Jay Cutler gets a new deal

Though it’s hardly an Eli Manning/Philip Rivers blockbuster, quarterback Jay Cutler has landed a new deal after only five games as a member of the Chicago Bears.

News of the new contract comes from Jason La Canfora of NFL Network.

Per La Canfora, it’s a two-year extension of Cutler’s existing deal, which ran through 2011.  The deal includes roughly $30 million in new money, and $20 million in guarantees.

We need to see the full deal before comparing it properly to other quarterback contracts.  On the surface, however, it doesn’t seem like the kind of big-money package that should be paid to a guy who cost the Bears two first-round draft picks and, as it turns out, one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

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  1. Kyle “Dump Off” Orton is NOT one of the best young QB’s in the league Florio. With that offensive line giving him all day to throw you would consider me one of the best young QB’s in the league too.

  2. Cutler is no Eli Manning or Phillip Rivers, and he hasn’t done anything to deserve everyone being on his root like they are. What has he done? Never had a winning record, never took a team to the playoff’s, hell, he couldn’t even close out the div last year when all they needed was a single win in the last 3 weeks.
    So he throws the ball really hard. BFD. Guess who is #2 in redzone INTs? Yup, Cutler. Guess who’s only INT is a hail mary at the end of the half? Orton. Give me Orton and the draft picks any day. Denver won that trade and its not close.

  3. Now he’s one of the best young QB’s ? A week ago you said he was nothing more than a game manager.

  4. @florio: “one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.”
    are you kidding me, mike?
    save for a miracle tip on a horribly under-thrown pass in week 1 against the bengals, and an amazing individual effort by brandon marshall on another horribly under-thrown pass against dallas, said quarterback would be 4-2, and in the big blob of nfl mediocrity.
    call orton what he is, a game manager who suits the broncos scheme. dubbing him what you have is incredible hyperbole.
    i ask you to save this statement then dig it back up when the broncos are a one and done in the playoffs.

  5. As a Bears fan I love it… I just wish that Jerry Angelo believed in participating in the first day of the draft so that they could get him some O-line help.

  6. Hey Michael,
    Sadly for your analysis, Kyle Orton used to play for the Bears and sucked and turned the ball over a lot. I’m glad he’s doing well in his system, but let’s not pretend the Bears would be getting any use out of him this year.

  7. Give me Orton and his winning pct over Mr Red Zone INT (and what is it now, 7 picks in 5 games?).
    Cutler had THE SAME line last year, designed especially for him. He couldn’t lead the team to wins, though. Yes, the D was bad. But Cutler didn’t help matters — his turnovers and his inability to convert third downs kept that D on the field a lot more than they should have been last year.
    Orton = WINS. Cutler = flash + INTs

  8. Cutler had that same offensive line, but didn’t put up the wins or numbers that Orton has so far. Denver was 4-2 last season at this point, but as any Bronco fan was reminded multiple times by any non-Broncos fan, they should have been 2-4 thanks to the controversial calls against San Diego and New Orleans. And anyone who thinks that Orton has simply been “dumping off” the ball the whole time hasn’t seen a snap during any of Denver’s games this year. The touch pass to Scheffler for a TD last night was a thing of beauty.
    And oh, by the way – Orton has been sacked 9 times over the first 6 games, and at this point last year, Cutler had been sacked only twice. The O-Line is actually playing WORSE than last year.
    Give Orton the credit he deserves – the guy is playing great right now, and along with the complete 180 the defense has made from last year, he’s the biggest reason for Denver being undefeated right now.

  9. Jay CU%Tler shouldn’t even be a starter. All he has is a strong arm and a bitchy attitude. $20 mil guarranteed for a guy who’s never even won a playoff game?!

  10. Are you idiot’s serious Cutler is a great QB with average receivers and a horrible offensive line. With what would be called a above average, not elite running back. It is the best thing to happen to the Bears since I started watching and they one the supper bowl. All of you don’t know shit about football and are just dead wrong. We got him cheap and we keep adding. Its not going to happen this year, its going to take time. But you don’t just pass a chance up to get such a great talent. You will see.

  11. That trade gets more lopsided everyday. Angelo should thank Jones for outdoing him in the “worst trade made by a Jerry” contest. At least Angelo received a starting QB when he gave up the farm instead of a #3 WR.

