Strahan's sack record is in jeopardy

Eight years ago, Giants defensive end Michael Strahan leapfrogged by 0.5 sacks the single-season record previously held by Mark Gastineau of the Jets, thanks to a “get a room” moment between Strahan and Brett Favre in Week Seventeen.

This year, Elvis Dumveril might not need any January 3 favors from Matt Cassel of the Chiefs to overcome Strahan’s mark of 22.5.

Dumervil notched 2.0 sacks during Monday night’s win over the Chargers, giving the former fourth-round pick whose biggest claim to fame was being stomped by Marcus Vick during the Gator Bowl a whopping 10.0 through six games.

That projects to 26.5 for the season, which would best Strahan’s record by four full sacks.

In 2001, Strahan had 10.5 sacks through six games.

But Dumervil isn’t the only one to watch.  Jared Allen of the Vikings currently has 7.5 sacks, along the temperament to turn it up several notches in order to stay close to Dumervil.

Allen also has another game against Green Bay’s “Baby Swiss” offensive line, which technically gives the calf-roping mullet man a shot at breaking Strahan’s record by 7:00 p.m. ET on November 1.

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  1. I think Dumervil had 4-5 of those sacks against the Browns. The last time I checked, the Broncos are not scheduled to play another UFL team this season. So that may slow down his pace…

  2. I love these week six predictions. They ALWAYS come true. Who’s gonna win the superbowl again? Arizona?

  3. Favre gift wrapped that sack record for strahan, falling down like five feet before strahan even got to him. Looks like baby Swiss may gift wrap it for Allen unless they fix their o line.

  4. Perhaps Green Bay’s TT will take advantage of the trade deadline and bring in some better cheese to bond the “baby swiss”?

  5. Ted Thompson was concerned with getting a couple pieces for the 3-4 defense in the first round this year, I can only hope he goes for an offensive tackle in the first round next year. With him, you never know I guess. That said, no matter who it is, they better be getting coached by someone else next year. James Campen has done NOTHING!

  6. ” Baby Swiss ” ?
    Kind of catchy I must admit.
    The only thing that goes down faster than the Packers offensive line is Paris Hilton in her new sex tape.

  7. Thats right our O-Line needs some fixing, but all you non Packer fans better hope they don’t get it fixed because that is the only thing keeping the Packers down. Fix the O-line and we are right there with the Saints.

  8. packerswin says:
    October 20, 2009 9:07 AM
    Thats right our O-Line needs some fixing, but all you non Packer fans better hope they don’t get it fixed because that is the only thing keeping the Packers down. Fix the O-line and we are right there with the Saints.
    Put down the crack pipe. The pukers suck and everyone knows it. Oh, and thanks for Brett Farve and a great Christmas. LOL LOL LOL
    Vikings 6-0

  9. are you talking about the same jared allen that was burned for 2 long touchdown runs to his side aginst the Ravens late in the game ?? ….. let’s talk about that …. the horse tooth guy with the mullet from the 80’s has no class …..when you get a sack act like all the other nfl players instead of breaking into some GAY routine to garner YOURSELF some more attention, mr. all about I, ME, MY …. I’m curious why didn’t you do your little act after each of those touchdown runs to your side …. and to get credit for a sack shouldn’t you have to actually tackle the qb ?? he reaches out and pokes the ball out of the qb’s hand (without as much as not even touching the qb)and it’s a sack , lame , i would call that a forced fumble , but a sack ??…. or on a broken play that was supposed to be a hand off and the rb went the wrong direction and he then tackles the qb that was left just standing there who has / had NO intention of passing the ball , that’s also credited as a sack , come on , really ?? the nfl went years without keeping track of sacks and now you get credit for one on garbage plays like this …. a sack should be ONLY when the opposing qb drops back to pass and is physically brought down to the ground by you …. talk about a term that has lost some real meaning

  10. blitzed – well said.
    se18a29 – not well said, and we will see how happy you are with Favre at Christmas time, just remember with our crappy O-line we still almost beat you.

  11. Brown fan in therapy …..
    the one and only jared allen played the Browns and had ZERO sacks ….. allen has had a easier schedule and the luxury of going up against teams ( 49ers , Packers and Ravens) whose starting left tackles have been out with injuries ….think in the Packers game they were down to the 3rd string tackle by games end …..

  12. se18a29 says: October 20, 2009 9:19 AM
    packerswin says:
    October 20, 2009 9:07 AM
    Thats right our O-Line needs some fixing, but all you non Packer fans better hope they don’t get it fixed because that is the only thing keeping the Packers down.
    Did you see Brett Favre drop back, have a cup of coffee, pull out a blackberry and check his Email before he threw a pass. The Packers defense is awful.

