Bucs claim Shawn Murphy

On Tuesday, the Miami Dolphins dumped guard Shawn Murphy, a fourth-round pick from the 2008 draft.

On Wednesday, he learned he won’t be leaving the state of Florida.

The Buccaneers have announced that they have claimed Murphy on waivers.

We hope Murphy has a passport — his first game with the Bucs will be played in London.

3 responses to “Bucs claim Shawn Murphy

  1. ..the Bucs scouting department have become glorified “freegans” scouring everybody else’s trash for a nugget.
    To me that is the Bucs number 1 problem. Their scouts suck. Ever since Rich McKay left you can’t name 1 impact player they drafted. And don’t give me an O-linemen. I’m talking a player that can actually take over a game.
    In fact the BEST draft they had was when Sam Wysche was coach… Sapp, Alstott , Lynch and Brooks.
    In Buc land it’s a sacrilege to call out Doug Williams. I’m calling it. Doug you suck as a scout dude. All your trash have been royal BUSTS.

  2. murphy was a two-year project that could never get it together. hopefully the bucs are taking him as a project and not planning to start him, or else cadillac might be in trouble…

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