Fisher apologizes for wearing Colts jersey

It didn’t take long for Titans coach Jeff Fisher to feel some backlash after jokingly wearing a Peyton Manning jersey to introduce Tony Dungy at a charity rally Tuesday.

During his weekly radio show, a caller questioned him about the move.  (If the caller was anything like PFT’s commenters, he probably didn’t view the joke as harmless like we did.)

Fisher apologized if he offended anyone, then he questioned why anyone would get offended in the first place.

“It was for a very, very worthwhile cause, charity,” Fisher said. “I
was introducing Tony, just having fun with it and I really apologize if
I offended anybody, but if you’re offended over the nature of that type
of thing, then I think you need to rethink things.”

We largely agree.  Even if a fan wants to get angry over a football team or its coach, this seems incident seems minor compared to having to watch the team’s secondary all season.  Or its passing game. This wasn’t a moment like Jim Mora talking about the Washington University coaching job on the radio.

“This is a very worthwhile and needy benefit and I was honored to be
there,” Fisher said.  “I’m sorry if I offended anybody but if I had to do it again, I
would do it again.”

63 responses to “Fisher apologizes for wearing Colts jersey

  1. What he should be apologizing for is what his boys did to the Terrible Towel. O and 7 since the stomping, the Curse Lives!

  2. Um Jeff, was it a requirement to wear a rival team’s jersey to this event? If not then saying you did it for charity just doesn’t cut it, sorry. Do all the charity work you want but don’t do something so stupid as to throw it in the face of your fans that their team sucks.

  3. I am sure that Belichick will put this up on the Patriot’s locker room bulletin board as a motivational tactic since Fisher disrespected the Patriots by wearing a Colts jersey and not a Patriots one.
    The Patriots NEVER get any respect!

  4. The Titans performance (or lack thereof) on Sunday was offensive, even if it is just a game. However, Fisher wearing a Colts jersey for a charitable cause is amusing, not offensive, because it really is just a game.

  5. He didn’t have to wear the jersey for a charitable cause, that’s the thing. He chose to wear it to be amusing apparently, didn’t work though.

  6. Good for you Jeff. This society has become too concerned with “offending” people. It was funny, relevant and maybe will light some fire under your lackluster team.

  7. It’s not offensive, and it IS for a good cause….BUT if your team is 0-6 and coming off the worst shellacking since, like VJ day, then it’s a firing offense. And I mean being on the spot firing.
    I’m not a Titans fan, but if I was one, that’s what I’d be lobbying for. Seriously, how is he supposed to win over the locker room after this one?

  8. @JCD and all the nerds who also got upset
    get a freaking life. seriously. Payton Manning is one of the best, if not THE best, because of Dungy. Manning is undefeated on Dungy’s team (at least he built it like he did Gruden’s Bucs). Not to mention Manning and Dungy are really good friends. He made a joke AT HIMSELF. Nerds like you need lives. If Spags did it in St. Louis with a Gore jersey, a Hasslebeck jersey, a Warner jersey, I’d laugh. that’s exactly what it was. A JOKE YOU FREAKING SCRUB.
    0-6 not 0-7. but your point is still valid.. if you’re a loser and believe in “curses”

  9. I am more offended that players in Indianapolis have been wearing Colts jerseys for the last 25 years.

  10. by saying he wanted to feel like a winner equates to him calling the rest of the titans team all losers.
    the fact that he doesn’t get that makes him a complete moron.

  11. the team should apologize to fisher for playing like total garbage, and the ownership should apologize to him for drafting vince young.

  12. If you step back and look at the big picture, the coach was asked to attend a charitable event. When doing this, a speaker will want to do what is necessary to put the audience in good cheer and maybe feel more willing to contribute to the cause. In this situation, you play up to the audience. This is ALL that it appears he was doing.
    I highly doubt any of you highly offended numbskulls posting in anger were more hurt and embarrassed about that loss than Fisher. The least he could do when asked to attend the event was put his best face forward, which he did.

  13. I agree it was harmless, but…
    “I’m sorry if I offended anybody but if I had to do it again, I would do it again.”
    …seriously? Anyone else wonder if thats possible?

  14. I’m starting to wonder if Gregg Williams and Jim Schwartz weren’t actually the key to Tenn’s success over the years.

  15. (If the caller was anything like PFT’s commenters, he probably didn’t view the joke as harmless like we did.)

