and gets stuck with the players his owner wants (see Jones, Adam or Young, Vince)
    Maybe he will be coaching in Philadelphia next year?!? Philly would love to have a coach like him over Big Red right now!

  23. Hilarious.
    Top to bottom H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.
    Not only the fact he wore the jersey in honor of Dungey, but in making a cringe worthy funny statement to boot? (ala Rickey Gervais)
    Add to that the turn-your-hat-around Over The Top reaction by Titan fans?
    That’s gold, Jerry, GOLD!

  24. I’m a die hard Titans fan, I love Jeff Fisher and I love to laugh at myself but all I can say is classless. it’s one thing if he did it during the off-season even but our team is royally f*cked right now, trying to fight our way out of it and to show up anywhere in another teams jersey… especially the team that’s your chief rival within the division… a team you still have to play again this year… no words for that.
    for all the people saying he should be fired who can we bring in that’s better? and do you think ANY owner in the league with an opening will hesitate to bring him in the SAME day we let him go? better wake up and realize how good we’ve got it we’re just having an off year… and if we’re lucky we may get a first round QB out of it to lead a team that’s already stocked.
    but yeah dumb@ss move.

  25. What does Fisher care?
    According to ESPN 103.3 “Galloway and Company” in Dallas, Fisher is off to the Cowboys at the end of the season.

  26. I’m a Titans fan and I can say I don’t find it the least bit funny. I’d love to see this happen somewhere like New England, Philly, or Dallas. Then would you still think it’s funny PFT?

  27. Please don’t go to the Buffalo Bills… We don’t need a 3rd good coach in the AFC East… (Sparano and Belichick being the other 2.)

  28. This was more of a shot at his team then fans. He was trying to inspire and lit a fire under his players. That being said it was a dumb move to do it at a public event

  29. Honestly, get a freaking grip. It was a charity event and they were having some fun.
    You people who are pissed by that need to find your happy place. Its just sports, not life and death.

  30. you have to remember that florio likes this kind of thing. In his bizarre world, he thinks this is a good thing. Probably why he’s not working as an attorney.

  31. wow is all I have to say. I think it’s funny, but to his players and the front office, just wow.

  32. He wants to FEEL like a winner.
    **FEEL** like a winner.
    So he dons a Peyton Manning jersey.
    Like so many fans.
    We want to feel like winners who, (oh by the way,) don’t have to put our sweat and souls into becoming winners. We just put on a jersey and PRESTO!
    We feel like winners.
    Ain’t football grand.

  33. Look at it this way, if a player did it would it be as funny or light hearted?
    What if Jevon Kearse did it after everything that has been going on with him?
    On one hand, maybe it will light a torch underneath his team’s backside.
    On the other hand, Coach, your team just got rocked like Tyson did Galifinakis in The Hangover. Maybe you should be thinking of some new gameplans instead of funny things to do at charity events.
    I love the guy, but come on now.

  34. What kind of message does that send to his players? If his team wasn’t already demoralized this should have done the trick! Obviously being 0-6 hasn’t in any way hurt HIS confidence (I guess that’s a good thing lol). I know that he was just making a joke, but under the current circumstances it was in poor taste.

  35. @Bill Cowhers chin
    Lol…….thats funny,i dont care who you are.
    Thanks for the chuckle.

  36. You know what? I’ve got nothing vested in the Titans failing or succeeding but I can see both sides of this. I understand why Titans fans would be apoplectic about this, they live and breathe the team and they are totally bummed…..but, I also understand why Fisher would do it. This guy has shown nothing but class for a long time – and now he’s on the “chopping block” for an 0-6 season. Whether he’s trying to “jolt” his guys into reality or he’s “protesting” being cut out of personnel decisions, he’s giving props to a pretty good guy in Dungy or, he’s simply giving an f-u to everybody who jumps off his bandwagon at the first hint of trouble, I don’t care. He’s earned the right in my book. He’s not a bad guy and none of us here can divine his intentions. And, he’s certainly under a sheit-load of pressure. I’m sure he’s feeling pretty bad about what a CF that team is. Rock On Jeff. Whatever happens, happens. Keep your head up!

  37. I’m a Titans fan and I just dont get everyone being so upset given the event he was at and that it was hosted by Tony Dungy. I think he also was trying to send a not so subtle message to his team. Hopefully, they get the message. I hope the team turns this season around and Fisher is back for several more years. We have just been making too many mistakes and we just need to get back to taking care of business. I think this bye week is just what we needed. Too bad it didn’t come a couple of weeks ago.

