Jets looking for a defensive tackle

With nose tackle Kris Jenkins out for the year, the Jets are working the phones on the final day of the trading deadline in search of a replacement, according to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News.

The most obvious target is Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers.  Given the curious pipeline that has developed between the team coached by former Jets coach Eric Mangini and the man who fired him, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, it’s not such a far-fetched idea.

Cimini also points out that Browns defensive lineman Corey Williams is available.  But he’s not particularly suited to take over the nose position in a 3-4 defense.

And that’s the real problem the Jets face.  Starting-caliber 3-4 nose tackles are hard to find.  They are a rare breed — strong, nimble, athletic, and very fat.  Their job is to clog up the middle of the line, allowing the middle linebackers to target the ball carrier.

The Jets’ best bet might be to scour the depth charts of teams that use a 4-3 front in search of a backup tackle who might be suited to making the shift to nose in the 3-4, as both Jenkins and Rogers when they arrived in New York and Cleveland, respectively, in 2008.

Regardless, it won’t be easy to replace Jenkins, and if the Jets are going to do it via a trade they’ve now got less than two hours.

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  1. But what do the Jets have left to give up? They can’t trade a 2nd 3rd or 4th round pick because they already traded them. A first for big baby? I doubt it.

  2. “They are a rare breed — strong, nimble, athletic, and very fat.”
    Great stuff Florio.
    I love Vince Wilfork, but man the throw-back jerseys aren’t too flattering for that swimmer’s physique.
    Don’t go changin’ Vince!

  3. Next years first rounder for Shaun Rogers. Unfortunately for the Jets, that might be a top 10 pick is Sanchise keeps playing like his Uncle Rico.

  4. Did Jimmy Kennedy with the Viking previously play in a 3 – 4 defense in St. Louis?
    He’s been playing well

  5. Good luck to that. Finding a 3-4 NT isn’t like plucking a #1 receiver. Plus, the Jets are probably competing against the Chargers to obtain one as well.

  6. Shaun Rogers isn’t going anywhere. He’s the best player the Browns have on the defensive side of the ball. He’s a player you can build around, there’s no way Mangini is gonna get rid of him.

  7. Jimmy Kennedy was a freaking steal for the Vikes… kid looks like a replacement for Phat Pat when that day comes!
    Vikes need a CB… Griffith is a bum.

  8. maybe they can trade braylon to cleveland for rogers.
    i’m enjoying watching the jets collapse. classless trash-talkers. hah

  9. Jets Season Ticket Holders phone: Ring, ring…
    Season ticket holder: “Hello….”
    Phone: “Uh, hey, uh, season ticket holder, uh, this is, uh, Rex Ryan, uh, Head Coach of the, uh, New York Jets. You, uh, may have heard, that, uh, we lost big Kris Jenkins, uh, for the season. Uh, we all know that he, uh, was the only person in the organization, uh, that has a worse case of dinky doo, than, uh, me. Anyways, uh, I have been scanning the sidelines, at, uh, homegames, and noticed, that, uh, there are a lot of people in the stands, that, uh, have a severe case of dinky doo too. So, uh, if you are looking for a Vince Popali style, uh, rise to fame, uh, come on down to tryouts on, uh, Tuesday afternoon. I, uh, asked you all to, uh, be loud, and, uh, help us out for our, uh, week 2 Super Bowl, uh, against the Pats, and uh, you came through, so, uh, hope to see you on Tuesday”

  10. The Pats just signed and quickly dumped Terdell (“the giant”, at 6’8″ / 355) Sands. He’s available.

  11. “Shaun Rogers isn’t going anywhere. He’s the best player the Browns have on the defensive side of the ball. He’s a player you can build around, there’s no way Mangini is gonna get rid of him.”
    You literally have to build – AROUND – him.

  12. The Skins have Anthony Montgomery on the roster and he is a young DT with a lot of tread left on his tires. Skins would probably let him go for a mid to late round pick. Hurry Jets, hour or so until the deadline.

  13. Make a deal with Vinny Cerruto as soon as possible…before he gets fired and someone who can evaluate NFL talent takes over.

  14. why does not just Rex Ryan line up?? isnt he about 450′ pounds???
    serious, what do they wanna give up? the NewYork Islanders 1st and Knicks 3rd rounder???
    as a Miami Fan, you have to love how they do business, and i thoughed Mangini was bad lol
    ok with a GM named Christmastree (Tannenbaum german for Christmastree)
    what else can we expect

  15. the headline is SOOOOO WRONG should be like this:
    Jets looking for QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, OT, OG, C, NT, DE, MLB, OLB, FS, SS, CB, GM, VP and Headcoach
    there are also rumours that the New Jersey JESTs are looking for some team color, imagine and AND KIND OF PLAN TO RUN A FOOTBALL TEAM

