Not every 49er receiver is happy

The man Michael Crabtree is displacing in the starting lineup, Josh Morgan, is taking the news like a pro.

Brandon Jones, who many of you have probably are unfamiliar with but received $5.4 million guaranteed to sign in San Francisco this offseason, is less willing to play the good soldier.

“I thought I was going to have a big role back in March when I signed
here,” Jones told the Sacramento Bee. “I thought I would have a role. And definitely in training camp. You’re out there playing and you think you’re going to have a role, but things happen.”

Jones wasn’t a factor before Crabtree showed up, and the rookie’s quick ascension to the starting lineup will just push Jones down the depth chart.  Jones said he wasn’t sure what role he had, and that he has sought answers from the coaching staff.

“I’ve tried to seek answers. Of course, you’re not going to get the
answers that you want. But I’ve seeked answers . . . My job is to play
football, to play receiver. I don’t dictate who plays or anything. If
it was up to me, if I was the coach I’d be playing. That’s why it’s not
my job.”

Jones’ signing seems like an example of poor roster building by the front office.  He was essentially given starter-worthy money, before the 49ers marginalized him by bringing back Isaac Bruce and drafting Crabtree.  Now they have one of the most overpaid fourth/fifth receivers in the league. 

49ers coach Mike Singletary probably won’t be thrilled with Jones’ comments, but he said Wednesday that he’s not worried about what message he is sending to the team by starting Crabtree. 

“The most important message is that we want to win,” Singletary said.

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  1. you fail to mention that he was injured for most of the season and that’s the reason why he hasn’t been given a chance to play yet.

  2. Don’t ever sign a wide receiver named Brandon. They are never worth it.
    They either suck (Lloyd, Jones) or are dickheads (Marshall) and in some cases, think “seeked” is a word.

  3. He’s absolutely right, he’s not the coach, he’s a player who was overpaid in the offseason, and he should shut him mouth before the team realizes it.
    I don’t know what he think he could accomplish anyways, he was hurt throughout all of training camp and into the season. He was meant to be a deep threat, but considering that Shaun Hill has a noodle-arm, I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening until Hill is gone.
    Again, Jones hadn’t done much in his career and many football experts(The guys who get paid to talk about football) were surprised he was paid so much. Again, he needs to shut his mouth and pretend that everything is fine, otherwise he can find a new job and disappoint a new team.

  4. Dear Brandon,
    Our history includes Jerry Rice, John Taylor, and Terrell Owens. When our team signed you . . . we said “Brandon who?” Apparently your game is speed and going deep, yet you signed with our franchise knowing the starting QB cannot throw with any accuracy over 20 yards down the field. Be happy you got overpaid and please be quiet. Again Brandon who?
    – The Niner Empire

  5. How come your article clearly leaves out the fact that Jones was hurt and missed the first 4 games of the season with an injury.
    You also fail to mention that until his injury he WAS a starter and that he has struggled since returning.
    So it wasn’t Crabtree that knocked Jones out of the starting lineup it was his injury followed by a lack of ability to crack back into the starting line-up after said injury that is holding him back.
    As usual you just see a headline that makes the 49ers look bad and decide to run it without telling the whole story…big shocker Mike “i hate any team west of the mississippi” Florio

  6. I’ve observed Mike Singletary closely here in the Bay Area since he got the job. My observations as a fan of the game since 1968:
    1. Singletary is in way over his head.
    2. He has no poise, as exhibited by dropping his pants in front of the team in a losing effort, talking smack to opposing players on the football field, becoming completely unglued whenever his team loses, etc.
    3. Instead of being a leader of men, he quickly loses his head when those around him are losing theirs. When the going gets tough, he has zero poise.
    4. No great coach would ever give starting honors to a guy in one week after he missed all of training camp, all double days, all team activities, all due-paying, etc. Walsh, Lombardi, Landry, Noll, Shula….none of them would have moved ANY player to the front of the line like that. Singletary is panicked because his team got blown out last week and he is saying, “I don’t care if I upset the locker room! I am Mike Singletary and I will force my will on this team (like I always do).” Basically he’s giving Prima Donna treatment to the Prima Donna, and that shyte will not go down well with the team’s respected veterans (and certainly with the other receivers.
    5. Singletary got as much out of this team as he possibly could have through 5 games, but his peculiar methods and ranting/raving will play out soon enough. It is only a matter of time before he loses his players. First a few, then a dozen, then half the locker room. He needs to calm the f*** down, develop some poise and be a leader of men. Of course this is what happens when a guy gets an NFL gig with zero head coaching experience. He’ll be a better coach the 2nd time around. Ask Bill Belichick.