  38. It was a joke. A little one, at that.
    Talk about a bunch of idiot sports fans overreacting.

  39. It could have been worse.
    He could have said “I just wanted to feel like a cheater” and donned a Patriots jersey.

  40. This is the exact thing I wanted Fisher to do.
    Hopefully this gets him fired and on the fast track to coaching the Cowboys in 2010-11.
    Smart move.

  41. It was in Nashville. He got a standing ovation from the Crowd. The people in Tennessee love Peyton for his college days at UT. It was classy, showing respect for Tony Dungy, I thought it was pretty funny.

  42. Come on people, it’s just a game. Get over yourselves, he’s doing it for a charity for people who are probably a lot worse off than all of us. Darn right the guy has earned it and should be respected. If the players dont’ like, play harder, that’s what you’re paid to do. Boo freaking Hoo.

  43. When first reading this I thought it was funny. But after reading Titans fans responses I’ve flipflopped. If the Browns just lost 59-0 (like that can’t happen!) and Mangini was wearing a Roethlisberger jersey two days later I’d call for his head. His heart was in the right place, just a stupid thing to do. He needs to apologize to the city of Nashville.

  44. I’d be pissed if I were a Titans fan. I know, it’s a charity event and he’s just trying to have fun, but you never want to see your coach put on the jersey of a rival team. I’m a Dolphins fan and I must say I would be furious if Sparano put on a pats jersey and said “I just want to feel like a winner,” under any circumstances.

  45. coaltrain says:
    October 20, 2009 6:38 PM
    @Bill Cowhers chin
    Lol…….thats funny,i dont care who you are.
    Thanks for the chuckle.
    Some fans cant appreciate the joke, as represented here:
    lawyer400meters says:
    October 20, 2009 5:53 PM
    BillCowher’sChin..that is a really strange comment you made about Dungy. You’re that hostile towards his faith that that is the first thing you thought of.

  46. Titans fans and everyone else really need to relax. It was a joke, probably not the best idea given the Titans current state, but I doubt there was any malice behind it or any alternative motive for that matter. He’s a great coach, one of the best in the NFL IMHO. There are few better coaches in the NFL and the Titans are lucky to have a great one like Jeff. If they DO let him go b/c of one bad season…or wearing a Colt’s jersey at a banquet to introduce Tony Dungy, then they have much larger problems than this…and their currently winless record. If Mike Tomlin hadn’t proved that he’s a heck of a head coach I would LOVE Fisher to be our HC. It would be a grave mistake for the Titans to have anyone else there other than Jeff Fisher. As someone said above, he wouldn’t last long on the market AT ALL!
    They should have never stomped on that Terrible Towel…you can all thank Bullock and White for your horrible record.
    ^^^^Just kidding…but I had to say it.

  47. Hope all you a-holes out there can see that there are worse teams than the Raiders. Titans will go winless this year.

  48. “UPDATE: For the record, we think it’s great Fisher can laugh at himself. It’s sports. And a charity event. That attitude might even help turn things around when they aren’t going well”
    yeah, its sports, lets all make our players feel like losers.
    florio u get all hopped up when a guy like chad or t.o say something about their team, but with jeff fisher oh hes just laughing at himself. no, hes putting his whole organization down. if chad put on a steelers jersey and said that you would be leading the hate parade with a flaming pitchfork.
    you SUCK florio. so badly.

  49. Personally, I think it’s funny. But I can totally understand why a Titans fan might not be thrilled about this.
    Oh well.. But in the Titans defense… I’m loving the Oiler’s uniforms that they have been rockin’. Maybe they should bring Warren Moon out of retirement.

  50. Lighten up Titans fans…sounds like the coach did. Being pissy will not help you get on track.

  51. To wear it is one thing, to parade it around in the pictures like he was is another.
    Can’t imagine anyone takes it lightheartedly. Slap in the face to his players, look for them to start calling him out just like Redskins are Zorn.

  52. Charity event or not – you DONT wear a rival team’s jersey if you are the coach of that rival team.
    Imagine Joe Gibbs wearing a Phil Simms jersey back in the day. Parcells wearing a Theirman jersey? John Madden wearing a Bradshaw jersey? Shanahan wearing a Rich Gannon jersey? You get my point.
    Fisher might be fired within the month.