  16. It’s not his fault his players don’t want to play for him anymore.
    I’d want to wear a colts jersey too.

  17. 1st off the turrible towel is turribly stupid. No one cares you moronic squealer fans wave bath towels, you all look like idiots. 2nd JCD, dude seriously grow a brain. He isn’t throwing anything in anyones face. CHARITY, get it through your head. You don’t think he’s sick over what happened to his team? What do you expect him to do, sit at home and never leave because his team sucks?

  18. Who cares only idiot bloggers & reporters would try & sell this to the public. If I was your boss & this was the best you could come up with on a daily basis, I would Fire you. Its about sports stupid, not charity or what some guy wore. Talk about sports, you are on the sports page, keep it to sports.

  19. # Citizen Strange says: October 21, 2009 2:34 PM
    I am sure that Belichick will put this up on the Patriot’s locker room bulletin board as a motivational tactic since Fisher disrespected the Patriots by wearing a Colts jersey and not a Patriots one.
    The Patriots NEVER get any respect!
    No it’s just the fact that Fisher knows which is the true greatest QB is and always has been.

  20. I’m still waiting for Young or Collins to acknowledge that they are just as good a QB as Manning…

  21. It doesn’t bother me, but should have thought how the whole thing was going to be perceived by a large majority of the Titans fanbase. Especially coming off one of the most ungodly beatings in NFL history.

  22. You forgot to mention he said (paraphrasing):
    “I am wearing this jersey because I want to know what a winner feels like.”
    Or something to that effect. I could re-find the exact quote but am too lazy.

  23. If he owes an apology to anyone it should be Kerry Collins and Vince Young. Dawning the Peyton Manning jersey because he “wanted to feel like a winner” strongly implies that Vince and Kerry are losers.
    The fact that they both really are losers is not relevant because if Fisher really did think that, he should have kept it to himself. He gets paid to coach, not to be funny, and not to demean his team. If he wants to do that, he should talk to Florio about a job.

  24. Getting offended for Fisher wearing a colt jersey while introducing Dungy at a charity…..some people need to get a life. It think it was great.

  25. Reminds me of the time Scott Mitchell ( Former Miami-Detroit QB )went to a halloween party made-up and dressed as his coach ( Wayne Fontes ) but instead had on Mickey Mouse ears. Wayne Fontes had lost the respect of his players.
    This antic, however harmless in a cause for charity, is grossly disasterous to Fishers’ players. C’mon now ” I wanted to know what it felt like to be a winner”. I’m sure this is going to grate against his players far more than a mere fan.
    The Washington 73-0 win against the Bears is in danger of being eclipsed after the Titans bye week. I think Fishers goose is cooked.

  26. DEAR JEFF,

    Shut up, you’re all a bunch of crybabies. Learn to take a joke, you bunch of losers!

  28. I cant believe people are so mad about this. There’s obviously more important things in life than football. He has his priorities straight; anyone who’s sincerely offended by this needs to take a look at themselves. This is ridiculous.

  29. I’m offended that PFT isn’t offended over the offensive things that…wait, what were we supposed to be offended about? I forgot. I hope that doesn’t offend anybody.

  30. How can you apologize for something and then say you would do it again? Come on, Jeff, just pick one side and stick with it. It would be more respectable, no matter which side you chose.

  31. Ya’ll aren’t getting me at all, for Fisher to say he did it for charity is disengenuous at best, it wasn’t a requirement for him to wear that jersey at this event, it’s something he chose to do. Don’t try to make it seem like everyone who thinks it was in poor taste is against charity for heaven’s sake. I’m not angry in the least, I just think it was really bad judgment for him to do that, but if I was an actual Titan fan I do believe I’d be pretty angry.

  32. @LighTsouT
    its definately 0-7 since because they lost the playoff game immediately following. If you are going to call someone a loser at least have you facts straight before you look like an idiot.

  33. This reminds me of the time Bush had the video of him “searching” for WMD’s in the White House or whatever. Meant as a joke but some where offended. Really it is the same type of situation except that in this case it is entirely meaningless because it is about a game played for entertainment purposes.

  34. Funny and light hearted – yes, no question.
    Inappropriate – in this case moreso.
    If he was dwelling in the middle of the pack (think Bears, Cardinals, etc.) it would have been funny. But to wear the other jersey after utterly failing at what his job calls for – to be competitive – is an insult to his fans. C’mon it was 59-0!! There could be no worse case of bad timing…and that clearly calls for a Plan B.