  13. Blitzed: as opposed to the Samuri dance that Barnett does when he holds someone to a GAIN of 3 yards? Yep, Jared Allen is the only one that calls attention to himself….you jagoff.
    You get credit for a sack if you force a fumble by the QB behind the the line of scrimmage.
    That’s football 101. Don’t hate because you don’t know or like the rules.
    Packerswin: Only moronic Packer fans such as yourself think “we almost beat you”!
    That game was essentially over with 7:25 left in the 4th quarter. Pack down 30-16.
    Everyone on the planet knows that except you and your idiot brethren who don’t understand football( nope not saying all Packer fans, just idiots like this guy).
    The last 10 points the pack got were do to Childress employing his famous “soft zone” and not going for the jugular.
    By the way Packerswin, it’s week 7 and Mumbles and Teabag haven’t fixed the o-line yet, they are still teaching technique! LMAO…..Clueless.
    There is a reason you are 3-2, your team is so-so, get used to it, ok?

  14. Florio,
    I support you at all costs. The comments on this site are unjustifiably harsh towards you at times. This is the first time I need to raise my hand. This headline is a non factor with more then half the season left! Injuries and poor performance can factor in with 10 games remaining on their schedule.
    I’m not sure if you were trying to be the first to report this so in 8 weeks you can say “First reported here ” but C’mon!
    If you need time to kill, I could sure use some legal advice. Give me a call.

  15. If I’m not mistaken, Allen has more sacks than any other player during the past three year period, so all of this talk about easy schedules and this certain plays not really counting as sacks doesn’t really hold water.
    Has he had bad games? Yes. Has he been bested from time to time? Yes. Name a player that hasn’t. The fact is, Allen is a sack machine, and there isn’t a team out their (other than perhaps the Chiefs) who wouldn’t want him if they could have him.

  16. Allen has been fairly irrelevant the past two games. Seems like the man with a motor that never stops running needs a tune up.
    At least for him they do play Green Bay again.

  17. Can someone other than Florio write the headlines? These are begining to look like supermarket tabloid headlines.
    May it should have read “Strahan’s sack record is in jeopardy… if selected players sack rates continue through the next ten or so games”.
    If he were in week 14 this might actually be a issue.
    What is the daily number of stories NBC is forcing you to write Florio?

  18. Every season there are 1 to 3 players that project to win the sack title week 6. Every. Single. Season.
    There are two things at play. One is the law of averages. They even out throughout the season and guys who are really high early usually go down.
    The other element is game planning. If you have 10 sacks through 6 games then opponents will start chipping and double teaming you and running at you and doing various things that will reduce your likelihood of sacking their QB.
    Wake me up week 14 when a guy is reasonably close, or at least within 8 with a game against baby swiss.

  19. Also to the guy saying the Packers are an o-line away from being the best team ever. LMAO. Your defense is not good. O-line is the most important “position” on the offense because it is 5 guys. You can’t just fix 5 guys quick.
    To stop the sackage the Packers need more short drops and run plays and swing passes. Problem is then your offense scores less points. Right now they seem content to put up points while their QB gets sacked over and over.

  20. Do you know what would be great? If commentors on this site (and others) had to pass a test before they were allowed to post. Then we wouldn’t see stupid stuff like:
    SmackMyVickUp says:
    October 20, 2009 11:03 AM
    “Allen has been fairly irrelevant the past two games. Seems like the man with a motor that never stops running needs a tune up.
    At least for him they do play Green Bay again.”
    Allen had 7 tackles, 4 for loss, and a sack. That is hardly invisible – that is a great game by any measure – most DL average about 3-4 tackles per game. Not to mention that the Ravens had to keep a RB in the backfield to help block Allen for most of the second half.

  21. Now I hate Favre as much as the next guy, but people should not blame him for the Michael Strahan sack record debacle. That disaster is the fault of Osama Bin Laden. You see, Green Bay was originally scheduled to play the Giants in Week 2 of the 2001 season. The September 11th attacks forced the games that week to be rescheduled to the last game of the regular season. So that despicable dive that Favre took would have never happen had 19 men in jet airplanes not been in pursuit of 72 virgins each.

  22. I agree, I think thats very wrong.
    A joke? C’mon dude, thats bad taste. You have no idea.
    Florio, man up and ban this loser.

  23. I e-mailed a complaint. I will read just about anything, but not about that.
    Thanks for agreeing with me c.carter!

  24. Mike McCarthy’s Moobs, did you really just mis-spell “Al Qaeda” in the same sentence as “New York” ?! Either you 1) don’t live in North America, or 2) Don’t pay attention to ANY news in the last 10 years at all, or 3) are an idiot.
    p.s. I am not a jets fan, I just think you should Know Thy Enemy…. you dumbass, they only murdered several thousand people you’d think you might know their name by now.

  25. yo, m. m. moobs, i don’t wanna jump down your backside like everybody else, but that was a pretty insensitive comment; especially considering how the event has impacted all of us….white, black, brown, pink, purple….whatever. i’m feeling you chickenfoot. and i’m feeling you too, resolution. bad taste. real bad taste!!! my tears and condolences for the fallen. come to think of it…… yeah, you should be banned m. m. moobs.

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