Falcons pull plug on D.J. Shockley

Former Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley, a seventh-round pick in 2006 who has been backup quarterback for the Falcons over the past three seasons, has been released from the team’s practice squad.

Shockley was dropped in order to clear a spot on the practice squad for running back Antone Smith.

Shockley had served as the No. 3 quarterback in 2006 and 2008.  (He spent 2007 on injured reserve.)  This year, he lost his position on the active roster to undrafted free agent John Parker Wilson of Alabama.

15 responses to “Falcons pull plug on D.J. Shockley

  1. As a UGA and An Atlanta fan both, I personally never thought Shockley was that good any how. He feel into a decent team after Greene left for the NFL.

  2. Maybe they’ll pick up DJ Jazzy Jeff instead.
    Wait, they didn’t want a black quarterback who likes to run there in the ATL?

  3. He was only drafted because he had a simular skill set to Vick’s and they wanted to groom him to run the offense that was built around Vick.

  4. As a BullDawg alum and a Falcons season ticket holder sofakingdope is an idiot…Shock took the Dawgs to the SEC crown while only given one year as a starter! And had he not gotten injured would have probably won the starting job at QB two years ago! The real reason he was cut was a financial one! God I hate morons!

  5. Sorry bahagood, but if you can’t beat out undrafted rookie John Parker Wilson to be the third string QB of a team you’ve played with for years, it’s not a “financial” decision, it means you’re not good.

  6. DJ Shockley yesterday, DL Hughley, a month ago. Feargal Sharkey in the 80’s?
    Who’s next? J.R. Shockey in N.O?

  7. i think atlanta getting shockley was more of a hometown favorite thing than anything else. there were many other capable backups that were better than he was.

  8. DJ Shockley accomplished more in one season at Georgia than David “never won an SEC Title” Green did in 4 horrible choking seasons.
    In DJ’s 1st game as a starter he passed for 4 tds!
    This is the best blessing for DJ – he can get out of that losing redneck city that hasn’t won a playoff game since the last black qb was there 🙂
    “YOU” people 🙂

  9. Alright milksteaks…Shockley was due to make several mill this season as a 4th string QB on the practice squad yeah tell me what team keeps a practice squad QB with a million dollar plus salary…Bunch of r tards! Yeah it wasn’t a financial decision at all.

  10. bahagood. If he was so good we would not have been on the practice squad in the first place. Enough said.
    Not to mention since the crown you speak was happened a year after Greene left, that only concretes in my mind that, that he FELL (chucktownYP) into a good system with them only losing 2 or 3 WRs in that same draft that Greene was in.
    And of course finances played apart in it. I never said that they did not. Not to mention my post I clearly said it was my PERSONAL opinion. He never looked very good in the pocket, and sure he was meant to be groomed in the same vein as Vick, however he did not posses the arm strength nor the foot speed. In hopes that he would develope into that type of QB, which he did not. Further reason he was on the practice squad.

  11. BlueEyeDevil
    I doubt any team out there will pick up Shockley and throw him in as a starter
    And Greene accomplished a lot at UGA, but no titles this is true.

  12. What the crap, where were all of you “experts” in 2002? Georgia won the SEC championship that year, hello!
    As for DJ Shockley, I hope whatever he decides to do now he is successful. He is a class act and he deserves the very best. I am glad that Atlanta let him go because I thought it was pretty crappy to use the guy like they were and yes they were using him. Using him to get over the bad image hanging over them after Vick.

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