  35. I don’t see Fisher apologizing for wearing the Colts jersey. He apologized for offending anyone and then explained that those who were offended were the ones with a problem, that it was not the wearing of the jersey that was wrong.

  36. I just wish he would have stomped on that Steelers towel too.
    I hear truckers carry them for when they have to go while on the road and they’re out of toilet paper.

  37. The Terrible Towel Stomp has destroyed this organization. Ha! But, Fisher had always been a bottom-feeder. So, who cares?

  38. * he could have done the charity without wearing a manning jersey.
    * he could have introduced dungy without saying he wondered what it felt like to be a winner.
    that was the beef – not that he was doing it for charity. his team was a winner last year. he could have just as easily worn a titans jersey, or no jersey at all.
    i am not offended by it at all, but i can see why titans fans would be. poor decision, but i wouldn’t castrate him for it.

  39. If I were him I would not have bothered to apoligise but glad he said he would have done it again. he did nothing wrong and I for 1 am sick of people saying something 1 day and changing thier mind the next day because someone is’s called free speech people not pc free speech which means you can say what you want or in this case where what you want without asking permission.hell I am going to buy a couple of yhose illegal alien costumes just because they have offended people and I don’t have kids!if you are here illegaly you don’t have the right to be offended!

  40. Really, after this bizarre, inexplicable season for the Titans, what else is left but for Jeff Fisher to laugh about it.
    Sometimes teams just fall apart.

  41. ignoringthehaters says:
    October 21, 2009 2:55 PM
    1st off the turrible towel is turribly stupid. No one cares you moronic squealer fans wave bath towels, you all look like idiots.
    First off, you should do what your screenname implies and ignore yourself. The “terrible” towel is a tradition, and one that we are very proud of. To say that we look stupid waving it just shows how you stupid you really are. So is someone stupid for waving the American flag around as well? You shouldn’t down on something especially after you team is cursed for disrespecting it. Some people will never learn.

  42. So, Gregg, let’s assume that NBC just released their worse ratings ever, was having a miserable quarter, and GE’s stock price was in toilet (even more than it is!). You are under the impression that Florio could make an appearance at a well attended NFL charity dinner (lots of media around taking pictures!) with a CBS Sports shirt, go up to the podium and say, “I wanted to feel like a winner.” and NBC would be fine with that, right? Run that scenario by Florio. See what he thinks NBC’s reaction would be.

  43. I think everyone is focusing on the wrong bruised egos. It’s more important to Jeff’s career at Tenn. how funny Bud Adams thinks it was. Or how funny his players find it. It will be interesting to see how much effort they put into their next game. (Then again, after the Pats game how would you know if they are refusing to play?)

  44. OMG! People need to learn how to take a joke. If the Titans owner has such a problem with it, then by all means, fire the man. I mean really, he has had what? 15 winning seasons, came within a yard taking one of the most hard fought super bowls to overtime?
    I’m sure there are at LEAST 25 other teams out there that would give their left nut to have him as their coach and let him wear ANY jersey for a charity event he wants.
    No apology necessary IMO.

  45. Why would he have to do it again – he didn’t have to do it the first time –
    That being said, he shouldn’t have done it at all, not because it’s so huge it’s going to stop the earth from orbiting, just because it isn’t done, i.e., it isn’t something people like to see. And in view of the team’s record this year, he should certainly have been sensitive to the ramifications of his action -& should not have then dismissed people’s objections.
    He did it to give Tony a laugh, but in doing that, he left many others out of the equation. That’s the part that was wrong.
    I like Jeff Fisher, he’s always been classy with the media and how he handles things. I have great respect for his coaching, but it sounds to me as if he needs a change, badly. I don’t know what huge issues are causing this great team’s collapse, but when significant problems emerge in the first couple games, and nothing at all is improved over the next four, maybe it’s time to Suck It Up and Hunker Down – work on improvement for this season, for the sake of the players, fans, coaching staff and owner, and at the end of this season, not before, make plans to move on …

  46. I agree with you 2000TJ – Too many freaking drama queens here. It was a JOKE you morons.
    # 2000TJ says: October 21, 2009 2:43 PM
    Good for you Jeff. This society has become too concerned with “offending” people. It was funny, relevant and maybe will light some fire under your lackluster team.