  53. “all in all, fisher shouldnt be too nervous. he will land on his feet. wade phillips should be nervous.”
    Winning percentage
    Wade Phillips .589
    Jeff Fissure .542

  54. i dont know how many people leaving comments actually watched the game… but it could have been at least 75-0 really… it was the most pathetic display ive seen in my 22 years of life…….

  55. Just watched the local (7PM CST) “Coach’s Show” with Jeff Fisher. Also, Mike Heimerdinger and Chuck Cecil. Ch. 2 (ABC affiliate) replayed the footage of Fish and the #18 jersey. One of the live audience members booed; Fisher called him out, told him to ‘lighten up’; that this was for a charity fundraiser thinger and he and Dungy went back decades, and they raised over a million bucks today. The rest of the audience gave him a standing ‘O’.
    Fisher is not beaten down by this defeat. He seemed fine, not at all defeated. Chuck Cecil seemed OK; a bit goofy but OK. ‘Dinger as well. Best faces forward.
    How many of you could face a live TV audience after having laid such an egg? That’s why they are pros, and the rest are sitting at home clacking the keyboards.

  56. Winning percentage
    Wade Phillips .589
    Jeff Fissure .542
    You forgot:
    Andy Reid .611 – 2nd among active coaches. Keep accepting mediocrity.

  57. If Fisher’s job is in danger, it’s not from wearing Manning’s jersey. The Titans will never be as popular in Tennessee as the Vols. Would I be happy if my coach did it? No. But though I’ve seen some sorry Steelers teams in years past, I’ve never seen one lay down like the Titans did yesterday. Contrary to what one Titans fan posted, there’s no evidence they’re trying to fight their way out of their 0-6 mess. Just the opposite. So maybe they need to have their coach humiliate them.
    Fisher’s a good coach–he’s not responsible for your team’s meltdown. Heaven knows what is. But considering that we went home with the Lombardi and you just keep losing and losing, maybe your players should think twice about wiping their feet on someone else’s team symbol. What goes around comes around.

  58. Coach McKay was perhaps the best at being funny while coaching a losing team and most of the time he did it with a lot of tack. If there is ever a hall of fame spot for losing with grace McKay for the Bucs has it wrapped up. Yet no one would ever say that McKay gave up on his team. I suggest that Fischer get a hold of some of his famous one liners to deal with his current situation.

  59. This isnt a big deal at all so all the people who think hes just looking to get fired should just get over it. I mean honestly how is this a big deal. He wore it jokingly for charity. C’mon.

  60. VoxVeritas says:
    “Winning percentage
    Wade Phillips .589”
    PLAYOFF winning percentage
    Wade Phillips .000
    Funny how you always overlook that douche.

  61. jas7n says: October 20, 2009 6:11 PM
    we’re just having an off year… and if we’re lucky we may get a first round QB out of it to lead a team that’s already stocked.
    I think you may have one of those already???

  62. Fish needs to bring a Peyton Manning Titans jersey – with Manning in it – to the next game, if he wants to keep his job.

  63. I think Fisher should, and will be fired at the end of the year.
    He is a GREAT coach, but he’s has been there too long. Sometimes a coaches message/methods can grow stale and become ineffective. He’ll get another job right away. I just think a change of scenery will do both Coach Fisher and the Titans a world of good.

  64. i want to think it’s funny too, but i just imagined if my coach did that with a jersey of one of our rivals and said that.
    i would not be amused.
    so while all non-titan fans can laugh at this, i can completely understand why the titan fans themselves would want to crucify him for that. you just don’t do that.

  65. wow thank you for the laugh coach!! I just pictured marvin lewis showing up in a polamalu, or lovie walking into a charity even with a lord favre. Hilarious.

  66. Okay, back to the real world, guys. … After that light-hearted stunt, the Titans went on an 8 and 2 run to finish the 2009 season at .500. And Fisher did that with Vince Young, no less. (Remember the season before that one? Fisher had the Titans off to a 10 and 0 start with Kerry Collins at QB.)

    Now that it’s 2016, let’s ask ourselves, what’s happened since Jeff Fisher left Music City in 2010? Well, football in Nashville, if you want to call it football, has been a total disaster show.

    – Fan Since Memphis

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