  7. Yeah Brandon Jones is useless lets just release him then claim him on waivers for free lol

  8. Crabtree has my vote for the Probowl, oh wait, he hasn’t done anything yet. Maybe we should wait and see if he’s the next Randy Moss or the next Charles Rodgers.

  9. The poor roster building comment is what gets me. They hadn’t a clue that Crabtree would drop so low. He’ll turn into the 3rd receiver next year. No biggie.

  10. Response to Big J–Why not vote him into the pro bowl. He’s done as much as Obama did to earn the Nobel Peace Prize.

  11. StevieMO: You found something other than the QB situation to make yourself look like an idiot about? Congrats….at least you stuck to your guns and didn’t post anything about the topic at hand!
    StevieMO= Clueless Raiders fan that doesn’t find his own team even worthwhile of complaining about

  12. I think starting Crabtree in his very first game action in the NFL is idiotic. It tells him that his diva game succeeded and that he’s a star without ever having played a single down in the NFL. Really bad message.

  13. Singeltary also said” I will tea-bag any one who does not agree with my decisions ”
    BWaaaaaHaHaHa!!!!!! That is FUNNY!

  14. there is no way Crabtree should be starting after his holdout. All the other WR’s put in the off season work getting in shape and learning the plays. This guy comes in and gets special treatment?
    The problem is Brandon Jones shouldnt be the one complaining about playing time. Hes getting paid a ton of money to be irrelevent

  15. first off, anyone who thinks Singletary is way in over his head or think his coaching isnt great needs to look at what he has done, Vernon Davis is now changed thanks to this coach, Singletary is doing a good job, if Crabtree behaves like a good citizen and plays great then he will look smart, Hill isnt great, but he is effective, he gets the job done doesnt he?

  16. Singletary brought some good things to an organization that needed it. He’s just not a head coach. He has assistants making him throw challenge flags for christ’s sake! He just isn’t competent to be the focal point for any organization. Great player on roids, not so much on or off as a football coach. Never should have been named head coach. The fourt-eighters will end up paying for this in the long run. In Santa Clara of course.

  17. As a fan on the NFL since 1964, and a fan of the 49ers since Spurrier’s rookie year, I can say SteveMo is dead on. Agree mostly with everything he states.
    And yes, when the subject is starting Crabtree, then discussing why it is a bad decision on Singletary’s part is staying on topic, eppinger.
    As far as I am concerned, the verdict is far from in five games into the season whether Singletary is in over his head or not.
    Personally, I’d like to see a head coach have at least high school head coaching experience before he runs my 9ers……I just recall those *wonderful offensive machines* in Chicago Singletary was on…..and shake my head.
    Now, you disagree with me? Oh waaah, and “STFU.” Or, discuss it like mature fans…

  18. All that matters is that we win. If Crabtree can step in and prove he was worth drafting then, he and Mike have my respect. if he does not perform, he need to shut up and be glad he get to even sit in the 9ers locker room. I do not think Mike will put up with him if he turns out to be all talk.

  19. Steve Mo – maybe you should become a better observer. What is the Coach’s record since taking over. The team is in much better shape now. Sure they need 1 or 2 pieces but we are much further than your observations are. I have been a fan of the game even before that, still doesn’t make you or I right, just our opinions, but yours is realy out there.

  20. Ok if you want to say Singletary is wrong for starting Crabtree I can go with that. But that fact is it’s a business and his job is to put the best team on the field. Is it not? Did you guys go nuts that Roddy White started week 1? Probably not.
    But to say he has no poise and comes “unglued” whenever his team loses is absolutely wrong. If you had seen the press conference after their first loss to the Vikings it was amazing. He did nothing but praise the team. He told the team to get their heads up and they would see them again. Sounds to me like a leader rallying the troops…Of course unless your a Raiders fan punching your assistant would be the way to go

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