  47. Fisher never apologized. An apology goes like this:
    “I’m sorry for what I did. It was wrong. I should not have done it. I take full responsibility for my selfish and thoughtless actions. I apologize to everyone that I offended. It was my fault and I am sorry”.
    All Jeff did was say, I apolgize to anyone he”might have” offended, but he’d do it again. He isn’t sorry for anything. And it is dissapointing that Gregg Rosenthall even titlted this article, “Fisher apologizes for wearing Colts jersey.”
    Fisher did no such thing. I would have a lot more respect for both Fisher and Rosenthal if Fisher would have just come out and said, I did it – get over it, and Rosenthal titled the article something like Fisher defiant about wearing opponent’s jersey

  48. Do you know what “Funnys” first cousin’s name is? “Not Funny”! There is a fine line between humor, motivation and insult. He was doing all three. And judging by the reaction, it was humrous. It also probably insulted his team (remember you clowns….the rest of us JUST WATCH), wheich would in turn motivate them!!!

  49. First off, I laughed when I saw that. Then again, I’m a Niners fan, I’m not a fan, employee, or owner of the Titans. If I were involved with the Titans in any way, I might not think it’s that funny.
    I think it was unprofessional for someone being paid as much as he is, whose job is to build, maintain, and represent a billion dollar franchise, to basically call his team a bunch of losers.
    If I was Bud Adams, besides kicking myself for getting Vince Young, I’d be sending feelers out to Shannahan, Holmgren, Gruden, and Cower to gauge their interest in the team. I would not be laughing if I was paying a guy that much to publicly step up and ridicule my franchise…whether it was in jest, or not. I’d also be asking him what I’m paying him for if he has time to go off to a charity instead of figuring out what’s wrong with the team, and how to fix it.
    I personally think Fisher has done all he can in Tennessee, and his time will be up at the end of the season.

  50. @NinerNation
    “I think it was unprofessional for someone being paid as much as he is, whose job is to build, maintain, and represent a billion dollar franchise, to basically call his team a bunch of losers.”
    You are kinda right IMO. It was done for charity, it was done for laughs. If he had gone out to dinner with his family for example, it would be 100% unprofessional.
    As for calling his team a bunch of losers, they are. Maybe that will motivate them to at least win a freaking game so their own coach will wear a Titans jersey to call himself a winner!
    If Tennessee wants to get rid of him, as I said earlier, there are a ton of teams that would happily part ways with their current coach, pay him to go away and hire Fisher for their team. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if my team, the Vikings made a run for him and dumped Childress!

  51. @Chapnasty
    Rams are 0-6. Titans are 0-6. Last season means NOTHING, idiot. Example: Panthers.
    last season was last season. this season is this season. 0-7 is impossible since last season doesnt count. have a good day, moron.

  52. You never wear the colors of another foe, family or band. You wear yours proudly.
    This isnt a fashion show for all you couch potatoes out there.
    This is a game of pride and passion.
    Do you think its all right for the military to wear the uniform of the opposing force?
    Or maybe we should take down our flag and string up another countries?
    Fisher gets paid millions to be a leader of an elite fighting team. The charity event had a formal dress code. Fisher start acting respectful and dignified and maybe your team might follow.

  53. If he wore it to practice as a way to fire his team up it might be different.
    He wore it out to a public event and called his organization losers. Joke or not there is a time and place to do that and he chose the wrong one.

  54. Jeff Fisher coached the Titans through the “Dead Man Walking Phase” in Houston as the Oilers. The “Land of the Lost” phase when the team was in Memphis. And then he built a competitive team in Nashville. He is incredible with his community service. He can coach my football team anytime and wear any shirt he wants at a charity event. I wonder how much the people who are criticizing him do in the community or if their deeds even compare to what he has done? To those upset, get a life. He’s a great coach and an even better person. If he ever gets fired by the Titans he will be out of work for all of five minutes.

  55. From top seed to totally falling apart… that’ll teach these chumps to disrespect the Terrible Towel!

  56. Why in the hell would anyone be offended by him wearing a Colts jersey? Does anyone remember that Dungy was the Colts coach for many years and it was just to show some respect to Dungy and all that he had done for that organization? Who the hell really cares? Will it make the secondary play any worse? Nope! Will it make Jeff lose his job? Nope! I think everyone needs to take a step back and realize he did it out of respect for Dungy and was having a good time. Get over people! There are much worse things in the world to be pissed about!

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