Gannon compares Redskins to Raiders

Already persona non grata in Oakland, former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon (who also once played for the Redskins) might not be getting the red-carpet treatment the next time he’s assigned to work a game at FedEx Field.

During his Tuesday show on Sirius NFL Radio (via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post), Gannon compared the situation in Washington to the morass in Oakland.   

Gannon shared his observations from the perspective of a 15-minute sit-down with owner Daniel Snyder.  (It’s unknown whether Gannon tried to order the “gabagoo.”)

“Well, you know, ironically enough we were kind of going back and forth, between talking about the situation in Oakland,” Gannon said.  “Honestly, this is crazy.  And I’m sitting there saying, ‘Is this all that different than in Oakland?‘  And I didn’t want to insult him, but certainly I thought the situation was dire.”

So what does Gannon think about the latest move, with coach Jim Zorn designing the game plan and someone else calling the plays?

“It’s a mess,” Gannon said. “And now they’re gonna turn to a guy in Sherm Lewis that’s been out of football for five years.  I mean, he was lured out of retirement to work as a consultant, ‘another set of eyes,’ was what Vinny Cerrato said.  I don’t think it’s something the coaches wanted.  He doesn’t even understand the terminology.  When I sat down and talked with some of the coaches, they said, ‘Listen, this guy’s been out of it, we have different terminology, different verbiage.’  My sense is the coaches aren’t happy about it.  And they don’t have time, the coaching staff, to stop and to bring Sherm Lewis up to speed.  And I think that this is actually going to turn into a disaster for this organization.”

Gannon’s assessment meshes with our Week Six power rankings, regarding the No. 27 team in the league:  “So the head coach is good enough to still be the head coach, but not good enough to call the plays instead of a guy who spent the last five years calling bingo numbers?  Yes, the NFC finally has found its answer to the Raiders.”  

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  1. Oh cool, they could set up a Chinese menu option set for him. He could pick pass patterns from one column, blocking scheme from another, and offensive set from a third. Easy.

  2. “Raiderish” [ra-der-ish]
    1. causing great horror; horribly repugnant; grisly: (the site of a Raiderish murder.)
    2. full of or causing problems;

  3. Can someone at CBS or Sirius have a little chat with Rich Gannon and let him in on a little secret that the rest of the English speaking world is aware of? The word OFFENSE is not spelled and is certainly not pronounced OW-FENSE. Gannon is absolutely unlistenable during a game. Regardless of why he doesn’t know this, how can someone not have informed him? WTF??????

  4. First of all “Who Gives A S@#$ What Gannon say’s”And second of all why are they even reporting this. They must be running out of Material.

  5. the skins are 2-4 against a 9-26 schedule. and those 6 teams they played are an average of 5-11 over their last 16 games.
    the raiders are 2-4 against a 20-14 schedule, and those 6 teams they played are an average of 8-8 over their last 16 games.
    true, the raiders arent good. but the redskins really are bad.

  6. Great, Rich Gannon has just ensured that the Deadskins, like the Raiders, will defeat the heartless Eagles on Monday night.

  7. Redskins last playoff win: Jan 6, 06 (vs. TB Bucs)
    Raiders last playoff win: Jan 19, 03 (vs. HOU Oilers)
    Cowboys last playoff win: Dec 28, 96 (vs. MIN)
    That is all.

  8. In past seasons, there have been players-only meetings to rally each other, or call each other out. There has been no indication that this has happened this season. Instead, there has been public sniping, a fight in the locker room, and the highest paid player leaving the field before the end of the last game. Have the players given up on Zorn and his coaching staff? It sounds like a job I had some years ago. There was a new manager who was incompetent and alienated every member of his staff within a month. Because his boss was like Snyder–impatient, meddlesome, and demanding, but with no appreciation of what the job entailed–everyone knew he would be replaced. The waiting began and nothing got done.

  9. Whoa, whoa, whoa! $nyder actually talked? What about his (PR firm-initiated advice) policy of not talking to the media during the season? Oh, I forgot, it’s ok if he and his butt buddy does it “off the record” and surruptiously to leak info that ususally is to disparage someone. So Gannon must have gotten some good stuff that he will use later based on “high-level sources within the organization.”

  10. what Florio meant was that the redskins are going to the supper bowl,but they are going as spectators not players. Stick a fork in them their done.

  11. So… Gannon didn’t want to insult Snyder by saying the Redskins sucked to his face, but he DID say it in the Washinton Post? Classy, Rich. Still, the idea that Snyder was sitting there, laughing at the Raiders is pretty ironic given the situation in Washington.

  12. Say what you want, but he’s right. When you have your GM poking his nose into coaching decisions, that’s an Al Davis-like move.

  13. Just as with the Chargers, the Redskins were not very bright in getting rid of Marty Schottenheimer. Sure, the Skins were 8-8 that season, but they were 6-2 during their last eight games( I’m pretty sure they were, that is). Marty had that team pointed in the right direction and Doofy Dan decided he would rather have Steve Spurrier instead. What a dumb move that was. I’m not using hindsight either. I thought it was dumb at the time, even if I did think Spurrier would actually succeed at an NFL level.

  14. he’ll take a lot of heat for saying that, but Gannon has a point. obviously the two teams are NOT the same…. but a lot of the same attributes are surrounding both teams.
    both teams have owners that get way too involved in the management and both don’t seem to do proper due diligence when selecting coaches.
    they do it in different manners, but the end result (not team records, but situational result) is the same.
    the biggest difference (besides records & talent) is the fact that the redskins are still able to lure any player to them when they offer enough money. Oakland has burned that bridge so much that many players won’t go to oakland no matter how much oakland offers.

  15. Some people may say that Al Davis is losing it because he’s old and confused (which could very well be true) but what excuse can you use for Dan Snyder? At least Al Davis had Oakland at the top of the heap at one time (even though it’s been awhile). Believe me when I say that I’m neither an Oakland or Washington fan by any means but at least Al Davis accomplished something in this league. Dan Synder needs to give FULL control of his team to someone who can make (unlike himself) intelligent football decisions. Until Synder becomes desperate enough to give up “the reins” to the right person (Bill Cowher perhaps) the Redskins are (at least in my opinion) deep trouble.

  16. The Skins need to let Campbell play…he’s awesome!! Look at the top tier of $hit Qb’s…he’s right up there.

  17. The owner and his incompetent puppet GM are to blame. They perpetually mismanage the team and when it blows up it’s always the coaches that take the blame.
    Snyder wants to buy his way to instant gratification every year and screws the goose in the long run. These two clowns are in the business of “name collecting”. They hear a ‘big-name’ and decide they must have the ‘big-name’. They do not have the acumen to know when the ‘big-name’ is just a big name, in decline, or a ‘big-name’ that won’t fit their system or to know who the ‘no-names’ are that will become solid players. They seldom keep coaches long enough for them to implement their system and refine the team so it then becomes very difficult to assess the talent in the off season.
    Isn’t it ironic. Snyders proclivity for instant gratification is what actually keeps him from getting any of it whatsoever.

  18. # texasPHINSfan says: October 20, 2009 5:17 PM
    the biggest difference (besides records & talent) is the fact that the redskins are still able to lure any player to them when they offer enough money. Oakland has burned that bridge so much that many players won’t go to oakland no matter how much oakland offers.
    Give us some names. Since there are many players that took less money to play somewhere else, it should be easy.

  19. names of what? players that won’t play for oakland? garcia, moss, owens….. i can go on?
    players that go to DC for any price? Hanesworth, Hall, etc….
    i’m no historian, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

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