Jerry Jones turned down "significant" offer

The quiet trading deadline could have been a little noisier if Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had wanted.

“We had a significant offer for a key player that we turned down and
turned down in getting in more extended dialogue for, ” Jones said.  “It
was a very firm, significant offer for one of our young players.”

Dallas is deep at running back, but Jones said the offer didn’t come at that position.

Jones didn’t want to make the deal because he likes the makeup of his team.  The following quote probably won’t warm the hearts of Cowboys fans.

“I feel as good about what we can do this year as I did last year when
I traded for Roy Williams and gave consideration for Roy playing and
helping us accomplish our goals last year,” Jones said.  “I feel every
bit as strong as I felt last year.”

We’re not sure why Jones would reveal information about the offer, although we could come up with a few irresponsible theories.  More importantly, we want to know what the offer was.

It’s only a matter of time now before the information comes out, but we’ll let you guess in the comments.  Winner gets a lifetime subscription to PFT. 

[Editor’s note:  Thank you for not giving away our Water Pik.]

91 responses to “Jerry Jones turned down "significant" offer

  1. Or maybe he’s just trying to light a fire under a couple “young” guys, by NOT saying who it was for. There are a few that may think how they finish out the year will determine trade in the offseason.

  2. Jerry Jones needs to stay out of the decision making regarding players and leave that to his coaches. He is a POS owner who I guarantee if there is no salary cap next year, he will go after every big name, sign them to a one year contract and hope for another ring.
    The name Steinbrenner comes to mind…..can’t develop his team, so trying to buy a championship is the only way!

  3. The Texans wanted Tashard Choice, and in exchange they would give the cowboys a 2nd and 4th round pick.
    My uncle has a friend who’s dad works for the Texans

  4. Maybe the Pats offered Adalius Thomas, Tennessee #2 this year, and their #1 in 2011 (not Oakland’s) for DeMarcus Ware.

  5. So what team would want Miles Austin, is desperate, and not in the NFC East?
    I would guess Jaguars, Seahawks, or Texans.

  6. Maybe an offer for the recently benched Patrick Crayton. Jones could be talking about it to give the guy a boost since he was just demoted. I’ll guess the Dolphins made the offer too…

  7. Who would be worth anything besides Ware or Witten?
    JJ wants everyone to think he has value on his team.

  8. What makes anybody think there actually was an offer? Jerry probably just hadn’t seen his name in print in a while!!!

  9. I am going to guess the player was Marcus Spears. He is in the final year of his rookie contract. He is definitely a key player (a starting defensive end), young (in his 5th year) and would have garnered a pretty sizable trade offer.

  10. It was Vox Veritas, they were going to trade him to the Seahawks, because Seattle fans just aren’t fat and annoying enough.
    Google Vox Veritas.
    Click on the first link.
    Laugh at the Myspace page of the fattest, greasiest troll to ever wander the boards of PFT.
    I’d trade him away, too.

  11. I’m guessing it was TE – Martellus Bennett.
    They have high hopes for this guy, and much of their offense is based on two tight-end sets.
    Lifetime subscription? I’m picking up your sarcasm…

  12. The only thing of value the Cowboys have is that big ass scoreboard.
    I’ll bet Daniel Snyder offered Portis, and a first and third for it.

  13. As a Cowboys fan, Jerry Jones is a damn idiot and is mad that his team isn’t in the news right now so he did something like this to get the circus going again. Clown.

  14. Typical Jerry “PT Barnum” Jones. What was the point of saying anything at all then?
    This couldn’t possibly be used as a motivational tool to the team. If so…lame.

  15. If such an offer was made, why would JJ talk about it? All he is doing is opening himself up for criticism for not taking it, risking his players pulling a Cutler and whining at the idea of possibly being on the trading block, and even worse, alienating other NFL GMs from wanting to work with him because he doesn’t know how to STFU.
    Oh I forgot. Jerry likes attention.