  12. Ummm, to all you guys insulting Kyle Orton, you do realize he has done everything perfectly this year, makes plays when it matters most, has done nothing but win games his entire career and has more respect from his teammates than Cutler ever had in Denver. Plus, he has the Broncos at 6-0, right?
    Pretty sure McDaniels looks like a genius at this point. I’ll take Orton over Cutler anyday. The 76 draft picks the Donks got as well just make it even better.
    Who had more “physical tools,” Jeff George or Joe Montana? Right. Who was a better QB? Right. Unless your Jason Whitlock, the answer is obvious. Is this a board full of Jason Whitlocks?

  13. Hey Rolltide,
    Orton had more TD’s than INT’s in Chicago, and look at his record as a starter. He’s actually a winning qb, even with the lack of O-line, wr’s and run game he had in Chicago. Cutler had one of the best o-line’s in football, and one of the best wr’s in the league when he was in Denver, and what has he ever done? Winning record? No, not since high school.
    Cutler looks good losing, Orton just wins. Again, I’ll take Orton and the draft picks and be happy about it.

  14. “We got him cheap and we keep adding.”
    Cheap? The Bears gave up two first rounders and a third rounder to get him. How is that ‘cheap’?

  15. Riot says: October 20, 2009 10:06 PM
    “He was talking about Cutler, not Orton, you illiterate morons.”
    Riot – Florio was referring to Orton when he said “one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.” Re-read the sentence – “On the surface, however, it doesn’t seem like the kind of big-money package that should be paid to a guy who cost the Bears two first-round draft picks and… one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.”
    Before you start calling people names, might want to make sure the name doesn’t apply to yourself first.

  16. Cutler’s a whiny little punk that couldn’t handle a city where QBs are EXPECTED to play well. He had one of the best OLs and some of the finest WRs in the league, and still couldn’t win 1 out of the last 3 games to get to the playoffs. EPIC CHOKE!
    Orton is a better overall QB, and Denver got the best of that trade BY FAR! The proof is in the results…

  17. There Bears will be regretting this in about 2 years when they still haven’t won a playoff game and Cutler is whining, pouting and demanding another new contract.

  18. Denver has gone from 30th in points allowed to a rate that would make them one of the best defenses in NFL history. They’ve allowed 3 points in the 2nd half this year of ALL 6 GAMES. They’re on pace to only allow 171 points, one of the best in YEARS.
    That is a VERY EASY GIG for Kyle Orton. Granted, Orton is performing very well with what he’s given right now, but he has everything he could possibly want around him. The only thing he doesn’t have is a RB who can win a game on his own, but Moreno is a physically talented kid who could develop into one of the best in the league.
    Maybe Cutler cost the Broncos a few possessions with his interceptions, but there’s no way his 18 interceptions were the reason Denver was in company with the 0-16 Lions for worst defense in the NFL.
    Some food for thought:
    -Peyton Manning threw 42 interceptions in his 4th and 5th years in the league.
    -Last year Kerry Collins “won” 13 games. This year he’s 0-6.
    -Drew Brees had a 67 QB rating his 3rd year in the NFL and the Chargers drafted Rivers in the off-season.
    -Cutler has a higher completion % this season than Orton so far.
    -Orton “won” games his rookie year while completing 51% of his passes with a 51 QB rating. Don’t let his overall record fool you.

  19. I love reading everybodys posts about how bad orton is and how great cutler is…haha ya to who ever said how denvers offensive line is playing worse at this point from last year..ya cutler got sacked 2 times compared to ortons 12 times…cutler rolls out of the pocket and orton sits in the poket and looks for that 2nd and 3rd option. Like everyone said orton is a great game manager and i will take that any day over stats…And heres a stat for you orton is 18-2 at home..what is cutler?? Cutlers 10tds 12 turn overs is horable and thats all on him

  20. What you Denver homers neglect to consider is coaching. Given the fact that you just revealed even more ineptitude about Norv Turner, you forget that his brother is no better. Cutler’s production in your system would make it look like you’re piling on the teams you’ve beaten, because he can hit those great receivers you have deep down field. Consider Orton’s productivity with the Bears the years he was there. Then look at how Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones are doing.
    The Turner brothers are horrible.

  21. I’d have to say the Cutler trade is looking very nice for Denver. How many picks did the bears give up? Which team is 6-0 and which one is 3-2.
    Take it from somebody who saw their team mortgage their future for one player, Cutler is the bear’s Herschel Walker, minus all the situps and pushups.