  16. In Touch’s Junior Reporter Mike Florio reports:
    GM Christmastree & Rex “only-thing-i-ll-ever-gonna-win-is-a-pie-eating-contest” Ryan headed to Washington and found a solution that works for the Redskins and the Jests
    NewJersey trades the whole Team to Washington
    and Washington sends the whole team to NewJersey

  17. texasPHINSfan says:
    “maybe they can trade braylon to cleveland for rogers.
    i’m enjoying watching the jets collapse. classless trash-talkers. hah ”
    Hey, Brain Surgeon. You’re doing a great job of trash-talking the Jets on the boards recently. Were you looking in the mirror when you made that “classless” comment?
    Looking at this week’s schedule, seems your team is playing the Saints. I remember it well: The Jets lost to the Saints in Week 4 by just 14 points, in the Saints house, and played a great game against them. Let’s see how well your team does. I laugh at trash talkers, because they end up eating the trash they spew. Get your fork ready.
    Ah yes, Sunday is going to be a great day!

  18. I still can’t believe the Dolphins fans and their trash-talking. They make it sound like their team is worth something!
    Come back and pollute the boards when your team is worth bragging about….

  19. @footballFanatik
    you know its just sooo fun watching the big mouth fat Jests how they burned all draft picks last year + this year for???? but that being said, they would pick the next Vernon Gholston anyways…
    you guys have noooooo plan how to run an organisation, i hate the jets and redskins for years. go watch how the champion teams operate.
    you know you can talk as much about the dolphins as you want, we wont will a super bowl this year but this regime got a plan and within 2 years this team went from 3rd oldest to 5th youngest and talented increased 3000% but you know we run a 11% gimmick offense and only run for 177 yds
    even if we got killed by the saints, a L is a L, and we’ll end up above the Jests. 2-0 division and we get never sweaped by the Pats. Have fun traveling to Oakland and get another Ass Whopper. Seymour is going to gravedigg Sanchez.
    Can someone please save that cutey birdy from the raiders field, with Rex Ryan coming up and his team being 0-14 behind after 3 quaters, that birdy is going to look like one big piece of turkey to him.

  20. FootballFanatik – it’s fun now because you guys were the genuises that decided to start talking trash. by nature, i talk trash about no other team. when fat rex starts and your fans start, i just volley a few rounds.
    it’s great when such big talkers go down like the hindenburg. you’re just eating crow right now. take it like a man and stop trying to deflect like your man pace. when you guys produce on the field, you can talk trash. (or, better yet, maybe produce on the field and NOT talk trash. I hate to reference the patriots, but they are a great example).
    I have no beef with the pats or bills. just the jets….. because of stuff like this. keep it classy, new jersey.

  21. oh, and we’re not bragging about our team. just enjoying how much yours is falling apart after all that talk & hype. 😉
    we’ll enjoy our “gimmick” quietly to ourselves, don’t worry.

  22. Bill Cowher’s Chin, I don’t know if you were around for the old days of PFT or not but your post gets 5/5… Screw that 10/5

  23. Finsbooyah, I have been around PFT for a while, 3 years or so, and I do remember the rating system…… Those were the days. Anyways, I appreciate your 10 out of 5 rating….

  24. texasPHINSfan and Crowder911….
    First, and just for the record, I am a Colts fan.
    I am pulling for Sanchez. That team was looking for a break after the Favre fiasco…and what a crash that was! Sanchez got thrown into a media frenzy and was being called “Broadway Mark” and hearing “Sanchize” from the press. Hell, even ESPN was jumping on it! I think he’s doing a respectable job as first year, and he’s going to make mistakes. Neither Mark Sanchez or Jets fans told Rex Ryan what to say in press conferences, so direct your anger (actually, it was coming across as envy, since they are your rivals), to the correct source: the coach himself, and the press that caused the hype.
    Like it or not, that team has talent: Jones, Washington, Cotchery, even Sanchez and Feely. I’m not going to list the roster, but I hope you see my point. The bashing here, for the most part, has no substance to it. State some stats, spit out some facts, but save the “hate” for the teen message boards, because it just sounds high school. I was rolling my eyes more than agreeing with what i was reading.
    Crowder911, very well written post, except for the part when you figured me as a Jets fan, rather than a FOOTBALL fan, and someone who says give the kid a damned break. I am hoping he makes it, and becomes franchise one day. He deserves it for the bull he’s been dealing with so far.

  25. Typical trash talking fish fans. Searching out post that have nothing to do with their team and splattering their worthless opinions around. Since you’re hear you might as well read a post that has some truth to it. As far as the Jets have fallen the last three weeks they’re still better than the fins. Man it must suck to be a fins fan. There is no reason why the Jets won’t finish well above Miami come playoff time. They are just going through some growing pains. How many more wild cat plays do you think you guys can come up with? We’ll see you in Jersey… Losers!

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