  16. i bet Tony Romos left nut that it was Bill Parcells calling for Miles Austin.
    TUNA: Hey Jerry its me Big Tuna, you know after the robbery with Fasano, Ayodele and Fergueson i thoughed why not calling for one of the few players i still like and you and Made Wade havent screwed up.
    – How about 5 Oranges and a 7th Rounder for Austin?
    JERRY: woooow what a deal, lets do it
    JERRY JUN. Junior: Daaaaaaad, we would need to reprogramm the Videoscreen
    JERRY: dammit another million, no Bill cant do it
    TUNA: Whitten for a grapefruit
    JERRY: wooooow what a deal, lets do it
    JERRY JUN.: Daaaaaad!!
    Jerry: sorry Bill
    We liked him in the offseason but the RFA 2nd Rnd was too much
    ps: Jerry pleas say one last time Terraaall Owans

  17. I know the guy that is roomates with the uncle of the guy that scrubs the toilets at Fedex Field and he said that he heard Snyder called Jones about a straight up trade, Campell for Romo.

  18. It was either DeMarcus Ware, Orlando Scandrick (now the #3 corner), Martellus Bennett, or Bradie James.

  19. Guys! Your heads are in … let’s just say the clouds. JJ doesn’t say “young player” when he’s talking about Romo or Ware. Since it’s not running back, it’s almost certainly for Orlando Scandrick, who would be starting for a lot of teams.
    Or just possibly one of the unheralded linemen, Bowen, Hatcher or Butler

  20. “Call Dallas and offer ’em all of our 2010 draft picks for that Randy Moss guy. Now he’s fast”
    “But, Sir, Moss plays for…”
    “SHUTUP Cable! Make the darn call and get me my meds!”
    “Yessir, Mr. Davis…”

  21. Likes the make up of his team? Who’s he kidding. Jones new stadium, his coach, his QB and the Roy Williams trade make him a laughing stock, Only slightly better than Al Davis and Dan Snyder. He needs to be seen and not heard. Never happen.

  22. Snyder offered Jim Zorn straight up for Wade Phillips.
    Seems like a fair trade that wouldn’t hurt either team.

  23. imagine….DirectTV sends LL Cool J to Jerry Jones
    LL: Did you miss the SanDiego Chargers Playoffs game because you have Cable?
    Jerry: Yeees, i always miss watching the Playoffs because Tony Romo plays bad, butterfinger couldnt hold the ball and instead of working out and becoming a real QB decided to bang overweight chicken of the sea dumb ass pop stars
    LL: Philip Riiiiiiiivvvveeeerrrssss

  24. Bucs offered their first rounnd pick next year for Ware. (which will be first overall pick)
    Bucs can’t/don’t want to pay first pick cash, and know they won’t be able to trade it.
    Deal fell apart when Bucs said Jerry had to take a copy of QB of the future.

  25. @Pervin Harvin: Ravens made a play for a Cowboys CB?? do you guys wanna get better or worst? how about trading Harbaugh for best buddy Wade?

  26. He then added…..
    “You guys don’t have to believe or agree with me. I got a lot of e-mails and private messages that believe me, I just can’t in good conscience say who they were from. Also, my wife said I have really huge testicles.”

  27. Al Davis offered his wheelchair straight up for Jerry’s wig. Jerry almost bit but realized it’s much harder to navigate the chair after a couple a stiff ones…….

  28. Ill set you 8==D’s straight. I work for the stadium and it was no secret the Bengals wanted Martellus Bennett. The offer was Bennett for a 2nd rounder.

  29. The Vikings offered two firsts, a third and a forth rounder for the water boy. True, the water boy isn’t going to help the Vikings but neither did H. Walker.

  30. My Grandmothers brothers sister is with a guy, who played snooker with a best friend of a cousins fiance who was at a tupperwear party with one of Jerrys hookers vagina doctors (can i say vagina in here??? v-a-g-in-a???) is with Jerry, My Brother is in the UFL and my Dad works for the NASA. So this is absolutly true.
    Rex Ryan of the JESTs called and wanted to trade Mark Sanchez for a 300 pound steak but Jerry said no thanks he already got an overrated QB and he would be scarred GQ Mark aka icanthrow300intand stillbenflnetworkplayeroftheweeknominee would run over the boarder to become a soap opera star after fans booooo him because he cant throw in the windy Cowboys dome either

  31. My guess would be Martellus Bennett. Even though I like Choice I don’t think he would grab a significant offer. Bennett was a 2nd round pick what 2 years ago? He has played very well considering he plays behind one of the best TE’s in the game.