  22. enough already with jumping on the orton bandwagon.he is the same qb he always was with the bears and the same one you and every member of the media made fun during his time with the bears.so because denver is undefeated that makes him one of the great young qb’s?he manages the game with no turnovers.great what happens when say they get behind and it’s late in the game and the broncos need more than a dump off or a 15-20yd. pass and watch marshall do the rest?why do you think fans and his teammates wanted grossman instead of him?because grossman had a cannon and could get it downfield whenever they had to.orton is a solid qb but not in the class with cutler or the other great young qb’s in the league.

  23. Denvers defense was completelt revamped in the offseason. If any of you douche bags watched their games defense is the main reason they are winning.
    Tipped ball in Cincy and Marshal’s catch and run wouldn’t matter last year when they gave up 30+ points a game.

  24. With the possibility of a lockout in 2011, Cutler and his agent, Bus Cook, decided to secure some guaranteed money by getting a new deal.
    Main reason they perused an extension. Didn’t want to lock him up long term in a deal that doesn’t compare to others but gets him some guaranteed money for the short term.

  25. Lol. Orton. Mediocre at best. Nothing more than Derek Anderson having a good year. You should be able to see this by now, Michael.

  26. And oh, by the way – Orton has been sacked 9 times over the first 6 games, and at this point last year, Cutler had been sacked only twice. The O-Line is actually playing WORSE than last year.
    Cutler has only taken 10 sacks so far this year behind what has been a much worse o-line. Your o-line didn’t get worse, your new QB just doesn’t avoid sacks nearly as well even when mostly passing within 10 yards.

  27. Anybody else realize that Cutler still got royally screwed.
    I know I’m a Bears fan but I’m a Orton fan. If this trade never happened. Cutler would be a MVP candidate right now and Orton would just yet another Bears quarterback in the long line of Bears quarterbacks that amounted to nothing.
    So give Josh McDaniels credit where credit is due. He’s making the national media his personal b*tches after the way they treated him in the offseason and what do they do? They praise the Defense.

  28. “Orton = WINS.”
    Correction- Orton benefits from having best O-line in the league, Brandon Marshall, and #1 defense in the NFL. Please stop trying to kid yourselves already. Put Orton back on the Bears, and maybe..maybe they beat the Lions.

  29. Riot says “He was talking about Cutler, not Orton, you illiterate morons.”
    Riot hasn’t learned how to read yet. Florio said “it doesn’t seem like the kind of big-money package that should be paid to a guy who cost the Bears two first-round draft picks AND, as it turns out, one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.”
    See that word “AND”, Riot ??? Perhaps Riot thinks the Bears traded Cutler plus 2 first round picks for Cutler ???? DUHHHHHHHHHH
    Reading is fundamental, or in your case … just mental !

  30. Its okay, DaBears1, I was once as delusional about Cutler as you are. When he’s playing on his third team in, say, about 3 years, you’ll start remembering the football fundamentals his pretty play makes you forget. I imagine he’s a little like meth…he makes you feel good all over for awhile and then he starts burning holes your brain.
    The fact is, the ‘miracle’ turn around of the Denver defense is 1 part McSixenO/Nolan, 1 part key new personnel, and one part no idiot QB redefining untimely turnover.
    Might I add Orton Hears a WoooHooo!!!
    The Bears got hosed.

  31. One of the best young qbs? Are you kidding me? This is one of the biggest myths that’s been put out in the NFL this year. This is the same crap we heard about Derek Anderson and Matt Cassell, some misinformed members of the media insisting that a “winning” qb belongs along the upper, though not elite, tier of QBs, with the Flaccos, Ryans, and Rivers. Anyone who insists that Kyle Orton is a great QB simply are looking at his win loss column and not at what he is. He is a limited QB who can achieve wins when the right team is around him. He has a defense that can impose their will on the other team, a solid running game, an offensive line that can offer him time and WRs that can take a pass laterally from the line of scrimmage and punch in TDs like Marshall did twice against the Patriots. If Orton truly was one of the best young QBs Florio, you mudraking populist twit, he would of achieved success last year in Chicago. Because of his limitations, he needs people around them. With, essentially, the same team, Cutler has turned Chicago into a possible winner in all of their games. Orton would not be the same. The pressure Cutler feels is dealt with Cutlers instincts and mobility, something Orton lacks. To say Orton is one of the best young qbs, instead of he’s a solid young QB, is irresponsible, naive, and shows how little you know about football if you make that statement.

