Redskins pick up Levi Jones

The Redskins desperately need help at offensive tackle, so they picked up the biggest name available Tuesday.

The team announced that they signed Levi Jones, formerly of the Bengals.  

Jones once had Pro Bowl-caliber talent and received a contract extension from Cincinnati with $16.3 million in 2006, but knee and back injuries slowly wore him down.  He worked out for the Lions and Packers recently; both teams passed.

To clear roster room, the Redskins released two running backs: Anthony Alridge and Marcus Mason.  They also signed running back Quinton Ganther, formerly of the Titans.

25 responses to “Redskins pick up Levi Jones

  1. Let’s see, so The RedSkinnEDs signed an OT that played for Cincy when they sucked, then the Lionesses and The Pack passed on. And they picked up a rb that the 0-6 Titans passed on. Okay, now things are getting straightened out.

  2. what ever happened to Pete Kendall? The fact that he knows the system make to much sense I guess. Another running back and tackle that nobody wants. How approiate.

  3. What a move!! The Deadskins will now win 10 in a row, roll thru the playoffs and win it all! Levi Jones!! Our savior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Woo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  4. Levi was on his way to becoming one of the best LT’s in the NFL before his knee surgeries. Hasn’t been the same since.
    Still an upgrade over some LT’s playing starting these days though. Good pickup for the Skins, I hope Levi can regain some of the success he had early in his career.

  5. What a joke this team has become. And I’ve been a die hard fan for over 30 years. This is the worst I ever remember it being. Everyone BUT the midget knows what needs to be done.

  6. Wow. Seems as though the Redskins are doing a bang up job of piecing together an O-line of washed up, first round busts. First Mike Williams, now Levi Jones. Think it’s too late for Danny Boy to offer two firsts and Orakpo for Robert Gallery?

  7. Actually Levi was the starting LT in cincy during our brief surge from ’04-’06. but the last two years he as a bum, getting burnt for sacks.
    hope he does well in snyderville

  8. This just proves that TT is clueless in GB.
    Levi Jone HAS to be better than the stiffs on that O line there.
    Guess its because it isn’t one of ” his ” guys.
    Let’s just bring back a “former great” RB, that will molify the Green and Gold masses.
    This guy deserves all the contempt he is getting from Packer fans.
    Mumbles will be the one that pays for his inactivity, not teabag.
    If I were a Packer fan, I’d be pissed too!

  9. Mason will be picked up immediately by someone soon though. He was actually the only bright spot I saw from the Redkins this preseason.

  10. wow……………I wished i was a packer fan, after watching my redskins the first six weeks. listen to that guy……………..hey I’ll trade ya aaron rodgers for jason campbell, if the pack is in such bad shape………………………..

  11. I was at the draft when Levi was picked by the Bengals. Has it really been that long? He’s already “over the hill”? It was 2003!
    Man, NFL careers can be short.

  12. It’s not just Levi’s injuries that have kept him from getting signed. He became complacent and would stop playing before the end of the play. The guy lost his fire.

  13. Cool, the Texans wanted quick 6 Aldridge back. And Levi has sucked since Joey Porter bitch slapped him in the casino.

  14. Look for defenders that line up against Levi to rack up the sacks and his quarterback to take a beating. He’ll say in interviews after the game that it made him mad to see his quarterback getting beat up like it, but he will be helpless to stop it.

  15. yeah thats what the skins really needed to do. get rid of aldridge, the only truly fast guy on the team. they certainly didn’t want to play someone like that, that’s for sure…………..yeah, thats it……………………

  16. Yeah, I can see the reason for the OL guy. But, what’s up with the RB thing? I don’t get it.

  17. You peope are F’ckng MORONS!
    You may have the IQs of fruit flies but even you stupid f’cking idiots might realize that Pro Bowl or even quality O-linemen are not exactly available. Maybe PFT should have pictures for you stinking PFT Planet Douchebags!

  18. Aldridge fumbles too much, if the Texans wanted him they could have picked him up when the Skins cut him in preseason. Runyun would be a good pick up, I don’t know why they didn’t sign him. Oh wait, Cerrato’s running things, never mind. This team might not win another game this year.

  19. OK big j. Where do you think the skins got him? Oh yeah, Texans practice squad. Think McFly.

  20. OK ben.there
    Obviously you’re an idiot or a retard or both. Get
    What team doesn’t get players from other practice squad you dumb ass?

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