  32. The Vikings wanted to trade for Herschel Walker again….this time, the offer included Brett Favre, the Hockey Team (just like last time) plus the Timberwolves and Jesse Ventura.

  33. Dan Snyder offered a 3rd rounder for Wade Phillips’ self respect. He wants to add it to the jar that he keeps Jim Zorn’s testicles in.

  34. hahaha funny shit, now i know why they are called americas team – cause everybody is having a good time that Al Jones umm Jerry Davis whatever is messing it up.
    Flozelll Adams? Kickboxing club Bronx was calling and asking for his availability as he showed flashes of talent lately

  35. i’m thinking it was ware. he is the only young guy with value on the cowboys. i wouldn’t be surprised if someone offered jones a Jared Allen type of deal which would include giving ware a contract extension.

  36. Isn’t this the same dick that fired Tom Landry?
    I’m not so sure, he looks a lot younger now but his skin is stretched so tight he can’t close his mouth.
    One can’t help but notice those narly yellow pegs flappin’
    “How bout them boy’s!”

  37. jerry jones turned down “significant” offer
    i know who called
    COMMEDY CENTRAL looooool
    more burger king jessica simpson nose tackle jokes = priceless

  38. Ted Thompson tried to Trade Aaron Rodgers for Tony Romo only if Jerry could get Jessica Simpson back with Romo. Thompson offered 1.5m and threw in a lifetime buffet pass for Simpson at Brett Favre’s Steakhouse if she would play LT on the Packers pathetic O line. Simpson,with new mutt in hand, declined due to the high coyote population in WI. All talks were put on hold.

  39. Al Davis offered Jamarcus Russell, 1st, 2nd and 4th round picks in 2010, 16 bags of assorted California fruit, 6 bottles of Boonsfarm and himself dressed in a sauve white suit with white loafers for Romo and his ex, Jessica Simpson. Jerry wanted him to throw in a Toyota Prius and that killed the deal.
    (I heard this from my Brother in Law’s Brother in Law who shines Al’s loafers)

  40. Williams for TO?
    Witten for Jerramy Stevens?
    Gomer Romo for Jake Delhomme?
    Wade Fife for Jim Zorn? (that’s right, trading only applies to players)

  41. correct answer:
    Lloyd Braun
    he has unlimited potential and a real go-get-em approach!

  42. Jerra called the Ohio State Corrections Facilty and offered warden Ferrel Clancy 6 bags of pre-fried onion rings and a Dr. Pepper for Mauric Clarret’s gun so he in turn could trade it to Al for Richard Seymour because ‘ole Richy thinks that Oakland can make the playoffs and Al got mad cuz he is thinkin Superbowl or bust not just playoffs and then Al forgot what is was doing so he just wet his pants and Jerrya was eating wings with Aikman but Romo came in to join them and dropped a bottle of wing sauce that is official Cowboy wing sauce and Jerra was playing Wii on that big TV but kept hitting his hand on it when he was playing Tiger Woods cuz it was too low so Al just wet himself again so Tom Cable punched him

  43. Just reported on ESPN: Jerry Jones turned down trading Tony Romo to the Patriots for Tom Brady, Jones felt Tony Romo was the best QB and thought the deal was a joke, he also said the Tom Brady was washed up…lmaoo.
    The trade was for Demarcus Ware or Jason Witten.

  44. my guess would Ware or Spears to Raiders for 1st rd Draft picks starting in 2011 since Al Davis dropped next years in Boston on the Duck Tour Bus!

  45. OT Robert Brewster to the Packers. As soon as Teddy Thompson saw “Physically Unable To Perform” next to his name, he knew he would be a perfect fit for the Packers O-Line.

  46. @ plukk – You made me spit up vodka! ” Jerra was playing Wii on that big tv” Now that’s funny shit guy.

  47. hahahah that must be the funniest stuff EVER!!!!!
    Florio should release himself or trade to the Jests as Rex Ryan’s personal stylist and let US run this.
    – that being said and remembering the 2 videos i actually watched. the only dudes wearing uglier suites then Florio might be Keyshawn Johnson, the guy from Hockey night in Canada and Chewbacca.

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