Browns bring in Michael Gaines

With linebacker D’Qwell Jackson on injured reserve — and apparently spurned in their efforts to pilfer linebacker Tully Banta-Cain from the Patriots — the Browns have filled Jackson’s roster spot by signing veteran tight end Michael Gaines.

The team announced the move this morning.

Gaines entered the league as a seventh-round pick of the Panthers in 2004.  He has bounced since them from Buffalo to Detroit to Chicago, and he was released by the Bears after the first four weeks of the 2009 season.

Coincidentally, the Browns play the Bears in less than two weeks.

26 responses to “Browns bring in Michael Gaines

  1. Robert Royal can’t catch and Steve Heiden is hurt. But this is the best FA tight end they could find?

  2. Ummm…dude who the heck do you have doing fact-check for you? Gaines Adams was NOT drafted by the Panthers, but came in as the 5th overall pick by the BUCS in 2007 I think? I don’t know who the heck you’re thinking about, but he was just coming into Clemson in 2004, not becoming a 7th round pick by the Panthers. And he never played for Buffalo, or Cleveland. He had JUST gotten traded to Chicago a few weeks ago.
    AND, he’s not a tight end, he’s a DEFENSIVE End.
    Good grief dude, I’m new to the site, what kind of garbage is that?

  3. Hey Chucktown, shut up and read the name again.Your eyes are worse than the refs that called a first down in the browns steelers game that was 2 links short.

  4. Chucktown…
    Michael Gaines (TE) is not Gaines Adams(DE)… Two completely different players. Gaines was traded last week.
    As a Lions fan I hated him. The stat line might not say much but everytime he touched the ball you assumed he would either drop the ball or fumble. I’m surprised he was the best Free Agent TE out there.

  5. Chucktown, Florio is right the guy you are thinking of is Gaines Adams of the Bucs. Micheal Gaines is a TE and indeed got his start for the Panthers. God Bless ya man but do your homework!

  6. Browns need to bring in Quincy ME because their season is dead. Cleveland Plain Dealer reporting 12 players now have the flu…well, at least it isn’t staph.

  7. ChucktownYP, I hope to god you are joking. First of all the article is talking about Michael Gaines, a veteran TE, not Gaines Adams a 3rd year defensive end.

  8. Wow, as soon as I clicked ‘send’ i went back and read the name again, my bad.
    Hey, if it weren’t for idiotic posts on here, what would yall have to talk about…

  9. The Browns are gonna have to go TE fishing in the 2010 draft. That or get Steve Heiden some metal legs, which is probably against a few rules.

  10. Ms. Parr who was questioned by the Cleveland authorities about the Braylon Edwards incident after her comments on WKNR is seemingly at it again. Evidently she used to go out with Brandon McDonald DB? of the Browns. They called him this morning on the air and kept replaying his answering machine message which began something like “Hey this is Brandon aka Lockdown” Lockdown? You have got to be kidding me…..

  11. rodstiffington : What is a not-catching? Is this some new word I’m not aware of?
    The Coop : This is Cleveland, man. I’m a fan, and all I can say is “What did you expect?”
    chucktownYP : No. Just no.
    GoBrowns19 : God, I hope so.
    Boo3LEGS : God, I wanted to destroy the officials for that bull. And not suprisingly, The NFL has done NOTHING about it.
    RedRight88 : Really? Why pick a name that is part of the 5 worst occurances in Cleveland sports history?
    thecarline : I refer back to : This is Cleveland, man. I’m a fan, and all I can say is “What did you expect?”

  12. Hey but on another note…love how you title an article about Philly, “raiders stun eagles in the black hole.” Now tell me someone wasn’t giggling on the other end when they typed that one up…

  13. chucktownYP–you might want to read the article again. They signed TE Michael Gaines, not DE Gaines Adams who was traded to the Bears last week.

  14. I thought I heard that Garth Brooks was coming out of retirement. Glad the Browns snatched him up.

  15. DRK1982, maybe i was seeing things but it looked like the refs moved the ball another foot or so after the measurement was taken.. Just more proof that the Rooneys run the NFL. I also counted 6 holds that accured right in front of the refs that were not called. There were probably more.

  16. GoBears84….
    A little slow on the uptake there, already realized that. But thanks for the 3rd grade name-calling still. Brings back such sweet memories.

  17. chucktownYP says:
    October 21, 2009 11:33 AM
    Wow, as soon as I clicked ‘send’ i went back and read the name again, my bad.
    Hey, if it weren’t for idiotic posts on here, what would yall have to talk about…
    You mean you weren’t kidding, and you really are a total moron? That post has to be in the idiot hall of fame.

  18. “Coincidentally, the Browns play the Bears in less than two weeks.”
    Gina not that smart to think ahead like that Florio. Trust me it was completely coincidental

  19. The Browns also prevented the Bengals from acquiring a slightly less stone handed TE than those on their squad.

  20. Boo3LEGS : Ain’t that the truth man. A few of my friends were at that game and from what they saw, the officials totally botched that call. It was almost like the Rooneys phoned down to the field, said “First Down” and the officials did it. As far as the holding goes, the minute you open the door like that, every Squeller fan is going to claim that the Browns did it more and harder. It’s kind of sad really. They won a Super Bowl last year, but their fans still insist that they are losing because of other teams playing dirty and not being called for it. What a joke.

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