  32. I love the dynamic this has created between Denver and Chicago fans… for obvious reasons, a lot of Broncos lovers are going to hate the Bears. There’s nothing wrong with that, after the drama Jay caused leaving town you expect some hate.
    On the other hand, though, most Bears fans (homers excluded) want nothing but the best for Orton. I was always a big supporter of his, and like a lot of people thought he deserved better than the media and coaching staff gave him. So to see him excel in Denver is pretty nice. Make no mistake, though, he is who we thought he was.
    Kyle has good vision and makes smart decisions, the qualities of a great QB. His arm downfield isn’t that great but when we compared him to Rex back in the day I always preferred the 10-15 yard passes. He is a statue in the pocket, but the Bronc’s line allows him to take 7 step drops and work his check downs consistently. Until that changes, he’s going to be doing great things in Denver. It also helps not having to light up the scoreboard to stay in the game, which is what he had to deal with a lot of last season. Good for you Kyle.
    Meanwhile, Cutler seems to be showing flashes of brilliance and moments of Grossman-esque stupidity. I think most NFL fans agree there’s nothing worse than a forced ball into coverage that ends in a pick, and he’s had a few we all wish he’d take back. That said, he is the playmaker we’ve been missing at the position my whole life (minus the first two years). The O-Line is weak at protection and horrible at run blocking, which puts a lot of drives on the quarterback’s shoulders. He’s going to take his shots, for better or for worse, and thankfully he’s got a great arm so hopefully it’s more for the better. That same mentality is what enamored most of us with Favre (even as a Bears fan), despite the peaks and valleys it puts us through.
    For the Bears, I still say he’s the right guy. We’ll have to see how he develops with the team (it would really help to have a offensive coordinator who could go beyond a high school playbook). We have to hope his decision making improves, but all in all he’s the best thing we have on the offensive side of the ball. Besides Olin Kreutz, of course.

  33. Orton was developing into a fine QB. Just look at how he was playing for the Bears up to the point where he was injured during the Detroit game. Urlacher even called him a “stud”. After the injury he just didn’t play the same and personally I don’t think he was 100% for the rest of the season.
    Cutler is doing about as well in Chicago as he was doing in Denver. But Denver’s offense was designed around a passing quarterback so with decent protection (something Orton really didn’t have in Chicago) Orton is starting to shine.
    Chicago’s offense is designed as a “run first” offense and it puzzles me why they would trade so much for a “pass first” QB. But the investment has been made and if Chicago wants production from Cutler they’ll need to change their offensive mentality. It will be even more difficult in the future trying to draft a pass oriented offensive line while their defensive stars start to age.
    Go Bears!

  34. You Cutler sackriders keep telling yourself that the Bears got a deal…
    Orton has a 26-12 record (.684) as a starter.
    That places him third among active passers with at least 25 starts, behind New England’s Tom Brady (.776) and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger (.711).
    Orton’s 18-2 home record as a starter is the best in the league since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.
    The Broncos RAPED the Bears on that trade. 🙂

  35. well its good that orton is having a good year. maybe itll make people forget that the media including game announcers in one of the games last year called him 3rd and out orton last year…

  36. # @CYGNUS X-1 says: October 20, 2009 11:44 PM
    “what happens when say they get behind and it’s late in the game and the broncos need more than a dump off or a 15-20yd. pass and watch marshall do the rest?”
    Ummmmmm, check your facts. Orton has come from behind in 4 of the 6 games this year moron…..

  37. I think it’s funny how the Orton bashers point to his mediocre stats while in Chicago as “proof” that he’s not among the top QB’s in the league right now. As someone pointed out earlier, check out Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones. Benson was labeled a bust because of his time in Chicago, but is among the league leaders in rushing this year. Thomas Jones was labeled a bust for his time in AZ, started redeeming himself in Chicago, and took his performance to a higher level since leaving.
    Cutler definitely has the tools to be an elite QB, but the more I watched him play while in Denver, the less I thought it likely he’d achieve that. My hope was McDaniels would help take him to that level, but we know how that turned out. With Cutler, it isn’t just about the interceptions – it’s about WHEN they happen. And with each passing season, he seems to get closer to Jeff George than John Elway when looking at comparisons.

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